Thursday, May 29, 2008

Obama Supports The Troops, Really

Brent Bozell wrote a good column here on the Media Research Center website about a steady string of gaffes by Barack Obama. It’s a good column and well worth reading. Mr. Bozell’s point is that Obama has had an incredible string of gaffes and has gotten a pass on them. If it had been Dan Quayle, Mr. Bozell correctly notes, the media would have been all over him. In Obama’s case though, the media is tripping over itself explaining the gaffes away.

As good and well worth reading as this column is, I want to talk about one specific part of it and the ramifications of the statement. One of the statements Mr. Bozell attributed to Obama was "On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes -- and I see many of them in the audience here today -- our sense of patriotism is particularly strong." This was made in New Mexico on Memorial Day.

The problem here is that “fallen heroes”, by definition, could not have been in front of him. There will be a knee-jerk reaction by the press to excuse this as the result of being tired from a long campaign. This excuse in itself does not hold water. The obvious question here is if he cannot stand the rigors of a campaign and keep his wits, how can he have the ability to withstand the stress of the Presidency.

I don’t believe this is the problem though. Basically this shows the disdain Obama shows for our troops. The misquote wasn’t a mistake. It wasn’t being tired. It is a pure and simple lack of interest. I don’t even think there was ill will intended. He simply doesn’t care.

I think we often make this mistake with many Democrats. Attributing a malevolence towards the troops on their part when in reality it is nothing more than a lack of interest. The Democratic party as a whole does not see national security as a major issue. One only has to look back on John Edward’s “bumper sticker slogan” comment. Saying the war on terror was nothing more than a bumper sticker slogan. This was widely agreed upon and defended throughout the Democratic party.

In Obama’s liberal elitist world, military service is looked down upon. It is a calling for people who cannot do better for themselves. John’s Kerry’s “stuck in Iraq” comment about young people not going to college sums up the viewpoint of the leftist elitism.

The left plays heavy lip service to being ‘against the war but for the troops’. The mantra rings hollow though the more they continue talking. Their notion that we are failing in Iraq but the troops are doing a great job is one of the more ridiculous statements one can hear. Part of the reason is because we are not, in fact, failing in Iraq. Violence is down and political progress is up. Obama and most Democratic leaders continue to stick to the tired old party line that we are failing in Iraq (but the troops are doing a great job).

You simply cannot claim failure in Iraq and somehow magically separate the troops from this assessment. The bottom line is that the Generals leading the troops and the troops themselves are doing one hell of a job in Iraq and deserve our respect and gratitude. They deserve credit for the accomplishments they have attained. They deserve credit for doing this incredible job under horrendous conditions, oppressing heat, and reading in the paper and hearing on the news that approximately half of the country thinks they are failing. For them to keep going out everyday and doing their job with the incredible lack of support from home is, quite frankly, heroic.

We are now noticing that Obama can not even be bothered to go to Iraq to show his ‘support’ for the troops. The Republican National Committee has put a clock in their website counting the days since Obama has been to Iraq. You can see the clock here. The current count is 872 days since he has been there. This is over 2 years and 4 months. The Obama campaign, in response to the RNC criticism, has said he ‘may go yet this summer’. Now is this overwhelming support or what? Hurry, make this man Commander-in-Chief.

As I said at the beginning, Obama simply doesn’t want to be bothered with the troops. They only cross his mind when he needs them as a political prop to try to woo swing voters. When he is talking in front of a group of liberal followers the discussion is not about his support for the troops but instead an insistence that they are failing. His only focus at these times is ending the war, no matter the cost to the Iraqi people that the fallen heroes he was honoring gave their lives to liberate and defend. The depth of his lack of interest has never been more obvious than his clumsy attempt to honor these war dead. He doesn’t even show the interest to learn that the term ‘fallen hero’ is used to honor someone who is dead and thus incapable of standing in front him at this leftist rally.

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