Saturday, July 26, 2008

Is It August 30th Yet?

It happens every year at this time. The anticipation, the sleepless nights, the restlessness, the staring at the blank TV. Yes, I am talking about college football season.

I would be anticipating pro football too, but I live in Michigan. We only have the Lions to look forward to. The Detroit Mayor is more physically aggressive than the Detroit Lions. To be fair, they’re not facing an assault charge for pushing a county deputy. Quite frankly though, if is this is what it would take for the Lions to show a little life, we might actually welcome it.

I do like the New England Patriots and were crushed last year when their offensive line was weaker than a Barack Obama excuse for not visiting the troops in Germany and they lost the Super Bowl.

It’s the Michigan Wolverines that get my blood boiling though. I am usually a reserved and rational person but this all changes on football Saturday. You see nothing but pacing up and down, temper tantrums, some occasional colorful language, sometimes the coach acts up too.

This year could be more challenging than most. A new coach, a good one, but new. A new offense, possibly interesting and exciting, but new. You see, change is a dirty word for me. I have been eating the same thing at Taco Bell for the last 20 years. Not to mention, Michigan players were practically the who’s who of the NFL draft last year so to say that we are going to be a little short on talent could be an understatement. I’m not worried though, I’ve been following Michigan for a long time and they do not rebuild, they reload. So I think they’ll be ok. It’s taken six months of therapy to get me to be able to say that without breaking into a cold sweat. I think it’s going well.

So, little over a month to go until Utah visits Michigan and life starts anew for another fall season. There will be the ups and downs culminating in a bowl game. Mostly wins, some loses I’m afraid, but definitely fun. I’m a sick person I know but I will be right there yelling at the TV every Saturday again this year and loving every minute of it.


Papa Frank said...

Go Wolverines!!! I am a U of M fan married to a Huskie fan from Oregon. Our first date was spent arguing between Blue & Yellow and Purple & Gold.

Chuck said...

I knew I liked you. Glad to see things worked out well for you and your wife after the first date. Sometimes these "mixed marriages" are rocky. lol

cube said...

The only good thing about the end of summer is the start of football season.

Go Bucs.

Chuck said...

Please tell me you don't mean the Buckeyes, as in "that team down south". Gasp.

Nikki said...

Hey Chuck thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I am going to add you to my blogroll and would love to be on yours...My husband is a die hard Lions fan. When he was 8 years old he got a helmet and jersey set for christmas and it has been agony ever since...I suppose you could say the set was probably on sale haha! enjoyed the read and we are also Utah Utes...woohoo! I love football! :)N

Z said...

I'm not a big football fan but I know enough to know this is hilarious..I enjoyed reading it!

Therapy and football watching...both done on THE COUCH...hhmmmm

Go, Lakers!

Chuck said...

Welcome and thanks for posting and adding my site, I had already added your site to my blog roll. I visited it and enjoyed it. As a fellow Lions sufferer, my condolences to your husband.

Thanks, the therapy is progressing nicely.