Monday, July 21, 2008

And The Loser Of The 2008 Election Is:

There has been a lot of discussion of the liberal bias in the media recently. The increased buzz is due to Barack Obama’s trip to the Middle East and Europe. The major network news outlets ABC, CBS, and NBC are all sending their anchors along on the trip. This is a level of coverage almost unprecedented in network news. It is being argued that a president does not get this level of coverage for a trip overseas. This is sharply contrasted by the media virtually ignoring McCain when he took the same trip, when they weren’t criticizing him. For further discussion see my previous blog.

Now we have the New York Times rejecting an Op-Ed piece by McCain, telling him to rewrite the article so it is more like one they previously ran by Obama. This story, which goes beyond ridiculous can be seen here.

A quick scan of online news sites, like I said previously I do not watch network news programs, shows that questioning whether the media is biased is a topic of discussion that is becoming more and more prevalent.

MSNBC ran a poll on it’s site today that should send a shiver down the spine of anyone at the major networks. As pretty much anybody reading this knows, MSNBC and has a decidedly left leaning slant and any visit to the comment sections of their stories shows that the visitors to their site lean with them. With this is in mind, the results of this survey are quite alarming for the MSM.

The question is:

Is Democrat Barack Obama unfairly receiving more coverage than Republican John McCain?

Results from 95881 responses:

79% Yes, the media has a liberal bias. No one should be surprised by this.

14% No, media coverage is based on newsworthiness. McCain is just not as newsy as Obama.

6.2% Sometimes, but it's a long campaign. There weren't a lot of McCain complaints during Obama's problems with Rev. Wright. 7/21/08 Link

Again keep in mind these are largely liberal readers, and a lot of them. The sheer lopsidedness of this poll is quite telling.

Finally, we need to remember that this bias is against John McCain. It would be hard to make the case that McCain is a hard core conservative and has always enjoyed a fairly good relationship with the press. So, in other words, they like him and they are treating him this way. The only explanation left therefore is that they are so in the tank for Obama that they have lost any remaining vestiges of objectivity that they had.

So who will be the real loser of the 2008 election? I think it will be the MSM. They have essentially squandered any credibility they had left with the American public. Following this credibility down the toilet is their viewership and readership. One can assume that the latest displays of over the top bias are not doing anything to bring the public swarming back.

I for one will not miss them. More to the point, I welcome their downfall and will devote what tiny bit of reach I have with the public to bring about their demise. While I’ve no doubt that I, as a small blogger, do not have the MSM quaking in their boots. But do not think we have no power individually. Those of us who blog, those who read these blogs and talk about them with others the next day, those of us who go to forums and converse with other people are the MSM’s worst nightmare. We are the ones who will bring them down. They enjoyed decades of safety, not being challenged, not having to face competition. Those days are over. After decades of being ignored and taken for granted, it is our time to bring some balance to the media.


Z said...

WHAT a good piece. I couldn't agree with you more.
Our media and our professors have ruined this country. They think it's not unAmerican to present only one side in a good light?

Check out the cartoon at my blog, Chuck; I think you'll really like it. it's SO true. Sad, but true.

Chuck said...

I saw the cartoon, I love it, it's unfortunately dead on.

Papa Frank said...

I saw on my site meter that you came in from Dorr. I've eaten many an ice cream cone there at the little ice cream shack on the right as you're coming from the highway. I've also had bison burgers after the parade they have there. Great little town. My Grandparents and my aunt and uncle and cousins are in between Moline and Green Lake. They're all Wingers.

Chuck said...

papa frank, I'm not sure what my internet provider is doing but I live north of Grand Rapids. Dorr is a nice town though.

MK said...

The bias towards Obama in the global media is astounding as well, if you Americans came here and watched the news regularly and didn't know about the internet, you wouldn't even know about McCain, he's like this old guy they sometimes show before making disparaging remarks. Most recently i saw the coverage of Obama's France trip and McCain meeting the Dalai Lama. The headline intro was, Obama charms the French while McCain tries to catch his breath. Huh! I'm not kidding, then when they went into more detail, there was nothing about McCain losing his breath or anything of the sort, they ended by emphasizing the Dalai Lama DOES NOT ENDORSE McCain. If it was a blog entry it would have been in bright neon and bold.

"The only explanation left therefore is that they are so in the tank for Obama that they have lost any remaining vestiges of objectivity that they had."

I used to think that the MSM just thought we were too stupid to notice the bias, i've come to the conclusion that perhaps that was true at some point in the past, but the way i see it, now they just don't care what we think.

"So who will be the real loser of the 2008 election? I think it will be the MSM."

Hope so Chuck.