Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This Won't Be The Last Time We See This

Rod Blagojevich defied his constituents and investigators yesterday and appointed a replacement Senator for Obama's vacated seat. This was roundly criticized by all intelligent people and Democrats as arrogant.

Turns out though that he has one supporter:

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich faced the scornful objections of lawmakers Tuesday after he named a Senate replacement for Barack Obama, but Blagojevich has the support of at least one congressman.

U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush forcefully backed Blagojevich's decision on the basis of race, warning the public not to "lynch" Blagojevich's Senate pick, who is black.

Rush, an Illinois Democrat who also is black, for weeks had urged Blagojevich to name a black successor for Obama, who had been the only black official in the Senate before resigning his post to assume the presidency.

And on Tuesday, Rush joined Blagojevich's press conference to defend the selection of former state Attorney General Roland Burris for the job and to remind lawmakers that Burris would fill the racial void Obama left. Rush dared Senate leaders to try blocking Burris, after they issued a statement saying Blagojevich's appointment "will not be seated."

"This is a matter of national importance," Rush said. "There are no African-Americans in the Senate, and I don't think that anyone, any U.S. senator who's sitting in the Senate right now wants to go on record to deny one African-American for being seated in the U.S. Senate. ... And so I intend to take that argument to the Congressional Black Caucus."

Continue reading here.

So, the only qualification that matters is that this man is black? It doesn't matter that he has been appointed by a criminal, he should stay because there are no other blacks in the Senate?

I find this incredible.

Of all of this though, the part I like the best is this:

warning the public not to "lynch" Blagojevich's Senate pick

If all else fails, call it a lynching, that horrendous act of decades ago. It's almost as if people like Mr. Rush have this glass case with a little hammer and printing on the glass "strike here in case of unfounded racial charges". Al Sharpton has a boat load of them. Jesse Jackson too.

I remember a case here in West Michigan in which a young black man was incredibly intoxicated and driving so fast he went airborne at a railroad tracks and landed on the car of a young white lady, killing here. He was charged and convicted of 2nd degree murder, an unusual charge in Michigan for drunk driving but highly appropriate given the level of disregard in this case. At the racially charged trial upon conviction, the man's family was quoted as saying 'they're lynching another black man'.

It has gotten to be way beyond tiresome to hear this. Finally, quite frankly since we have elected a black man President, it's time to give it up.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Timing Of Israeli Counter-Attacks Interesting

While I fully support the Israeli military fighting back against Hamas in Gaza and I further agree with many of the citizens of the country in that it is about time, I do find the timing interesting.

Israel has endured many years and thousands of bombs and have seldom fought back in a strong and convincing way. Some of this is restraint, the targets in Gaza are often in civilian areas, and I believe Israel has not wanted to kill innocent civilians.

There also is the likelihood that they have bowed to pressure from the United States and George Bush and not retaliated. It has appeared that Bush has asked them over the years to remain in a defensive position to prevent tensions in the Middle East from boiling over. I do not agree with this position. I believe Israel has had the right to defend themselves and the rest of the Middle East be damned.

Now though, Israel has decided to put on a major offensive and appears ready to settle in for a long and punitive war. I think there is a reason why they are doing it now, Barack Obama.

Pro-Israel George Bush is leaving office and being replaced by a Barack Obama who has shown not only a pro-Islamic side but has appeared to be a bit anti-Semitic. I think Israel views this as their last chance to retaliate against Hamas with the full support of the US.

To date, Bush has come out in strong support of Israel in the current conflict and has verbally attacked Hamas for the rocket attacks. It is likely that Israel realizes it faces a far lonelier future in less than a month.

There's an old saying here in the Midwest, 'make hay while the sun shines'. This is appropriate now in that Israel is likely to see the sun set on their long standing strong ties with the US.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Should Have Seen This Coming

Just when you think you have seen everything, just when you thought Democratic politicians had reached a new level of arrogance, we get this.

Blagojevich Lawyer to Submit Obama Report to Panel

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. -- The lead attorney for Gov. Rod Blagojevich said he plans to submit President-elect Barack Obama's internal report on contacts with the scandal-plagued governor to the Illinois House committee weighing impeachment.

Attorney Ed Genson told the Chicago Sun-Times on Sunday the report would support Blagojevich's claims that he hasn't done anything wrong in his handling of Obama's vacant U.S. Senate seat.

You have to wonder what these people have been smoking?

The amazing thing is not that they have the audacity to do something like this, it's that you get the impression that they really believe that this report exonerates Blagojevich. Next we will have the Democratic Congress holding "hearings" on the scandal and exonerating Obama.

I think the scariest part of this is that Blagojevich does not believe he did anything wrong. Keep in mind, this is a man who attempted to withdraw a grant from a children's hospital because they would not pony up a $50,000 donation to him. It is Chicago-style politics at it's best.

Finally, guess which major world leader-to-be was a direct product of this corrupt environment?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Quote Of The Week

Christians throughout the world celebrated Christmas this past week. It appears not everyone was on board with the celebrations though.

Iran's President and whackjob-in-chief, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was invited to appear on the BBC's Channel 4 for an "alternative Christmas Day message". Story here.

‘If Christ were on earth today, undoubtedly He would stand with the people in opposition to bullying, ill-tempered and expansionist powers.

‘If Christ were on earth today, undoubtedly He would hoist the banner of justice and love for humanity to oppose warmongers, occupiers, terrorists and bullies the world over.’

This is a curious set of quotes coming from an even more curious choice to deliver them. This is a man who denies the Holocaust, has spewed hatred about Jewish people and calls for their deaths, and is the head of a brutal and oppressive regime that terrorizes it's own people and actively supports terrorism worldwide both in principle and financially.

The Mail summed up the irony nicely though.

Earlier this year Ahmadinejad said that ‘Israel should be wiped off the planet’.

In the past week, nine people, including one woman, have been hanged according to Iran’s state owned newspaper.

Israeli ambassador Ron Prosor said: ‘In Iran, converts to Christianity face the death penalty. It is perverse that this despot is allowed to speculate on the views of Jesus, while his government leads Christ’s followers to the gallows.’

This is the quote of the week so I will not go on a rant about the ignorance of the BBC having this monster on TV to further spread his message of hate, they are already getting heat from within the country. I also will not mention how insulting this was to not only put him on on Christmas day but opposite the traditional annual Christmas message of Queen Elizabeth II.

For his continuing message of hate I give Mr. Ahmadinejad, roadkill.

Photo credit

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Democrat's Coming Image Problem

Sitting here, Fox News playing as background noise, a thought occurs to me. There is another silver lining in the recent losses of Republican party. The Democrats no longer get to hide behind the GOP.

I know a somewhat moderate Democrat who used to tell me all of the time "If people really knew what Republican's were like, they would never vote for them again". Now, I am not going to criticize this person because he is closely related to me.

With this said, I have been thinking about this statement a lot since the elections and how incredibly naive it is.

First is the obvious flaw in that it assumes the media is somehow protecting the true Republican image from the public, they are somehow glossing over what Republicans are really like. This is so patently absurd, it doesn't even deserve discussion. But, of course, I'm going to beat it to death anyways.

The next time I hear this from this person, I'm going to ask them if they actually watch the news. I will ask for an example of what the Republicans have done that the media has not covered ad nauseum. The media not only covers every misstep by the GOP, they go as far as fabricating facts and/or stories about them. One has to go no further back than the recent Presidential election and the media coverage of Sarah Palin for proof that the media does not let things like the truth get in the way of a good attack story.

Finally, the flip side of this argument is that the media covers the Democrats fairly. They, clearly, do not. The examples of the media shilling for the Democratic party are so overwhelming in number that it makes the argument over whether we have an unbiased media a moot point.

So the more accurate statement should be, if the public really knew what the Democratic party was like, they would never vote for them again.

