Friday, July 4, 2008

If Your Ever In Chicago, Get Some Lou Malnati’s Pizza

I must admit, I saw this on another blog, but I was so moved I had to mention it here. Lou Malnati’s Pizza in Chicago sent 3000 pizzas to be served on seven different bases in Iraq.

The cost in itself was pretty substantial. Beyond this though is what it did for these men and women in Iraq. These troops are half way around the world and Lou Malnati’s did much more than make a simple contribution, it brought these people a taste of home. These troops are stuck in a desert eating rations. They’re away from their family on another holiday. To give them a brief respite from this is a gift far greater than the monetary cost to the company.

I have a brother stationed in Iraq, another brother less than a year removed from a deployment in Afghanistan so this show of support is personal for me. Whether or not my brother currently in Iraq benefited from this is unimportant. The simple knowledge that there are people out their like the owners and employees of this company makes it feel as if they have given my brother a gift directly.

So I would like to thank Lou Malnati’s Pizza and encourage anyone living in or visiting Chicago to get some pizza from them.

*Note: you can access an article about this in Stars and Stripes

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Z said...

fantastic story. I have to tell my cousin in Chicago about this; these people deserve our support for THEIR support of our troops.

Thank you brothers for their service........