Thursday, July 31, 2008

To Censure Or Not To Censure

It seems that the Dems are a little selective in who they censure. Over the last two days we have reports of two very contrasting examples of censure proposals in Congress.

First we have the story of Senator Tom Coburn, Republican, of Oklahoma as seen here: This is a column by Michelle Malkin. It seems that Mr. Coburn, an OB/GYN physician performs free deliveries at a private hospital in Oklahoma when he is not harassing his fellow Senators on pork barrel spending. Because he is doing these deliveries at a private hospital this evidently violates an obscure Senate rule. Keep in mind he is not only doing these free of charge, he is paying his malpractice insurance out of his pocket. Because of this dastardly crime, the Senate Ethics committee has sent Mr. Coburn a final warning that if he did not stop he would face censure in the Senate.

Now today we have a story on Fox about Representative Charles Rangel, Democrat, of New York. Mr. Rangel has been renting four rent controlled apartments in Manhattan. Three of the apartments are being used by Mr. Rangel as an apartment. The fourth on, since given up, was being used as an office by him. Using a rent controlled apartment as an office violates New York city laws. So he is occupying three rent controlled apartments undoubtedly because of his position, apartments that could be used by him and two other NY families as affordable housing. Then he was breaking the law by using a fourth one as an office, depriving yet another family of affordable housing. Finally, as the censure motion asserts, he appears to have broken House ethics rules by not declaring the rent control apartments as gifts which the motion claims is required. Needless to say, the Democrats would not okay this proposal for censure.

The hypocrisy here is impressive, even by the standards of the Democratic party. I won’t even bother with their campaign pledge to “drain the swamp” of Congress and run it more ethically. This pledge actually became a joke before they were even sworn in after the election. Barely a month after winning the election they were caught in their first embarrassing reversal on their pledge. Newly elected speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had to back down from plans to name Alcee Hastings of Florida to chair the House Intelligence Committee after the media, mostly Fox News, was critical of the fact that he was a former Federal Judge impeached and removed from the bench by the Senate for perjury and conspiracy to obtain a bribe.

The hypocrisy is not only in how the Democrats dispense their justice, they are also forgetting some of their most basic beliefs. First we have them punishing Senator Coburn for providing free healthcare. Aren’t they supposed to be for health care for everyone? On conservative boards I visited today, posters are quipping that if he had been performing free abortions he would be Obama’s running mate instead of facing censure. Second is the affordable housing issue, always a talking point for Democrats. Evidently they want affordable housing for everyone as long as they get theirs first.

So the Democrats essentially want to censure Tom Coburn for performing free deliveries and refuse to censure Charles Rangel for breaking the law in New York city and violating House ethics rules. In the twisted view of right and wrong as seen by the Democrats this probably actually makes sense.


Z said...

WHAT a story..thanks, Chuck, hadn't heard about this.

Here's the BIGGEST problem, though: The mainstream media doesn't TELL us this stuff. WE're being robbed of the truth every single day. Bad people do bad things all the time...stuff happens...but let US decide when it's our own elected officials...! NO, the media decides (Dems are right, Reps are wrong)

this is so unAmerican...This Pravda attitude has to STOP.

da patriot said...

Thanks Chuck. This was a great piece, and I agree with Z, this type of stuff you won't see in the liberal mainstream press.

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

Charlie Rangel can never do anything wrong...Acording to his constituents

Chuck said...

Z, da patriot, dd, your half right. The Coburn story was ignored but I have seen the Rangel story in the MSM as in 'House defeats attempt to censure Rangel'. So see they report on stories like these, if they can spin them that is.

MK said...

"...if he had been performing free abortions he would be Obama’s running mate instead of facing censure"

Exactly, how low can they do, honestly. I shall spread the word, thanks Chuck.

Nikki said...

Amazing these change agent dems... Charlie Rangel also had quite the earmark list in the last exposed budget. It included an office building and a library named after him...aaaawww the spend thriftiness of donkeys. But yes lets go after reps who provide services. The party is a joke. :)N