So, back to the original point of this post. The silver lining to the recent Republican losses. The Democrats are no longer going to be able to hide behind the GOP. They are going to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the light of day. The public is not going to like what they see.

The reason for this is two-fold.

First, they hold all of the marbles now. They control the Presidency, Congress, and several state legislators and Governorships. They no longer have the GOP to blame. Economy doesn't get better, they control the purse strings. A new terrorist attack or an uptick in unrest in the Middle East, they set national security and foreign policy now. Illegal immigration explodes and we have the corresponding hit to our economy, they control the border.

Of course, they will blame George Bush and the media will let them. This will carry them only so far though. I predict at best they get 6 months to ride that then the public will start getting restless.

I have noticed that they already are feeling the heat. We have switched from the high flying rhetoric and big promises of the campaign to Congressional leaders and the Obama transition team low-balling predictions and trying to lower expectations. The Democrats, Obama and Congressional leaders, made a lot of grand promises for the new rule, now they have to deliver. In fact Obama's biggest selling point, "Change", could become his biggest nightmare. Obama promised change during the campaign. If things go sour during his Presidency, the opposition will beat him over the head with his own slogan. The obvious attack is that he promised change, and we got it. It is a quintessential 'be careful of what you ask for' situation.

Second the Democrats have a different news environment from the last time they had complete control of government. The last time the Dems controlled Congress and the Presidency we did not have Fox News, we did not have an influential conservative talk radio, and we did not have the internet.

When they last controlled government, the Democrats got a pass from the media and there was no balancing source of information to dispense the truth. Things have changed in 14 years. They will no longer be able to hide behind the media.

I believe that with the spotlight on the Dems in the next 2 to 4 years, they better perform. We could be seeing a party with a badly damaged brand name and the party will not be the GOP.

Friday, December 26, 2008

What's Missing From This Article?

This is not a new story, and it has been done before, but I am going to keep writing on it until we see some changes.

CNN ran a story Poll: Illinois governor named naughtiest politician of 2008. What's interesting about this article is not what's in it but what is not.

I do not usually repost entire articles but I wanted the readers to see the article in it's entirety to better prove the point. Reading this, can you guess what is missing?

(CNN) -- A new national poll suggests Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich could be on the top of Santa's naughty list.

Fifty-six percent of those questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey released Wednesday said Blagojevich, who has been arrested on corruption charges, was the naughtiest politician in 2008.

Blagojevich, accused of attempting to sell President-elect Barack Obama's former Senate seat, has said he has done nothing wrong and plans to fight the allegations.

The poll also found 23 percent believed former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer should get the nod, followed by 19 percent for former presidential candidate John Edwards.

Spitzer resigned in March after it was revealed he was Client No. 9 in a high-end prostitution ring. In November, prosecutors announced they would not be bringing criminal charges against Spitzer.

Edwards, who had been considered a major contender for the Democratic presidential nomination, admitted in August to having an extramarital affair with former campaign staffer Rielle Hunter. The former North Carolina senator also denied he was the father of Hunter's then-newborn baby.

CNN polling director Keating Holland said while Blagojevich being tops in the survey may be due to the fact his arrest occurred more recently than the transgressions of the others, but he said there may be another reason. Do you trust your political leaders?

"Americans typically take a much dimmer view of corruption than of sex scandals, since the former is a violation of the public trust and the latter is usually considered more of a private matter," he said.

I know my readers are intelligent and therefore know that you have already spotted the missing element, party affiliation of most of the members of this poll. (Hint: they're all Democrats). The only exception is this line who had been considered a major contender for the Democratic presidential nomination, This the only time the word Democrat is mentioned in the entire article. No mention of which party Spitzer or Blagojevich are affiliated with. The one mention, John Edwards, was an after thought. The article never actually called him a Democrat.

Just for fun I researched some articles about other politicians on Let's contrast and compare some articles about Republicans. I have listed the title and link to the article and a short excerpt from each. The differences in reporting on the two parties is subtle, see if you can pick it up.

Contractor gets 12 years for bribing lawmaker

in exchange for the Southern California Republican's help...

Florida closes Foley investigation without charges

Authorities were investigating whether the Florida Republican,...

Sen. Stevens: I'm innocent and not convicted

Despite his felony conviction this week for filing false U.S. Senate financial disclosure forms, Republican Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska insisted he was innocent and vowed not to step down.

Court denies Sen. Craig's effort to withdraw sex-sting plea

The Idaho Republican was arrested in the...

Just for kicks, I included a bonus link. This is a story about former Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson.

Supreme Court rejects appeal in seizure of lawmaker's papers

This is how CNN listed the party affiliation: Rep. William Jefferson, D-Louisiana. This is the only time Mr. William "cold cash" Jefferson is listed as a Democrat in the article.

I want to be perfectly clear, I did not cherry-pick these articles. I did a simple search of the names on the CNN site search engine and randomly picked an article for each. I did not reject articles that did not support my blog, I took the first ones I clicked on. They all consistently reported party affiliation prominently for Republicans and subtly, if at all, for Democrats.

For more of this type of research, this is a good site. Media Research Center

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Time For Family

Christmas morning at the Right Chuck family home, it's messy but it's a blast.

I will not be posting a blog until at least Friday. I have Christmas off this year (I rotate every other year) and I will spend it with my wife and children. I may be around sporadically but not much.

I love doing my blog but now is the time for something far more important than this, my family.

I have made a lot of friends along the way on my blog and wish all who are reading a happy, safe, and Merry Christmas.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

For any Jewish friends, Happy Hanukkah

May love and light fill your home and heart at Hanukkah. ~Author Unknown

Finally, I had to include a little humor.

In the old days, it was not called the Holiday Season; the Christians called it "Christmas" and went to church; the Jews called it "Hanukkah" and went to synagogue; the atheists went to parties and drank. People passing each other on the street would say "Merry Christmas!" or "Happy Hanukkah!" or (to the atheists) "Look out for the wall!" ~Dave Barry

Merry Christmas to all

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bush: The Man

I wasn't going to write anymore political blogs until after Christmas but this story deserves retelling.

George Bush has shown what he is made of. Visiting wounded soldiers and meeting with families of killed and wounded soldiers.

Most importantly, he has written to the family of every man and woman killed in the line of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The story is not over there though. This letter writing is more significant in that he did it away from the media and the public, going as far as hiding it. He didn't do it to make a name for himself, he didn't do it to be popular, he did it because of the man he is.

I started writing a scathing piece about the shortcomings of others and included some bitterness about how Bush has been treated but I refuse to do that today.

This post is about George Bush and the man we never knew.

Bear ye one another's burdens. ~Galatians 6:2

Merry Christmas.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Developing A Plan That Can't Fail

Obama has revised his economic plan and he may be on to something this time.

During the campaign he promised to create 1 million jobs. Then last month he increased that to 2.5 million jobs. Now he is promising to create or save 3 million jobs.

How is The One going to perform this miraculous feat you may ask?

They are increasing the projection for job losses. From 1 million this year to 3 to 4 million.

Get it.

It's pure genius.

Or, as they would say on an English beer commercial, "Brilliant".

Bush should have thought of this.

Overestimate the possible job losses, by increasing them 300 - 400%, then take credit for "saving" the jobs when the projections are wrong.

There will be some who are skeptical of my theory but ask yourself one simple question. Why hasn't Obama talked about "saving" jobs until his economic team raised the projected job losses for the year?

Of course, we laugh, but guess who the jokes on? The public. Does anyone reading this think the media is going to call him on it. The only group of people that will take him to task are on talk radio. Oh, wait, they won't be around anymore.

Man, this guy sure is smart.

Story here.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Quote Of The Week

I decided to do something different for this weeks quote. Until know I have been trying to use current quotes but I have done a couple of blogs on global warming this week and I have been dying to use this quote from the late Michael Crichton. This sums up what I think about the whole global warming debate.

