Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How Many Americas Are There

Watching the Democratic Convention last night I caught a comment by Michelle Obama that got me thinking. This is incredible, not the thinking part, but the fact that I caught the comment at all. I only had the convention on for a brief period of time and had the sound on for an even briefer period.

The remark was that her husband, Barack Obama, would bring the country back together if he were elected president. This got me thinking about John Edward’s “two Americas”. The question is, when was America split apart? Why wasn’t I told about this? And just how many Americas are there? John Edwards talked about two, Michelle Obama didn’t say how many she thought there were so I am a little confused.

This is one of the million differences between conservatives and liberals. A conservative will talk about America, the one and only, no plural, no division, America. Liberals like to talk about several Americas and wanting to reunite them.

This desire to reunite America is ironic considering that, as a general rule, they are the ones dividing it. They are typically the ones talking about people that are left behind by the country, people are disenfranchised. They are here to look out for the oppressed whether the oppression be due to race, religious preference except of course Christianity, gender, number of combined genders, sexual orientation, sexual proclivity, immigration status, ethnicity, disease state (there are many more protected classes but this blog can only be so long).

They have to talk about this, it’s what keeps this victim class voting for them. What’s interesting about this relationship is that in the 25+ years that I have been following politics I have yet to see liberals actually do anything to help these people, they just promise and the victims keep voting for them.

Why don’t they do anything for them? A cynic would say that they don’t want to help these people because they would not need them anymore and would not keep sending them back into office. The dirty little secret though is that they cannot help them because there is not anything significant that the government can do.

This is where the conservative viewpoint comes in. As conservatives, we believe that opportunities are there for all and each person must take responsibility for their own lives and better themselves. This is what the MSM would call being heartless.

So if what Michelle Obama says is true, that there is more than one America, than she unwittingly made a case against her husband being president. If Obama is not qualified to run one country, as most of us suspect, what makes her think he can run several of them?


Karen said...

Terrific post! I haven't watched any of it as I don't need the stress of the nonsense.

I heard someone say today her speech carried a bit of Saul Alinsky in it, so that's no surprise. She and Barry are first and foremost hoping to create a fine socialist country here.

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

The speech was a transformation from her mistakes last time to get those votes. She hasn't changed, she's just pandering to the crowd as she needs them.

What next? A "I had a dream" speech?

Aurora said...

Excellent points, Chuck! Yes the left are all about balkanizing whole, healthy united societies into little bickering groups...divide and conquer...so they can smother the poor victims with their own poison of human unkindness. Great spotting and I don't think I've seen it picked up anywhere else.

Throwing Stones said...

Great Blog I'm in full agreement.
And I really enjoyed reading it.

cube said...

Good post. The left is all about dividing our country.

MO hasn't changed her radical, America-resenting marxist views one bit. She's just toned it down a bit because the American public is too stupid to see through her act.

Brooke said...

Great post.

What Cube said. I hear that reporters aren't allowed to ask Mamabama questions on the fly; she must have time to let her handlers prepare answers.

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

"How Many Americas Are There
Watching the Democratic Convention last night"

I was not one of them, I waited for the morning news to find out about it.
I would rather watch the Yankees lose than see that crap-ola.

Nikki said...

awesome post! It is ironic that the ones trying to unite us are the ones pointing out the divisions. Why unite? Are we not celebrating diversity? :)N

MK said...

Liberals make me laugh, if a Republican gets 52% of the vote, the nation is divided. If a democrat gets 50.3%, he has a mandate.

"They have to talk about this, it’s what keeps this victim class voting for them."


"A cynic would say that they don’t want to help these people because they would not need them anymore...."

It's logical, liberals want to raise taxes on the rich to help the poor. Assume that actually works, so where do the poor progress to? That's right into the middle class and then into the rich, why would they then vote for the same people who are going to take the money they worked for and give it to someone who didn't. liberals are relying on their policies not to work, they have to.

Chuck said...

Karen, dd2, I don't thuink there is any question she's changed. We saw the true Michelle with the "first time in my life..." remark. Their handlers told her to lay off and they have produced a kinder, gentler Michelle.

aurora, cube, brooke, his is what I was annoyed about last night. Take the Iraq war as an example. The libs spent years tearing this country apart and then they dump on GWB because the country doesn't support him and claim the rest of the world sees us as a divided nation.

throwing stones, thanks

dd2, I haven't watched either. As far as the Yankees, I don't like Steinbrenner so I pretty much would rather see them lose period. lol

nikki, great point, we are supposed to be celebrating the diversity.

Chuck said...

mk, the MSM does this too. In fact, if you remember, slick willie never got to 50%. Of course he had a mandate. This is the same fuzzy math that says taking the fewest congressional seats of any similar election in years is a landslide.