Saturday, July 19, 2008

Liberal Media Bias, Today’s Installment

Not to sound like a broken record, but liberal media bias is rearing it’s ugly head yet again. (note: I realize some reading this may not know what a record is. It is a round black thing we used to use to listen to music. These were placed on a record player and would revolve and the music would be picked up with an arm that had a needle in it. We stopped using them when they started putting disco music on them.) Anyways back to the media bias. Today’s example is Barrack Obama’s trip to Europe and the Middle East.

John McCain traveled to Europe and the Middle East in March and how was the trip covered by the media? The networks were highly critical of the trip. Some attacked McCain for wasting taxpayer’s money. Some ridiculed him for jetting around Europe while American’s were hurting financially. Some called it a campaign stunt. This of course was when they were paying attention at all. For the most part, they generally ignored the trip when there was not scorn to pile on him.

Now fast forward to the present, and Obama’s trip to Europe and the Middle East. One would assume in the interest of fairness, the media would have all of the same questions and criticisms for Obama because surely they would apply to him too. If one were to assume this one would be a complete and absolute idiot, or, better known as a liberal.

Obama is traveling to Europe and the Middle East and the media is not attacking him. There have been no questions about taxpayer money although he is using secret service protection. There is no criticism of him jetting around anywhere while Americans are hurting financially. This even though gas is almost a dollar a gallon higher than when McCain went and the stock market is lower. There is no accusations of it being a campaign stunt although there will be large public rallies.

Finally, there is definitely no ignoring the trip by the media. While the media largely ignored McCain’s trip, the big three networks of NBC, CBS, and ABC are sending their nightly news anchors along on the trip. Although I have not heard specifically, I would assume CNN and MSNBC are doing the same.

I have said this before though and I will say it again and again and again. This bias is not their fault. It’s ours. If your unhappy about this type of slanted coverage, stop watching them. I have not watched a big three network news program in years. My wife and I used to watch the Today Show every morning. We were watching the Today Show on 9/11 when the airplanes flew into the World Trade Center. Haven’t watched them in years as they have become more and more liberal.

We need to run them off the air. The bottom line is if people stop watching these slanted news shows, the networks will not be able to afford to air them. Do not think that it will not work. All of the major liberal news organizations, television, radio, daily, and weekly print are losing money and laying off staff. I am calling for an outright boycott of all liberal media. Stop watching the nightly news. Turn off CNN and MSNBC. Demand that your local newspaper starts being more balanced. The bottom line is we don’t need them anymore. We have Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, the Weekly Standard. Most importantly, we have the internet. For decades, the MSM controlled the flow of news in this country, those days are over. We can get our news unfiltered by the liberal MSM. Just do it.


Z said...

thanks for your (NOT TOO LONG, BELIEVE ME!) comment at my blog..well done. The guy DESERVED it.

Chuck, HOW can we make this media avoidance work? I haven't watched any networks in ages, either...but ?!
almost no one I know here in LA gets the LA TIMES, either..(they sometimes give them away on Sundays at the grocery store!!)..

BUt, CAN this work? It just has to! we have a country to save.

Did you happen to see Hannity's America tonight? Apparently, he had spent at least 2 nights interviewing folks on the streets of NYC for a segment on what people think and who they're voting for. He approached a Black guy and said "So, you still voting for Obama?" The man says "NO, man! I did the reading you told me to do last night, man, and YOU ARE SMART! I'm voting McCain!"

HONESTLY! They MUST HEAR, SEE, LEARN...with open minds. !! They're not getting the TRUTH!

If we call, all the stations will think is we're right-wing fanatics, no? I wish we could do something about our media. I don't see it happening. I admire your optimism and am sorry to spread my black crepe paper all over your blog!

Papa Frank said...

I actually heard Lou Dobbs, of all people, talking about how far unbalanced the coverage of Obama is when compared to the coverage of McCain. A rare moment of truth from a very unlikely place.

Papa Frank said...

By the way, I'm adding you to my blogroll.

Z said...

Dobbs sometimes gets it right, Pops! He sure did on THIS.

Chuck...sorry for having posted a POST as a comment!

I have a link to Obama's people telling American women journalists they can't wear nail polish, jewelry or Hamas Green on this trip .... think the media will whine like they would had McCain's people told them that? HA!

Chuck said...

Isn't it incredible what Obama can get away with? I live in Michigan and when he finally visited here he had a rally by Detroit. His campaign took a woman in a burqa off the stage behind him so she wouldn't show up in pictures.

Could you imagine what would happen if McCain kicked a Muslim woman off the stage right before a rally? The media would still be raising hell.

Z said...

oh, Chuck, that's for sure.

Did you hear Obama's people told the women journalists with him not to wear jewelry or nail polish and don't wear HAMAS GREEN?

I'm not sure if he felt they might get killed by someone thinking they're Hamas or it's out of RESPECT for Hamas!! Isn't that a riot?