Credit for quote

Prologue to Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton:

You think man can destroy the planet? What intoxicating vanity. Let me tell you about our planet. Earth is four-and-a-half-billion-years-old. There's been life on it for nearly that long, 3.8 billion years. Bacteria first; later the first multicellular life, then the first complex creatures in the sea, on the land.

Then finally the great sweeping ages of animals, the amphibians, the dinosaurs, at last the mammals, each one enduring millions on millions of years, great dynasties of creatures rising, flourishing, dying away -- all this against a background of continuous and violent upheaval. Mountain ranges thrust up, eroded away, cometary impacts, volcano eruptions, oceans rising and falling, whole continents moving, an endless, constant, violent change, colliding, buckling to make mountains over millions of years.

Earth has survived everything in its time. It will certainly survive us. If all the nuclear weapons in the world went off at once and all the plants, all the animals died and the earth was sizzling hot for a hundred thousand years, life would survive, somewhere: under the soil, frozen in Arctic ice. Sooner or later, when the planet was no longer inhospitable, life would spread again. The evolutionary process would begin again. It might take a few billion years for life to regain its present variety.

Of course, it would be very different from what it is now, but the earth would survive our folly, only we would not. If the ozone layer gets thinner, ultraviolet radiation sears the earth, so what? Ultraviolet radiation is good for life. It's powerful energy. It promotes mutation, change. Many forms of life will thrive with more UV radiation. Many others will die out. Do you think this is the first time that's happened? Think about oxygen. Necessary for life now, but oxygen is actually a metabolic poison, a corrosive glass, like fluorine.

When oxygen was first produced as a waste product by certain plant cells some three billion years ago, it created a crisis for all other life on earth. Those plants were polluting the environment, exhaling a lethal gas. Earth eventually had an atmosphere incompatible with life. Nevertheless, life on earth took care of itself. In the thinking of the human being a hundred years is a long time.

A hundred years ago we didn't have cars, airplanes, computers or vaccines. It was a whole different world, but to the earth, a hundred years is nothing. A million years is nothing. This planet lives and breathes on a much vaster scale. We can't imagine its slow and powerful rhythms, and we haven't got the humility to try. We've been residents here for the blink of an eye. If we're gone tomorrow, the earth will not miss us.

For this piece of brilliance, I give Mr. Crichton the wise Owl

Friday, December 19, 2008

Some People's Kids

We had quite a snowstorm tonight here in West Michigan. Roads are horrendous. I was on my way home and a man was in the ditch. Naturally, I stopped to help him and another man try to push him out.

The two of us who were not stuck were parked in the road, there was no choice. It was a country road and it was park there or in the ditch ourselves. We both made sure we were to one side of the road so that we were out of the way of any traffic (there was almost none).

Were out there digging and pushing, up to our asses in snow in the ditch. A couple of young men pulled along side and did they offer to help? No. One of the asshats rolled down the passenger side window and gave us a hard time about parking in the middle of the road. Mind you these idiots were able to get by safely and without any real effort.

I was not nearest to the dipshit which is too bad because I thought the appropriate response was to give him a fist in the mouth.

The point is, I feel we are expected to help each other out. I did not know this man that was stuck in the ditch, turns out he lived about 20 - 25 miles away. This is irrelevant.

Last year my wife went in the ditch and we could not get her out, not until a stranger came by, saw that he did not have his tow strap in his truck, turned around and went home and got it, returned and pulled my wife out. I hoped to run into him later to thank him again but did not. In my mind, the way to thank him is help someone else. Maybe sometime it's his wife I help out.

I don't understand the mentality of someone like this. I believe it his ultimately a reflection of his parents. I rest easy knowing that if one of my boys is out and about and someone needs a hand, they would help.

As far as these guys, I can only hope they're stuck sometime and sit their asses there for awhile and think about it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Obama's (New) Pastor Problem

I have been watching, with amusement, this whole controversy over Barack Obama's selection of Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his inauguration.

Seems that his gay constituents are unhappy over the selection because he is against gay marriage. There has also been criticism from some because he is pro-life. The reality is that few of Obama's supporters are likely to be happy over the selection of Warren.

This made me wonder, which pastor would be accepted by all in the Democratic party? How liberal would they have to be to make all of these diverse parts of the party happy? What would this Pastor look like?


You guessed it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No Small Irony Here

I feel that if someone is here in the US, they should respect the laws.

Muslim Woman Arrested for Allegedly Refusing to Take Off Headscarf at Georgia Courthouse

ATLANTA — A Muslim woman arrested for refusing to take off her head scarf at a courthouse security checkpoint said Wednesday that she felt her human and civil rights were violated.

A judge ordered Lisa Valentine, 40, to serve 10 days in jail for contempt of court, said police in Douglasville, a city of about 20,000 people on Atlanta's west suburban outskirts.

Valentine violated a court policy that prohibits people from wearing any headgear in court, police said after they arrested her Tuesday.

What I do like about this though is the irony. How many Muslim countries can an American woman visit and not wear a scarf? Yet Muslims come to the US and use our freedoms, that they do not enjoy at home, against us.

To compound the irony, we have CAIR coming to her rescue. This is an organization that supports these countries and their repressive policies towards women, when they take out time from working in support of terrorists that is.

"I just felt stripped of my civil, my human rights," she said Wednesday from her home. She said she was unexpectedly released after the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations urged federal authorities to investigate the incident as well as others in Georgia.

So CAIR is now going to fight for her civil rights? As I said before they support the absolute subjugation of women back home but here they are going to fight for her rights here?

This is not about civil rights. It's about pushing Islam on country that is not paying attention to what is going on.

The days of groups waging big battles for their rights are gone. Mostly because the real battles have been won, specifically racial equality and rights for women. The issues groups are fighting for now, gay "rights", Muslims, global warming, illegal immigration, are a tougher sell. Of course this is mostly because they are horseshit.

What these groups are doing now is waging several small battles that fly under the public's radar.

This is largely being done in our public schools, it's called brain washing. Schools, unencumbered from the old burdens of teaching our children to read and write, bombard our kids on a daily basis with propaganda on the environment, the "rights" of groups like gays and Muslims, and the evils of competitiveness.

This case in Georgia is not a religious freedom issue, as far as I know the subjugation of women is not a protected religious right. It is nothing short of the attempt to put lipstick on a pig. Muslims want us to forget what they really stand for, the death and destruction of anything non-Muslim, and the acceptance of the religion as that of one of peace.

So to make it simple, if she doesn't want to live by our laws, she can go to Saudi Arabia. She will certainly be allowed to wear her burqa in court there.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Now For A Little Common Sernse

Just a quick follow up and my blog from last night. Seems that I am not the only one that thought the article was off base. Scientists Call AP Report on Global Warming 'Hysteria' ran today on

Among the critiques of the article are this scientist

"If the issues weren't so serious and the ramifications so profound, I would have to laugh at it," said David Deming, a geology professor at the University of Oklahoma who has been critical of media reporting on the climate change issue.

In the article, Obama Left with Little Time to Curb Global Warming, AP Science Writer Seth Borenstein wrote that global warming is "a ticking time bomb that President-elect Barack Obama can't avoid," and that "global warming is accelerating."
Deming, in an interview, took issue with Borenstein's characterization of a problem he says doesn't exist.

"He says global warming is accelerating. Not only is it continuing, it's accelerating, and whether it's continuing that was completely beyond the evidence," Deming told

"The mean global temperature, at least as measured by satellite, is now the same as it was in the year 1980. In the last couple of years sea level has stopped rising. Hurricane and cyclone activity in the northern hemisphere is at a 24-year low and sea ice globally is also the same as it was in 1980."

Deming said the article is further evidence of the media's decision to talk about global warming as fact, despite what he says is a lack of evidence.

