Sunday, May 4, 2008

This Just In From The New York Times…

The New York Times is providing us with yet more breaking news. It seems that the Rev. John Hagee endorsed John McCain for President, on February 27th. As seen here: It’s not just they’re liberal, sometimes manufactured, news that is costing them subscribers. If this is what they call a scoop then maybe that could be part of the problem.

The issue with the endorsement, in the view of the NYT, is that Mr. Hagee has said some quite controversial things. As an example, he has called the Catholic Church whores. This is what you call a gotcha moment. The NYT is comparing this to the Barrack Obama-Rev. Jeremiah Wright issue. Nice try. This comparison is ridiculous even by the NYT standards.

John Hagee is a Reverend that endorsed McCain. Jeremiah Wright is a Reverend that Obama sat and listened to for 20 years. Part of this time his children sat with him listening to the man’s hate speech. He married Obama and his wife. Obama has called him his spiritual adviser. The NYT has come up with some whoppers before but this one is good.

The most interesting part of this is that it happened over two months ago. While I realize that due to declining sales the NYT has had to cut staff but you think it wouldn’t take two months to put together a story. In the old movies reporters were shown trying to rush to get a story in before deadline, frantically looking for a phone to call the story in. This story could have been sent by pony express, lost, found again, rewritten and still been posted in less than a month.

Is it possible that this wasn’t really news until after the Wright story became an issue and was obviously beginning to hurt Obama? If people were to be paying attention, it would be incredibly clear that this is all of a sudden becoming a story. Democrats have been mentioning it. I have seen it mentioned on liberal sites. If I hadn’t thought that the NYT had really high journalistic standards, I would think that maybe they were trying to coordinate this with the Democratic party.
I think what has happened is that the whore remark by Reverend Hagee hit a little too close to home. Because at the end of the day the New York Times, like the rest of the liberal media, is nothing more than a whore for the Democratic party.

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