Saturday, April 19, 2008

Time Magazine And The War Against America

I must be considerably more naïve than I have thought. Every time I think the disdain for America on the left has reached a new low, they surprise me. You would think I would get it eventually. What has me upset now is the April 21st issue of Time magazine.

This issue uses a famous photograph of World War II to make a case for global warming. The cover of the magazine has the picture of the soldiers raising the American flag on the island of Iwo Jima. In place of the flag, Time substituted a tree. The article is about global warming and seeks to compare the war against global warming to the struggle against brutal dictators in WWII. The magazine makes the case that we need to put forward the same effort against global warming as we did in WWII.

This is horrific on so many levels. First, it cheapens what happened in the entire WWII. Over 400,000 Americans lost their lives in WWII fighting to preserve our country. Over 16 million Americans served. Millions of Americans lost sons, daughters, spouses, and parents. America was attacked and drawn into the battle. My own grandfather served in WWII and lost a brother in the south Pacific. To his death my grandfather, who served in Europe and helped liberate a Jewish concentration camp, would not talk about his experience. I have always believed that while he led a good and productive life and was a great man, he did not talk about the war because what he saw was not easy to remember.

Global warming, on the other hand, may or may not be real. The current science is, at best, sloppy and inconclusive. There have been numerous reports of global warming scientists cherry picking data from studies to make their case.

In the battle of Iwo Jima itself, over 6,800 Americans were killed. This photograph is an American icon and represents freedom itself in the United States. To use this photograph in this way spits on everyone of their graves. The cover of the magazine trivializes the battle and begs comparison to John Edwards calling the War on Terror a “bumper sticker slogan”.

I don’t think people on the left have ill intention with these types of things, I think it is actually worse than that. I think they simply regard America and all it stands for with contempt. I think that both the fact that this picture means so much to Americans and the number of injured and dead Americans at Iwo Jima is simply irrelevant to Time magazine. I think they simply don’t get why it is important.
One of these days I may finally come to my senses and stop being so naïve. For now though I will probably continue to live in my own little world were I can think that some boundaries still remain. Where there are lines that will never be crossed. I have noticed though that my world seems to be getting smaller and smaller every day.

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