"Reporters, as I understand reporters, are supposed to report facts,"Deming said. "What he's doing here is he's writing a polemic and reporting it as fact, and that's not right. It's not reporting. It's propaganda.

"This reads like a press release for an environmental advocacy group like Greenpeace. It's not fair and balanced.

As I said last night, these authors seek out scientists that agree with them. Mr. Deming clearly won't be interviewed any time soon.

Here's another one that will not be quoted by them.

Michael R. Fox, a retired nuclear scientist and chemistry professor from the University of Idaho, is another academic who found serious flaws with the AP story's approach to the issue.

"There's very little that's right about it," Fox said. "And it's really harmful to the United States because people like this Borenstein working for AP have an enormous impact on everyone, because AP sells their news service to a thousand news outlets.

"One guy like him can be very destructive and alarming. Yeah it's freedom of speech, but its dishonest."

Like Deming, Fox said global warming is not accelerating. "These kinds of temperatures cycle up and down and have been doing so for millions of years," he said.

He said there is little evidence to believe that man-made carbon dioxide is causing temperature fluctuation. "It's silly to lay it all on man-made carbon dioxide," Fox said. "It was El Nino in 1998 that caused the big spike in global warming and little to do with carbon dioxide."

Other factors, including sun spots, solar winds, variations in the solar magnetic field and solar irradiation, could all be affecting temperature changes, he said.

Wait, there's still another one

James O'Brien, an emeritus professor at Florida State University who studies climate variability and the oceans, said that global climate change is very important for the country and that Americans need to make sure they have the right answers for policy decisions. But he said he worries that scientists and policymakers are rushing to make changes based on bad science.

"Global climate change is occurring in many places in the world," O'Brien said. "But everything that's attributed to global warming, almost none of it is global warming."
He took issue with the AP article's assertion that melting Arctic ice will cause global sea levels to rise.

"When the Arctic Ocean ice melts, it never raises sea level because floating ice is floating ice, because it's displacing water," O'Brien said. "When the ice melts, sea level actually goes down.

"I call it a fourth grade science experiment. Take a glass, put some ice in it. Put water in it. Mark level where water is. Let it met. After the ice melts, the sea level didn't go up in your glass of water. It's called the Archimedes Principle."

He called sea level changes a "major scare tactic used by the global warming people."

The AP of course stand by the story. I think. This explanation is a little weak.

A spokesman for the Associated Press said that the news agency stands by its story. "It’s a news story, based on fact and the clearly expressed views of President-elect Barack Obama and others," spokesman Paul Colford told in an e-mail.

Now this paragraph can be read a couple of different ways. They could be saying that they are treating what Obama says as fact or they could be saying the facts and Obama's are two different things. Read again and see what your thoughts are. Maybe I'm just tired and reading something that isn't there into it.

What I am going to say though, based on the evidence above, is that it is unanimous among scientists, global warming is a myth and climate change is not caused by man.

Finally, they are clearly right because they agree with me.

Monday, December 15, 2008

So Much Nonsense In One Article

Reading an article today from My Way News, I was impressed. There is so much nonsense in this article that I really should make this blog a series.

First, this author pushed bias to such a height that I actually got a nose bleed the first time I read it. The first paragraph made it clear there would be no balance here.

When Bill Clinton took office in 1993, global warming was a slow-moving environmental problem that was easy to ignore. Now it is a ticking time bomb that President-elect Barack Obama can't avoid.

Then of course they go on to quote Al Gore. What global warming alarmist article would be complete without something from the global warming God himself?

Then we have the quotes from "scientists". It's incredible that every time they interview a scientist, they agree with them on global warming. Must be lucky to catch only the ones who believe in it. It would be embarrassing to interview one of the hundreds who think it's bunk.

Scientists are increasingly anxious, talking more often and more urgently about exceeding "tipping points."

"We're out of time," Stanford University biologist Terry Root said. "Things are going extinct."

Again, you've gotta love one scientist speaking for an entire profession.

Then we have this.

U.S. emissions have increased by 20 percent since 1992. China has more than doubled its carbon dioxide pollution in that time.

Why then are we the ones passing laws to limit gas release? Let's eliminate our jobs so that China can take them all. Think about this. We are passing laws here that will send our jobs to a country that is polluting at a rate 10 times as much as we are. These dumbasses think this makes sense, they really do.

Look at this sequence in the article. (Emphasis mine)

Complicating everything is the worldwide financial meltdown. Frank Maisano, a Washington energy specialist and spokesman who represents coal-fired utilities and refineries, sees the poor economy as "a huge factor" that could stop everything. That's because global warming efforts are aimed at restricting coal power, which is cheap. That would likely mean higher utility bills and more damage to ailing economies that depend on coal production, he said.

Let's look at the next paragraph.

Obama is stacking his Cabinet and inner circle with advocates who have pushed for deep mandatory cuts in greenhouse gas pollution and even with government officials who have achieved results at the local level.

The author let's this obvious contradiction slip.

I have said before that any thinking person knows that we should not pollute unnecessarily. With this said, I believe that global warming, if it exists, is not due to human activity but is just a natural cycle for earth.

I further believe that the science so far has not only not proven a connection between humans and climate change but that the scientists that are participating in the shoddy and misleading research that is used by proponents should lose their jobs. If there were a scientist in any other field conducting research like they do in the climate change field, they would be exposed as frauds.

Due to my career, I have had significant scientific training. I have studied and worked with the scientific method for most of my adult life. The practices employed by these "researchers" is nothing short of distressing to me. Cherry picking data that supports their cause while ignoring contradictory data is a stunning practice for me. Publicly ridiculing anyone who doesn't agree.

Let's put this cherry picking another way. Let's say a researcher wants to study the effect of cholesterol on heart attacks. The researcher believes that increased cholesterol levels lead to an increased risk of heart attacks. The researcher gathers data from 10,000 people who have had heart attacks. Of these 10,000 people 4,000 did not have increased cholesterol levels, thus refuting his theory. If the researcher were working on global warming, he would discard this data leaving the people behind that had high levels of cholesterol. What does the researcher find? There is a definite link between increased cholesterol levels and heart attacks.

Reading this your thinking that doing something like this would not only be misleading but dangerous. Well, welcome to global warming research.

The worrisome part though is that we have an incoming President who is willing to destroy our economy to follow the lead of these crackpots.

The inmates are running the asylum folks.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Quote Of The Week

This weeks quote of the week had to be about the Governer of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, and his pay to play scandal.

We have had, to put it mildly, mixed messages on whether any of the staff of Barack Obama's transition team have been in contact witht the Governor over the sale of Obama's Senate seat.

Obama has announced in the past week that they are doing an internal investigation to see if any of his staff had improper contact. Fortunately for him, they already know that results of the investigation. Read story here.

"What I want to do is to gather all the facts about any staff contacts that may have taken place between the transition office and the governor's office," Obama said. "And we'll have those in the next few days, and we'll present them. But what I'm absolutely certain about is that our office had no involvement in any dealmaking around my Senate seat. That I'm absolutely certain of."

I defer to the comments of the article, they said it best.

Another question that Obama's staff didn't answer is how he knows that his office had no involvement if he had yet to gather all the facts about conversations they had with Blagojevich's office.

For conducting a thorough investigation, I give Barack Obama the Ostrich

Photo credit

Update: I wrote this post ahead of time because I was going to be gone Saturday. Since then we have had a new development. According to this article Obama's Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, has had more than one contact with the Governor's office about the appointment. The feds have him on tape, I can't wait for the clarification from the Obama team on this one.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Nothing Creepy About This

I don't want this to appear to be a personal attack of this man in any way because I do not know him. He may be a decent enough man and it is certainly hard to question his intelligence. He's obviously a bright man.

I find this whole thing odd though.

A Canadian man, apparently unable to find the perfect woman, has done the next best thing — he's built himself one.

