Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday America

Today we mark the anniversary of the Independence of our great country. From pancake breakfasts in the morning to fireworks at night Americans will celebrate together. Along the way we will go to picnics, parades, the beach, the park, or camping. The manner of observance is not as relevant as the meaning.

For most people this is a day off work, a long weekend to play. This is great and it is my sincere hope that you all enjoy the extra free time. Some believe holidays like the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day should not be looked as ‘just another day off work’. They would believe that the day should be spent in remembrance. I disagree. What better way to celebrate our freedom and honor those who have sacrificed for this freedom than to enjoy the fruits of the freedoms they have given us.

Take a moment though and marvel at the majesty of this great country. Born of the wont to escape tyranny, we have become a beacon for the world. Notwithstanding the critics of America, those from within and without, America is still the standard the rest of the world aspires to. The very fact that people inside America are able to criticize is a testament to our founding fathers. Finally, take a moment of reflection for the men and women throughout the years who have given life and limb to maintain these freedoms we enjoy.

So go to your picnics, the beach, or stay home with family and have a private celebration. Whatever your idea of a good time, have it and have a fun and safe Independence Day weekend.

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