Sunday, April 27, 2008

Inmates Running The Asylum (or, Democrats Running National Security)

First we have Democratic presidential candidate Barrack Obama saying he would meet with Iran without preconditions. Then we have former President Jimmy Carter visiting Hamas in Syria. Now we have Governor of New Mexico and former Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson meeting with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. These people want to control the national security of the US.

Obama has criticized the Bush administration for their approach to negotiations with Iran to prevent them from developing a nuclear weapons program. I have lost count on how Bush is supposed to negotiate with brutal dictators. With Iraq, Bush was criticized for not having an international coalition to confront them with. On this I don’t know if we should be more incredulous that the Democrats are lying, he did have an international coalition. Or if we should be concerned with the possibility that they really don’t know that Australia, Britain, Spain, Japan, Italy, Denmark, etc. are different countries. It is possible, with the snobbish east and west coast dominance of the Democratic party, that they think these are states in the “fly-over land” of the Midwest. The truth is that “international coalition” is Democratic for France. Their beloved France disagreed so that was it for them. Then we have North Korea in which Bush was criticized for having too many countries involved. He should have held one on one talks with them. Finally, we have Iran, who if I’m keeping score correctly, we should be talking to one on one. Obama either ignores or doesn’t care about the fact that weapons Iran are shipping into Iraq are killing American troops, including troops from the Midwest states of Britain, Spain, and Australia. I personally think that if Iran wants a nuclear weapon, we should send them one, at the tip of a missile (just kidding, of course).

Then we have Jimmy Carter who has visited the terrorist group Hamas as I wrote on earlier here. Obama was asked about this visit while campaigning and was very tepid in his criticism of Carter’s visit. As it turns out, he had an endorsement pending from Hamas in America and it’s possible he didn’t want to jeopardize this by criticizing Carter.

Now we come to Bill Richardson. Richardson has met with Venezuelan dictator and all around lunatic Hugo Chavez. The meeting was an attempt to gain the freedom of three American hostages held captive by Colombian rebels. This is obviously a noble cause and I pray for their families and for the safe return of the captives. With this said though, we have got to stop giving this lunatic so much credibility. Every time an American meets with him, it’s a PR coupe. Luckily it’s usually just crack pot has-been actors such as Sean Penn and Danny Glover. If you still think Sean Penn has any credibility, go here to see a story and even better, a picture, of him attempting to rescue children in hurricane Katrina and instead scooping out a leaking boat.

I believe though that Chavez is a dangerous threat to the US because of his oil. Liberals like to giggle over their clever accusations of George Bush fighting in the Middle East over oil. Would someone like to name a more important national security interest, short of an attack on the US, to protect? Fuel is everything to us and our economy, just look around. Nothing else touches everything we buy more than fuel, not even taxes. With this said, remember that this lunatic in Venezuela is the fifth largest supplier of oil to the US, shipping us 12% of our total imported oil. It is in our best interest to keep a man that controls this much of our economy from becoming too powerful.
So we have all of these geniuses running their own little private diplomatic missions and giving advice and criticism to the Bush administration and none of them know what the hell they’re talking about. Next thing you know they’re going to want to pull all of the troops out of Iraq and leave the Iraqi people behind to suffer.

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