Le Trung, a 33-year-old software engineer who lives with his parents in Brampton, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto, says he's spent about $20,000 so far on Aiko, a 5-foot-tall female android with clear skin, a slim if shapely figure and a wonderful disposition.

Read rest of story and see photo credit here.

Again, this is not meant to ridicule Mr. Trung. I do find this whole thing weird though and the pose of the robot in the photo speaks for itself.

What I find fascinating is this: apparently unable to find the perfect woman.

First we can dispense with the obvious fantasy of the "perfect woman". No such thing. To give equal time though, one is even less likely to find a perfect man. In fact my wife would probably settle for one that was merely imperfect instead of hopelessly flawed.

The point is, why would you want a "perfect" anything. Imperfections, flaws, quirks, idiosyncrasies, and blemishes are what makes humans interesting.

I think there is an alarming push for perfection in our society.

People send their children to the right pre-school, the right preparatory school, all to make them perfect little adults. Often the result is an arrogant, better-than-others snob.

My wife and I want our children to be successful. We support them in school. We make sure they do their homework. I would be thrilled if they were all pioneering brain surgeons. What I really want though are for them to become adults that are good people with humility and decency towards others. If one of my children grew to be a janitor that worked hard and treated his family well, I would respect him more than if he were a career-first, pompous professional.

We strive for perfection in our looks. Plastic surgery is still a wildly popular option for perfection. What's more, there is an alarming uptick in teenagers having plastic surgery.

Why we cannot teach our children to be satisfied with what they are instead of trying to be something they are not is beyond me. Let them have a little larger than normal nose, or teeth that aren't completely straight, or a chin that is not quite right. I have been bald most of my children's life. I refuse to do anything about it. Why? Because I just don't care. I've always conveyed this to my kids. We joke about my baldness.

We place dangerously thin models in magazines and give our daughters the impression this is attractive and even healthy. What do we get? We have our daughters starving themselves to mimic the models. We even have girls dying for this. That's perfection?

Finally, we abort children that are not perfect. Trig Palin is the obvious example of this. This is the beautiful son of Sarah Palin. Trig has Down's Syndrome. There are those that are absolutely offended that Ms Palin would allow a child like this to be born. A Canadian physicians group went as far as saying that her having Trig and saying it is ok was dangerous. Her being an example of a loving parent of a Down's child could lead to more women choosing to have children with Down's instead of aborting them. We can't have this. I think this attitude borders on evil.

So, while it may be appealing to have a wife who agrees with everything you say, is a gourmet cook, and has flawless skin, I think I'll stick with my real wife for now. Who (in case she reads this) is of course perfect in every way.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Quick Observations

Been a crazy week here. Sorry I'm not making the rounds like I want to. Have noticed a few things though.

Good luck finding a Dem who knows Gov Blagojevich. All of a sudden, no one has worked with him and if one of their aides had previously said they did then the aide misspoke.

The MSM is finally covering an Obama scandal, except it's along the lines of 'the alleged scandal' or 'the GOP is pouncing on this so-called scandal' or they are wondering how Obama is holding up with this alleged scandal.

Bush is still President but Obama is getting all of the credit for the economy showing a little life but Bush still gets the blame with any downturn. Makes it easy for the media to keep their stories straight.

Have a good night. The weekend's almost here and I will be back at it. Missing making the rounds.

Republicans showing they still count in fighting against the automakers bailout bill in the Senate.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Face Of The Lions

Detroit Lions Center Dominic Raiola made an obscene gesture at the crowd during the Lions loss to Minnesota Sunday, their 13th of the year. To date he refuses to apologize and the incident is being investigated by the NFL for possible penalties against Mr. Raiola.

"I don't take one thing back," he said Monday.

"I'm just tired of hearing it coming at just me," Raiola said. "It's coming at me because I've been here for years. I've been through the losing. Me, Jeff (Backus) and whoever else are the head of the losing."

"I'm just so frustrated," Raiola said. "I'm tired of being a doormat for people to just talk to us how they want to talk to us. I'm just not going to put up with that anymore."

Rest of story here. Photo credit here.

Let me say up front that I do not care for fans that act like asses and throw insults, if not objects, at players or referees. I think it's boorish and uncalled for.

With this said though, I do not feel too sorry for Mr. Raiola and his teammates. Let's look at some numbers for Mr. Raiola and his team.

0 - 13 Lions record to date

0 - 16 Lions likely record for the season

8 Years Mr. Raiola have been with the Lions

31 - 94 Lions record over Mr. Raiola's time with the team

.248 Lions winning percentage in that time

$56 Cost of the cheapest ticket for the Lions fans

$3,500,000 Salary of Mr. Raiola this year according to Fox Sports

Now obviously Mr. Raiola is not solely responsible for the losses of the Lions over his career. It's possible, I refuse to watch the Lions, that he's quite good.

The point though is that his arrogance is exactly what, in my opinion, has been the problem with the Lions for these last 8 years and even for the last 50 (the last time they were actually competitive).

They just can't understand why someone would be upset to pay anywhere from $56 to $320 to watch spoiled millionaires not give them a respectable show for their money. They cannot understand why fans are losing patience with a team that has not won a game in 13 attempts this year, has not even been able to win 1 in 4 games over the last 8 years, and has won 1 playoff game in 50 years.

They seem to think that the fans should be grateful that they just chose to show up at the stadium on this particular Sunday. So what if, yet again, they did not show up to perform up to their pay scale. I guess several million dollars just doesn't buy much anymore.

As I said before, I do not condone poor behavior by fans. If they are caught being abusive, I feel they should be tossed out on their butts. Trust me, downtown Detroit is not a good placed to be tossed out on your butt in. With this said, Mr. Raiola needs to be a big boy and stop his whining. Maybe if he would put as much energy into protecting his quarterback as he did raising his middle finger the Lions could win a game and he could earn his 3.5 mil. You think?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No Longer A Hero Of The Left?

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald was the hero of the left when he won a minor conviction of Scooter Libby of the Bush administration in the Valerie Plame outing case. To get one of the Bushies caused celebration across the land. Women weeping, children dancing in the streets, and general merriment.

The question is, how will they like him now that he is poking around in Obama's old neighborhood?

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald on Tuesday accused Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich of participating in a "political corruption crime spree" that was a blatant effort to sell the state's U.S. Senate seat in the latest "pay-to-play" scheme in Illinois politics.

Rest of story

While everyone is bending over backwards to stress that Obama had no involvement in this, Obama evidently still has that bus around to throw people under.

"Obviously like the rest of the people of Illinois I am saddened and sobered by the news that came out of the US attorney's office today," said President-elect Obama this afternoon in Chicago, speaking of the criminal complaint against Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich for corruption. "But as this is a ongoing investigation involving the governor I don't think it would be appropriate for me to comment on the issue at this time."

Asked what contact he'd had with the governor's office about his replacement in the Senate, President-elect Obama today said "I had no contact with the governor or his office and so we were not, I was not aware of what was happening."

But as is usually the case the truth is well, hard to find in Obama's statements.

But on November 23, 2008, his senior adviser David Axelrod appeared on Fox News Chicago and said something quite different.

While insisting that the President-elect had not expressed a favorite to replace him, and his inclination was to avoid being a "kingmaker," Axelrod said, "I know he's talked to the governor and there are a whole range of names many of which have surfaced, and I think he has a fondness for a lot of them."

Of course with every statement by Obama, there is a clarification by the Obama team.

(UPDATE: An Obama Transition Team aide says that Axelrod misspoke on Fox News Chicago.)

Further, Obama has a long history with the indicted Governor. I have no doubt you will see this on the front page of your newspaper tomorrow and Matt Lauer will certainly be covering this on the Today Show in the morning.

And, it should be pointed out, Mr. Obama has a relationship with Mr. Blagojevich, having not only endorsed Blagojevich in 2002 and 2006, but having served as a top adviser to the Illinois governor in his first 2002 run for the state house.

