Monday, March 31, 2008


It turns out that if a brutal dictator wants public relations help from the United States when we are threatening him, he can rent Democrats to come and make his case for him. This happened in September of 2002 in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq by the US. Three Democratic House members Jim McDermott of Washington, David Bonoir of Michigan, and Mike Thompson of California went to Iraq to criticize the impending US led invasion.
According to a Federal criminal indictment against an Iraqi spy, Muthanna Al-Hanooti who led an Islamic charity in Michigan, Saddam Hussein was able to pay for the trip. Federal Prosecutors allege that it was Al-Hanooti’s job to provide names of US politicians who opposed the war and favored lifting sanctions against Iraq to the Iraqi government and then arrange for the politicians to visit Iraq.
The House members, again according to the indictment, did not know Hussein was paying for the trip. My response to this is, so what. They knew they were going to Iraq, a country we were getting to go to war with, and acting as PR for Saddam Hussein. They just thought they were doing it for free. They knew the trip was being paid for by an Islamic charity. This didn’t raise any red flags?
The reality is, they didn’t care. Let me be as clear as I can, Democrats do not care about the Iraq war, they don’t care about the war on terror (they call it a bumper sticker slogan), and they don’t care about the troops. They care only about the war on George Bush. They are willing to sacrifice all of the above if it means they can get Bush.
The bottom line is that at best these guys are incredible chumps, at worst they are treasonous. I personally feel they should be investigated and if there is any indication they could have known, I feel they should be punished for this act. The interesting part of this is that it may not be over. This spy’s job was to recruit US politicians and it doesn’t take much imagination to wonder, with the steady stream of US politicians going to Iraq to do the same thing over the years, if there are more to come.

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