Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Democratic Party And Terrorists

What is it with Democrats and the sponsors of terrorism. As I posted here we had three members of the United States House of Representatives travel to Iraq in the build up to the invasion of that country as paid PR flacks of the Iraqi government. Now we have former President Jimmy Carter planning to travel to Damascus to meet with Khaled Meshal, the exiled leader of the terrorist organization of Hamas.

Hamas is a terrorist group who, according to it’s founding charter, is committed to the destruction of Israel. It carries out attacks in Gaza, the West Bank, and inside of Israel. It is responsible for more than 500 deaths in the last 15 years.

We probably should not be surprised by Mr. Carter’s actions. First he has not only shown in the last few years that he has barely a shred of the class most of us had previously ascribed to him, he as with all Democrats, will do whatever he can to embarrass George Bush and the US government. The cost to the country is irrelevant to them as long as they can get Bush.

Finally, there is the accusation of anti-semitism leveled against Mr. Carter by many, especially after his latest book "Palestine Peace Not Apartheid". I will admit I have not read his book and am very unlikely to do so. There was a significant outcry from Jewish groups and individuals after it’s release though and Mr. Carter did very little to deny the accusations.

As it turns out though, Mr. Carter is not the first to meet with Hamas. Representatives from the administration of Bill Clinton officially met with them. Also, Jesse Jackson met with them in 2006. So not only is Mr. Carter meeting with this terrorist group, he evidently had to wait his turn to do so.

Then of course we have a man who wants to be the next President, Barrack Hussein Obama, who has said he would meet with Iran. In an interview with the New York Times last October, Mr. Obama said that he would meet with Iran “without preconditions” and even suggested he might consider offering up membership in the World Trade Organization and other economic incentives. He obviously doesn’t have the same travel agent as the Democratic Congressmen, they didn’t have to pay to go to Iraq, they got their trip funded for them instead. If anything this shows Mr. Obama is not very fiscally responsible.

On the flip side we have President George Bush who is old fashioned and doesn’t believe we should meet with those who sponsor terrorism. He believes we should not meet with a dictator who has denied the existence of the Jewish Holocaust, has the stated goal of the destruction of our ally Israel, and helps pay for the weapons killing our troops in Iraq (Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad). He has refused to meet with organizations who attack buses and restaurants with families in them with bombs packed with nails so they inflict more damage (Hamas). He didn’t feel the need to meet with, or go to Iraq to shill for, a dictator who tortured, gassed, and murdered his own citizens and, in his spare time, monetarily supported terrorists who placed those nails in bombs to kill families in Israel (Saddam Hussein). All of this of course concerns the Democrats in the US. I mean what will the rest of the world (France, Russia, Venezuela) think?

Actually, this all gives me an idea. Why are we wasting all of this time, money, and troops trying to find Usama Bin Laden? One has to think it will only be a matter of time until some Democrat will travel to the hills of Pakistan to meet with him. When they do we can just follow them and when he comes to greet them, we can just jump from behind a tree and grab him.

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