That 2002 endorsement came at the same time that Axelrod had such serious concerns about whether Blagojevich was ready for governing he refused to work for his one-time client.

According to Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., Mr. Obama's incoming White House chief of staff, Emanuel, then-state senator Obama, a third Blagojevich aide, and Blagojevich's campaign co-chair, David Wilhelm, were the top strategists of Blagojevich's 2002 gubernatorial victory.

Emanuel told the New Yorker earlier this year that he and Obama "participated in a small group that met weekly when Rod was running for governor. We basically laid out the general election, Barack and I and these two."

Then of course, we have the correction;

Wilhelm said that Emanuel had overstated Obama's role. "There was an advisory council that was inclusive of Rahm and Barack but not limited to them," Wilhelm said, and he disputed the notion that Obama was "an architect or one of the principal strategists."

There seems to be quite a pattern here in which Obama serves on committees but doesn't really do anything or know anyone on the committee.

Read more on this story.

So I think we can rest assured we will never hear the full story of Mr. Obama's involvement with the Governor of Illinois just as we will never hear the full story of his involvement with a lot of people.

The question remains though. What will the left think of Mr. Fitzgerald now? My gut is that he will no longer be a hero. You know, he has donated to GOP candidates. It will be interesting to watch.

Senator Dodd May Be On To Something

News Item:

Dodd: General Motors Executive Should Resign in Exchange for Bailout

Senator Dodd seems to think that Rick Wagoner, CEO of General Motors, should resign as part of an automakers bailout package. His rationale is that Mr. Wagoner has run GM into the ground and should therefore step down as part of a restructuring in an attempt to get the failing automaker back on it's feet.

Now, I don't want to dispute Mr. Dodd's reasoning, I arrived at the same conclusion long ago. In fact, not only should Mr. Wagoner go now, he should have already been gone.

The point of this though is that I think Mr. Dodd is on to something here.

If you have a leader of an organization that is failing the people they serve, they should step down.

If you have given the leader two years to turn around the organization and instead it is in far worse condition than when they accepted the responsibility, they should step down.

Finally if the leader is partly to blame for the failing of the organization through his backroom deals and taking kickbacks that were a conflict of interest, he should step down.

So this leads to only one conclusion, Senator Christopher Dodd (D, CT) must resign from the Senate. This is the only way to restore the public's trust and confidence in the organization.

Monday, December 8, 2008

This Speaks Volumes

This was an article I found on Drudge that didn't seem to get a lot play in the media.

New England border protection chief charged with hiring illegal immigrants

The regional director of Homeland Security, Customs, and Border Protection was charged today with repeatedly hiring illegal immigrants to clean her Salem home after one cleaner wore a wire during an undercover investigation.

Lorraine Henderson is the director of the Port of Boston, overseeing 190 armed federal officers who patrol major airports and shipping terminals in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

According to an eight-page affidavit unsealed today, Henderson had employed a Brazilian woman to clean her home for $75 to $80 every few weeks for several years. Henderson's fellow officers at US Customs and Border Protection told her in 2005 and 2006 that it was against the law to hire illegal immigrants and urged her to find another housekeeper. Not only did she ignore the advice, according to the affidavit, but when the housekeeper took time off to have a baby, Henderson also allegedly hired two of the housekeeper's Brazilian friends who were also in the country illegally.

After having a baby, the original housekeeper allegedly came back to work for Henderson, who counseled her to avoid detection by law enforcement. The housekeeper told her, according to the affidavit, that she had been living in the United States illegally for seven years after paying a man to smuggle her across the Mexican border.

"You have to be careful 'cause they will deport you. Be careful," Henderson told the housekeeper in a conversation Sept. 9, 2008, that was recorded on the wire. "Wow, wow, if you leave they won't let you back … you can't leave, don't leave … 'cause once you leave you will never be back."

So we have a highly placed official in the Homeland Security department not only hiring illegals and ignoring the advice of fellow agents to stop the practice, she's coaching the illegal on how to avoid detection.

Is there anyone left out there who wonders why we can't get our illegal immigration problem under control?

I realize this is only one incident but keep two things in mind.

She oversaw 190 agents. How hard was she pushing them to fight illegals from coming in? At least so of them knew she was hiring an illegal so what did this do for morale and the drive to fight illegal immigration among her subordinates? We all know how the rumor mill works in our place of employment, if a few agents knew than every agent knew.

She did this for years. She was a regional director and the Department of Homeland Security couldn't even catch her breaking the law right under their noses. For years. What kind of Keystone Kops outfit are they running there.
Finally, while this is one incident, I think it is fair to ask if it is the only incident. With the above mentioned points, there appears to be a culture of tolerance in the agency for this type of behavior. How could we possibly be assured this is an isolated incident?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Quote Of The Week

This week's quote was easy. Senator Harry Reid was good enough to cooperate with his arrogance and provide me with a no brainer.

Speaking about the new Capitol visitors center, Sen Reid expressed gratitude that they would no longer have to smell the tourists. Story here.

"In the summertime, because (of) the high humidity and how hot it gets here, you could literally smell the tourists coming into the Capitol."

For his keen sense of smell, I give Senator Reid the Vulture

Photo credit

Saturday, December 6, 2008

What's Your Favorite Muppet's Character

I decided to do something a little lighter today and reveal a deep dark secret about myself. I am a long time Muppet's fan.

I know I should grow up and get over it but I think they're hysterical. I will be sitting right there with my kids watching the new special and laughing just as hard.

My wife and I took my daughter to see the Madagascar sequel and I think I laughed harder than my 8 year old daughter. The penguins cracked me up.

So, inspired by the upcoming A Muppet's Christmas: Letters To Santa, I want to ask everyone who their favorite Muppets character is.

I have always been partial to the two old men in the balcony criticizing the show. I see myself like this when I get old. I'm already a wise cracking smart-ass who has occasionally gotten into trouble sitting in a meeting saying something inappropriate. I can only promise one thing, I will never change.

So who is it and why?

Photo credit here:

Thursday, December 4, 2008

An Honorable Life Taken By A Pack Of Jackasses

While this is a story I like a lot of the rest of the country have been following, I had not commented on it until now.

A line-cutting dispute among shoppers who waited for hours outside a New York Wal-Mart and those who stayed inside their cars led to the stampede that killed a store worker, Newsday reports.

Nassau police said Wednesday that the conflict among shoppers who remained in their cars and those who waited in the cold weather fostered a "mob mentality" that led to the death last week of 34-year-old Jdimytai Damour, according to the paper.

Story and photo credit here:

Some blame does have to go to Wal-mart for first setting the stage for this tragedy and then not providing adequate security to control the crowds.

While I support the families' effort to sue Wal-mart and wish them well, I do feel that the real blame rests elsewhere.

The real blame rests with the animals in line that placed their own personal greed at such a high level that they were willing to sacrifice a human life to satisfy it. Some may criticize my use of the word animal but that is too damned bad, it was chosen carefully. There is no other way to describe the pack mentality that was in force on this morning.

I remember a time I was at the grocery store. As I was crossing the crosswalk in front of the store a woman in a pick-up had stopped to let me pass, as is the law and custom in Michigan. This woman had her turn signal on and was obviously in the process of turning down an aisle to get a good parking space in front of the store. As I was right in front of her grill, she started pulling forward. I yelled at her and asked her what the Hell she was doing. She gestured towards the intended parking space where another car was pulling in. The bottom line is that she was willing to run me over if it meant keeping someone else from stealing her parking space.

The point is, the selfishness of people really knows no bounds. They focus on what they want at the exclusion of all around them.

All it would have taken would have been a just a few people to stop pushing towards Mr. Damour and help shield him to save his life. Instead everyone in that line was too intent on getting a great price on an MP3 player or a TV or maybe get Christmas lights for a buck. Can't take out the time to help some poor dude that has fallen to the ground. What was almost worse is that the people raised Hell when Wal-mart store officials told them they were closing the store and they would have to leave.

