Thursday, April 24, 2008

Are Liberals Tougher Than We Thought?

Up until now I had always been under the impression that liberals were soft and weak-kneed. This is understandable taken their defeatist attitudes on Iraq and the war on terror in general. This all changed though with this article in the New York Post.

The story is about an incident that happened in New York at an event for Laura and Jenna Bush. The mother and daughter were coming out of the Y after speaking about their children’s book, "Read All About It.". A 22 year old man was yelling at the Bushes about the Iraq war when a couple told the man to shut up, this was an event for children. This hardened tough guy then proceeded to beat up their 18 year old, wheel chair bound, daughter. According to the article she fortunately appears to be unhurt.

This story is wrong on so many levels. First is the obvious, beating up a charming looking young lady in a wheelchair. The article has a picture of her and she looks like a cute kid, the thought of this jerk punching her in the shoulder and legs is nauseating. According to the article, the father tried to push him away to protect his daughter and the man went as far as reaching around the father to continue hitting her. It’s just too bad someone in the crowd didn’t give this idiot a whipping. I’m not a fan of vigilantism but this man certainly needed to be taught some manners.

Then we have irony. Liberals like to see themselves as champions of the helpless and poor. I mean isn’t it us conservatives that are thoughtless and uncaring? Ready to push disabled and poor people under a bus just for fun? I guess they only advocate for disabled people as long as they adhere to the party line. The nerve of this girl disagreeing with him. Didn’t she realize he was a peaceful, understanding man?

Lastly, we have the anti-war left exposed for what they really are. They have no boundaries. The father of the girl victimized by this man was right, this was an event for children, by the wife and daughter of President Bush. His anti-war nonsense had no business there. I would suspect this man would be willing to join Code Pink in their protests across from the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. These idiots have in the past protested on the sidewalk across the street in view of soldiers recovering from injuries sustained in service to our country in Iraq and Afghanistan. Or maybe he supports vandalizing recruitment centers?
No matter how you look at this, it is horrifying. But I am willing to admit when I am wrong. It turns out there really are some tough guys on the left.

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