Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gas Tax Holiday For The Democratic Leadership

The members of the Democratic Host Committee in Denver are buying their gas from the city’s Fleet Maintenance department. By doing this they avoid paying state and federal gas taxes, saving themselves a nice little sum of 40.4 cents a gallon.

You can see the article on this story from the Rocky Mountain News here.

This is the party that ridiculed John McCain for suggesting that we give Americans a gas tax holiday for the summer. The Democrats said that it wouldn’t save Americans money, which of course begs the question why didn’t they just pay it then? The Democrats accused McCain of wanting to undercut funding for roads, something they don’t appear to be that concerned about.

This is the party that is not only against cutting the gas tax for Americans to ease the burden of high fuel prices, they want to raise the tax 10 cents a gallon. Two Democratic Congressmen, James Oberstar Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and Peter DeFazio Chairman of the Highway Subcommittee have proposed the tax hike. These men are doing this at the suggestion of the Transportation Construction Coalition comprised of industry companies and unions. So we have the Democrats ducking out on paying the gas tax while they are proposing a tax hike for the benefit of their union buddies.

In defense of this practice, the Democrats used the tried and true excuse that “the Republicans are doing it too”, referring to the RNC leadership in Minneapolis. This was a surprise to the Republicans in Minneapolis because they have been buying their gas at the pump, paying the gas tax along with the rest of America.

The reality is that this is nothing more than absolute arrogance on the part of the Democratic party. The Democrats have always made themselves out to be the party that looks out for the little guy, the average American. What they really want to do is raise our gas tax while they avoid paying it. Remember this when you go to the gas station next and spend 70 dollars to fill your tank up. Keep in mind that if the Democrats have their way, it will cost you another 1 to 2 dollars to fill up.

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MK said...

"The Democrats said that it wouldn’t save Americans money...."

If you separate democratic rhetoric from their actual actions, the only conclusion is that they won't want to save anyone money. If you look around the world at leftist actions, it's the same thing, one way or another, if you cut through all the spin, chest beating and one-liners, you always end up poorer than before they were running the show. Look at Britain, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, as soon as the left take over, the only thing you can be sure of is that you're getting worse off. If only enough people would see it.

"The Democrats have always made themselves out to be the party that looks out for the little guy, the average American."

I often say the democrats, the global left or the local left, whatever you want to call them are always for the poor guy, for keeping him poor that is.

If you like being poor and working to pay taxes that are wasted on losers and welfare queens, then by all means vote Democrat/leftist. Oh and also if you don't like being free and independent.