The police say that it is unlikely anyone will be charged, which is really too bad. There is definitely a need for prison time here.

So what was Mr. Damour doing in the path of this mob? He was trying to protect a pregnant woman from being crushed by the crowd. Too bad there weren't just a few more people in the crowd who were as good of a person as Mr. Damour, I may just be posting about something else tonight.
So, while there are unlikely to be any charges, the people that did this know who they are. To them I say, enjoy your MP3 player. My suspicion is that it never will sound quite right.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

$400 Million To Mexico To Fight Drugs

According to this article, the US government is giving Mexico $400 million to fight the drug trade.

I should write some witty, creative diatribe against us giving money to a country whose citizens are coming here and sucking us dry, but I won't.

I could write about how we already support half of their economy from money sent home by illegal aliens working and taking jobs from American citizens. Not going to mention that though.

Finally, I am certainly not going to say anything about how much we could use this $400 million right now with the economy in the toilet and all.

Instead I am going to give you excerpts of the article and let you draw your own conclusions. I certainly do not want to be accused of trying to influence anyone even though this package is clearly wrong. But I'm not going to say anything like that.

All emphasis mine.

The U.S. government finally released the first part of a $400 million aid package Wednesday to support Mexico's police and soldiers in their fight against drug cartels.

The money comes at a critical time: Mexico's death toll from drug violence has soared above 4,000 so far this year, and drug-related murders and kidnappings are spilling over the U.S. border as well.

Call me Amerocentric but I am more concerned about the ones that are spilling over the U.S. border

The aid to Mexico — which includes no cash — includes helicopters and surveillance aircraft, airport inspection equipment and case-tracking software to help police share real-time intelligence. It also supports Mexican efforts to weed out corrupt police, improve the judicial system and protect witnesses.

Most of it, however, will go to notoriously corrupt police forces and the same military whose soldiers have tortured, raped and killed innocent civilians while battling the cartels, according to Mexico's National Human Rights Commission. President Felipe Calderon himself said more than half of state and local police can't be trusted, and federal ranks are rife with corrupt officers.

So we are giving them money for use by corrupt police? No wonder the American voters are cynical and distrustful of the federal government.

Colombia places almost no restrictions on U.S. support, allowing U.S. soldiers and drug agents to operate freely in its territory. But Mexicans have always chafed at U.S. military aid, and Calderon's administration objected to human rights restrictions proposed by U.S. lawmakers, who ultimately dropped most of the conditions.

I love the arrogance of Mexico taking money from us but refusing to allow any restriction on it.

"The U.S. has to go after the flow of guns and bulk cash and stolen vehicles that go from north to south over our southern border," one of Obama's top Latin America advisers, Dan Restrepo, told The AP. "It's our responsibility to do far more than what we're doing to cut off those flows."

The only thing I can say about this is what the Hell? What about stopping the flow from south to north over our southern border? Most members of the Democratic party oppose stopping the flow of illegals over the border but now they want to help secure the Mexican border from us?

Democrats in Congress already shifted more than $100 million of Colombia's aid to nonmilitary purposes, such as strengthening the judicial system and responding to the world's worst internal refugee crisis after Sudan.

Again, we are giving assistance to another country to help them with their refugee crisis yet do not want to even acknowledge that we have our own refugee crisis to deal with, let alone dealing with it.

I have always been of a mind that we should demand Mexico assist us in stopping the flow of illegals over the border. They have shown they can do it if they want to, they close their southern border to illegals from the south. We give a lot of aid to Mexico, it's time to stop expecting something for it. Either they stop the flow of illegals, or no funds.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Only In The Democratic Party

Ran across this article today on

This sums up the entire article nicely:

The race to replace Barack Obama as Illinois' junior senator heated up Tuesday as Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill., called on Gov. Rod Blagojevich to name a black man or woman to the seat.

By invoking race, Rush, who is black, drove a potential wedge between the prospective white and black contenders for the seat. Rush said it would be a "national disgrace" if Obama's seat were not filled by an African American.

The Illinois governor has said he plans to name the replacement by the end of the year. That person would serve out the remaining two years of Obama's term.

"We don't want (Blagojevich) to short-circuit the will and the wisdom of the state of Illinois," Rush told, after holding a press conference in Chicago announcing his petition drive for the governor to name a black candidate.

"As we speak, there are no African Americans in the Senate. (Blagojevich) has the power to put one there."

The will and wisdom of the voters of Illinois? For the record, Illinois is 15% black. Which voters are they trying to protect the will of?

I think that most people who read my blog realize I genuinely could care less about the race of the new Senatorial candidate. With this said, I do have a problem with affirmative action and that is exactly what this is.

If the best candidate is black, so be it. We cannot though use race as the only criteria. I believe that AA not only often gives us less than qualified candidates but I also view it as demeaning to minorities. We are telling them the only way they can succeed is with a special hand up. This sells minorities short and helps perpetuate the false stereotype by some that they are not qualified for certain positions.

But then again by any other measure we use, we still get incompetent Congressional members. So, never mind, let them pick who they want.

Monday, December 1, 2008

It's Baaack

We got our first real snow storm of the year, it's looks great here.

There was up to 8 inches of snow in the area, we got about 6.5 at our house. Several school districts were closed although I think this was a bit of an overreaction.

I, like a lot of people here, have a love-hate relationship with Winter. We genuinely do like the season and the snow, just maybe for not as long as we get it.

Word is that we could get a lot of snow this year, I'm all for it. Our property gets quite scenic when we get a lot of snow. It's especially beautiful when we have a good fresh blanket of snow and the sun shines on it.

We had this today when I drove into the city. The expressway was a tunnel of snow draped trees and the light was shining on them, it was a great drive. It was like something out of a movie.

These are a couple of pictures from my house, it will get better as the year goes on and I will share any good ones with you.

The dark spot in this one is a beehive

Why Do We Bother Voting, Part II

I ignore the news for a few days and when I come back I find that members of the United States Senate have decided to suspend our democratic form of government.

I wrote a blog a little over a week ago asking why we bother voting.It turns out that this was premature, there was more to come. Sadly with the way Barack Obama acted during the campaign with his Black Panther "security" at polling places, his harassment of anyone who dared question him on the radio, and his cozy relationship with ACORN, this "why do we vote" blog is more likely to become an ongoing series rather than end any time soon.

The latest installment is the continuing effort of Al Franken to steal the US Senatorial election in Minnesota. I was reading this article when I came across this little nugget. The discussion is over Franken losing an appeal over absentee ballots that he wanted counted. Emphasis mine.

"Whether it is at the county level, before the Canvassing Board, before the courts or before the United States Senate, we don't know yet. But we remain confident these votes will be counted," Elias said. (ed. note Marc Elias, Franken legal chief)

The board's decision drew a response from the Senate's top Democrat, Majority Leader Harry Reid, who called it a "cause for great concern."

"As the process moves forward, Minnesota authorities must ensure that no voter is disenfranchised," Reid said in a statement. "A citizen's right to have his or her vote counted is fundamental in our democracy."

The Senate has in rare cases inserted itself into elections, including a 1996 Louisiana race and a 1974 New Hampshire contest. The body has the power to determine its members' qualifications.

So, there we go. Al Franken has no intention of losing this election, fair or not. I think the message here is abundantly clear, if they cannot bend the laws of Minnesota to get the outcome they desire, they will simply have the Democrats in the Senate overturn the election. Anyone else scared about the next two years?

Call me a purist but I always thought we should defer to the United States Constitution in matters such as this. I submit to you the 17th Amendment:

The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, elected by the people thereof, for six years; and each Senator shall have one vote.

Evidently we only follow the Constitution most of the time. In extreme circumstances when the Democrats need another Senate seat for a super majority, it appears okay to suspend the Constitution temporarily.

