Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Passing Of A Class Act (and the posting of the classless)

Tony Snow passed away today at the age of 53. This man was a joy to watch on Fox. His commentary was straightforward with a decided rightward tilt. His most memorable moments for me were when he was the Press Secretary for the George W Bush White House. He brought humor and dignity to the job and his sparring with the White House Press Corps was fun to watch. His tenure was the only time I enjoyed watching White House press conferences.

More importantly, he appeared to be a classy individual and a good family man. The courage he showed with his ongoing public battle with cancer was inspiring. At least publicly he appeared to face this battle as he did his skirmishes in the White House press room, with stubbornness and humor. To read more about this man’s life you can read the story at or read an excellent blog at geeeeeZ!.

As far as the subtitle of this blog, I visited the Huffington Post today. I did this out of curiosity to see how they were reporting the news of Mr. Snow’s passing. I would like to pretend that I was shocked at what I saw. Knowing what this site and the general population on the left is like though, I can’t even pretend to be surprised. The article itself was fairly respectful. They didn’t miss any chances to point out his partisanship and there was some backhanded criticism but overall is was as even as you could expect form this site. The comments though were a different matter. I went to the site this afternoon and there was a sprinkling of defenders of Mr. Snow but the rest was pure hatred. There were over a hundred posts. When I went back this evening, there were only 98 posts and this message “Comments are closed for this entry”. These are some of the posts the site administrators thought were OK to leave on:

So long, Tokyo Rose!

You're not talking about the Tony Snow I knew...he sold out his honesty and integrity to lie for Faux News and the most criminal administration the US has ever known...

It went thru my mind that the wrong FOX commentator is dead, but that's all I'll say

And, in case anyone thinks I am being paranoid about the site cleaning up the posts, there was this one:

I see HP is doing its job to keep these postings PC. Good job I guess?

Finally there was this one:


And was directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, Iraqi and American. But gee, he seems like a really nice guy....

I don’t know what the hell this means. I guess it shows that liberals are not only hateful but also not very bright. Just be thankful I was not able to share some of the mean ones with you. Some of the stuff was downright evil, calling it Karma, cheering it as good news, etc.

I realize the Republicans have been accused of being spiteful in the past and some of it is deserved. There are times that people on the right have gone overboard and I have found their behavior embarrassing as a fellow conservative. I have never seen this type of vitriol from the right though. I do not remember a hard core liberal dying and having it cheered so strongly on the right as has happened with Mr. Snow and recently with Senator Helms. I checked the Huffington Post when Charleton Heston died and they would not even allow comments, knowing what would be spewed forth by their hateful readers.

I do not care to have this type of thing on my site and I would not continue the site if it were to turn into anything nearly as hateful as the Huffington post. It is clear that while the editors of the post sanitized the comments today, they tolerate this type of venom.

This day was definitely study in contrasts. We had the passing of a great and classy man. At the same time we had the worst of human nature and the posting of the most vile venom by the classless.


Z said...

thanks, Chuck...that piece by Tony Snow was amazing, wasn't it? I am SO glad I'd bookmarked it....just wish I'd never had to use it, not this soon, anyway.

re; Huffington's comments, I'm waiting for them to complain they had to close the comments because they were BAD but we have free speech in this country and it's sad the Republicans would have made a big stink over these "expressions of what our liberal readers felt was true.." "They deserve a chance to air their feelings!"

I'll be surprised if this isn't already being said. THEY say VILE things about a class act and it'll be Bush's fault again.

Chuck said...

That was a good post on Tony Snow, he was a good man.
I find it interesting that the Huffington posts blocks these comments. They foster the environment that the posts are made in and then when they turn ugly, they act innocent.

cube said...

And they call themselves tolerant?

Obob said...

they all about tolerance, as long as you tolerate their points of view. To say or think elsewise is heresy.

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