More yet to come...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Quote Of The Week

I should have called this "Quotes Of The Week" I have a small collection this week. The focus this week is the view of the Constitution of the United Sates from the far left.

First we have a New York Times columnist, Gail Collins, who wants to suspend the 20th Amendment: The terms of the President and Vice President shall end at noon on the 20th day of January...

"Thanksgiving is next week, and President Bush could make it a really special holiday by resigning. Seriously." Then Dick Cheney "would have to quit as well as Bush. In fact, just to be on the safe side, the vice president ought to turn in his resignation first. (We're desperate, but not crazy.)" That would allow House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to become President, but "she'd defer to her party's incoming chief executive, and Barack Obama could begin governing."

Then we have fellow NYT columnist Tom Friedman's solution to getting around that pesky Article V of the Constitution: The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution...when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States

"If I had my druthers right now we would convene a special session of Congress, amend the Constitution and move up the inauguration from Jan. 20 to Thanksgiving Day."

I guess we can make a special exemption for The One and suspend the Constitution just this one time. I mean, what's the harm?

Finally, if all else fails, they can follow these words of wisdom from Pittsburgh City Councilwoman Tonya Payne in the latest attempt to gut the 2nd Amendment:

"Who really cares about it being unconstitutional?"..."This is what's right to do, and if this means that we have to go out and have a court battle, then that's fine

For these little nuggets, I give these geniuses the noble Dodo bird

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving To All

I am taking a few days off. Tommorrow is Thanksgiving and I do not have to work so we are spending the day at home as a family, my wife, kids, and me. After that we are going to see both of our our parents until Sunday.

I may be on line in the morning but I want to be with my kids instead of working.

So, everyone have a good and happy holiday with your families.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Pride Of Michigan

Generally when one thinks of idiotic liberal journalists, cities like Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Chicago, or anywhere on the East Coast come to mind.

Well, I'm here to proudly proclaim we have our very own idiotic liberal journalists right here in Michigan.

Rochelle Riley, of the Detroit Free Press, wrote a column today calling for the impeachment of George Bush and/or Dick Chaney before they leave office.

I don't even know where to start with this column. This is primarily because I'm not even sure what the Hell it's about. This is one of the most incomprehensible pieces of garbage I have ever seen in a newspaper. She attempts to make a case for impeachment and instead spends most of the time attacking Bush.

There's something about pardons. She seems concerned that Bush has issued 171 pardons, which means he only has to issue 225 more to catch Bill Clinton. She seems to be concerned about what the people Bush may pardon have done. We have to wonder if she was a concerned about the pardons issued by Clinton?

She's worried that Bush can push through more policies that can hurt our economy and then went on to offer these examples:

He already has pushed deregulation that would allow employers to talk directly with employees’ doctors and allow power companies to build polluting facilities close to national parks.

Now, I don't care if she attacks Bush He's a big boy, he can defend himself. I just have this sense that if I had paid for this paper instead of reading the article on Drudge, I would want my money back.

Finally this passage, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, the bravest member of Congress, makes it clear she needs a refill on her medications.

I don't care about attack pieces in the main stream media, they're expected. It is fun though to see what they have to offer.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Rural Parent's Nightmare

A school bus crash sent 14 children to the hospital in Greene County, Arkansas this morning. Although the condition of the children are unknown as of this writing, fortunately there have been no fatalities. Story and photo credit here.

We live in an area in which our children ride a bus to school. We have lived here 4 years now and I still get nervous when I think about it.

I think the drivers in our district are careful and genuinely care about the safety of the children, trust me I watch them. I further I have to believe the drivers in this district in Arkansas are just as diligent.

No matter how much you trust the drivers though, they are carrying the most precious cargo you have, your children.

So as the parent of three children who ride a bus, my heart goes out to the parents of these children and I hope that none of these children are injured seriously.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Quote Of The Week

I wrote a blog earlier this week about the big three automakers using private jets to fly into Washington DC to ask for bailout money for themselves. The audacity of them spending as much as $20,000 a piece to fly in style while begging poverty was too much for me.

I have to give credit to Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-NY). He was able to sum up in one sentence what it took a blog for me to say.

"There's a delicious irony in seeing private luxury jets flying into Washington, D.C., and people coming off them with tin cups in their hands,"..."It's almost like seeing a guy show up at the soup kitchen in high-hat and tuxedo."

For these words of wisdom, I give Rep Ackerman the owl

Photo credit

Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's Not The Same Old Washington Elite, It's Experience

Barack Obama campaigned on "changing" Washington. He was going to be a new kind of politician (just like every President before him). It was going to be a new day in Washington.

It turns out that no matter how much things change, they still seem to stay the same. I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this obvious lie. If I were to talk about Obama's lies during the campaign it would take too long and I just don't have the energy today.

What I do find interesting is the reaction in the media to this flip flop. I'm not talking about the MSM here, we expect this. He could fart at a G-20 summit while making a speech and the Chris Matthew's of the media would fall even deeper in love with him and how adorable he is.

This article is from Fox News.

WASHINGTON — For months on the campaign trail, Barack Obama promised to bring change to Washington. But now that he's president-elect, his first potential Cabinet picks indicate that he may bring more years of Washington experience to his administration than Bill Clinton or George W. Bush did.

Obama's first four likely Cabinet choices, including former first lady Hillary Clinton, have a combined total of more than 60 years of Washington experience.

By comparison, President Bush's first four Cabinet picks had a total of 30 years experience in Washington, and former President Clinton's had 58.


So now it's not retreading the same old tired Washington elites. With Obama, it's bringing in "experienced" people. In fact this genius is bringing in people with twice the experience of George Bush, isn't he just amazing.

Articles from the media yet to come:

Obama wisely decides that economy is too bad to give middle class tax cuts.

Obama goes for experience, selects Bill Ayers for Education Secretary.

Gas prices of $9 a gallon keep people from driving, good for environment.

ACORN voter registration stations more successful than imagined, 110% of voters registered.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Why Do We Bother Voting?

This question is getting more and more relevant.

First we have ACORN putting the validity of our elections in question. No matter what ACORN or it's defenders (aka the Democratic party) say, ACORN's illegal registration activities have the very real potential to change an election. Look at the close races this year for the US Senate.

In a contest like what is going on in Minnesota with Norm Coleman and Al Franken, ACORN would only have to facilitate the illegal voting of 200 or 300 voters to change the election results in that state. Anyone that thinks this is unlikely needs to remember that some of the improperly registered voters have reached the thousands in some state. If ACORN were to misregister 20,000 people in Minnesota, not at all out of the range of possibility, only 1% of them would have to slip through and vote to possibly change the election.

Then there is Minnesota itself in which, against all statistical probability, election officials "found" 500 votes for Franken. See John Lott's blog here. If Al Franken manages to win Minnesota, there will never be a way to make his win appear legitimate.

Finally, we have this. The California Supreme Court is going to hear an appeal by gay rights activists to overturn proposition 8 that was voted on by the people of the state. Without discussing the merits of the law, this is an affront to democracy. This passage here sums up the arrogance of bringing the suit. (emphasis mine)

Opponents of the ban argue that voters improperly abrogated the judiciary's authority by stripping same-sex couples of the right to wed after the high court earlier ruled it was discriminatory to prohibit gay men and lesbians from marrying.

Government has no authority without consent of the people, this is what defines a democracy.

We see this type of thing in Michigan a lot from the libs. Fight the good fight for your cause but that's OK if you lose, just go to court to have the will of the voters overturned.

Further, it should be noted that conservatives lost on two propositions in Michigan this year. I have yet to hear any talk of suing to get the provisions overturned and I can promise if they do, I will be there to criticize them for it.

The irony here is no one can figure out why so many people sit on the sidelines and don't vote. While I will never quit voting, one could rightly wonder at times, what's the point?