Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Kinder, Gentler ICE

Stung by criticism of being harsh and unkind to illegal aliens, ICE is developing a voluntary deportation program. According to a story on Foxnews.com today ICE is letting illegals leave the country at their leisure, given up to 90 days, so that they can settle their affairs.

The program, dubbed "Scheduled Departure," gives immigrants who have no criminal history and pose no threat to the community up to 90 days to make travel arrangements, and in some cases say goodbye to their families, without being placed in a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, detention center.
The three-week program began Tuesday in Phoenix, Chicago, San Diego, Charlotte, N.C., and Santa Ana, Calif. It is aimed at clearing up a backlog of deportation cases and is a response to complaints that ICE disrupts families when removing immigrants from the country.

Rest of the story here:

Where do you start with this.

First, there is the issue of not breaking apart their families. This is a choice they made when they chose to break our immigration laws. One recurring theme on this whole “not separating families” bit is women who have children in the U.S. Under the U.S. Constitution, a person born in the United States is a natural born citizen. What happens is an illegal immigrant has a baby here (with no insurance, guess who pays for this) then they raise hell if we try to deport them because we are tearing their family apart. The thinking by them is that they should be rewarded for evading detection and then having a baby on our dime.

Then we have the issue of illegals who “pose no threat to the community”. Most, while by definition law-breakers, are not violent drug dealing murders. With this said, there has been significant anecdotal evidence to show that we need to be cautious with them. While I do not believe we need to run ‘em all out to protect our women and children, it doesn’t seem too unreasonable to err on the side of caution and get them back in their own country as soon as possible. Law enforcement personnel in our cities have enough to do protecting citizens from our own home bred criminals without giving them more criminals to watch. It seems unlikely that ICE officials can just look at an illegal, run a background check, and determine which ones are completely safe. We have all heard too many stories of illegals deemed safe and released back into society to injure or murder honest hard working citizens.

Finally, we have this little gem, “immigrants who have no criminal history”. These are people who, by the simple act of being here, have a criminal history. Are they talking about criminal history other than crossing the border illegally, working without paying taxes, sending their children to school without paying for it, clogging up our Emergency Rooms without insurance. Other than this they are just like all other law abiding citizens.

We need to stop the victimization of criminals in our country and get rid of this kinder, gentler approach. Illegal immigrants made the decision to break the law so they need to be made to take responsibility for these actions and be deported when caught.


Z said...

"....allowing them to remain free of government custody while they coordinate their own departure."

Wait! Does that mean 'give them enough time to get below the wire'? escape the eye of the authorities, blend into surroundings so they'll never be caught..? Sounds like that to me!

Chuck said...

Your just being cynical, surely these people are honorable and will deport themselves as promised.

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

" Illegal immigrants made the decision to break the law so they need to be made to take responsibility for these actions and be deported when caught"

Not before they are put on trial and sentanced and do their time like everyone else.
Then deport them.

Obob said...

I'm sure we'll give them a t-shirt that says, "I illegally entered a counrty and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" as a going away present. or should it be more politically sensitive and say "undocumented hero who fled a corrupt regime."

MK said...

I remember reading in an article recently that with ICE cracking down on employers who hire illegals, the attrition rate is going up. Makes sense, if you can't find work, the you'll pick up and go on your own steam.

Chuck said...

dd2, I agree with the sentiment but not a big fan of taking up our prison space, we would just have to keep feeding them, etc. I think we should be doing these raids with a bus with enough gas in it to get to the border and back.

obob, love the t-shirt, I hear their on back order from China

mk, this has been the solution all along, no jobs, no illegals, less difficult watching the border for terrorist.

Z said...

chuck...from China? NOW who's the cynic! LOL!

Obob....fantastic T-shirt idea.

ALmost as good as my buddy Mike's "Give Preemption a Chance!" HA!!

(i don't know why nobody thinks that's funny but me...no worries if you don't find yourself laughing, but it always cracks me UP!)

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

Chuck said...
"dd2, I agree with the sentiment but not a big fan of taking up our prison space, we would just have to keep feeding them, etc. I think we should be doing these raids with a bus with enough gas in it to get to the border and back.

But Chuck, if you do that, they just turn around and come right back again.
So you got to lock em up or shoot them.. either is fine with me.

Chuck said...

I know, the reality is the only permanent answer is to secure the borders.

Aurora said...

This really has timebomb potential, Chuck. Why should illegals feel any sort of deterrence at all when there are no consequences at the other end? There are already thousands coming in legally, add to that these subversive sorts and the entire demographics of the U.S. will certainly be transformed in short order. Immigration must be tightly controlled and subject to strict penalties for the breaking of the laws. Otherwise we're looking at explosion...literally.

Always On Watch said...

Almost on a daily basis, the WaPo and other leftist media outlets play up the sympathy factor for illegal invaders.

I find that we citizens, when we have medical emergencies, don't get the same sympathy factor -- especially from the bill collectors. Illegals, meanwhile, skip out and leave the rest of us to pay their bills.

ICE isn't supposed to have heart. Rather, the agency should do its job.

PS and a bit snarky: Where is the "kinder, gentler" IRS?

Chuck said...

Aurora and always on watch, the reality is that these people, by definition, are criminals. They have ignored the laws of the US and entered the country illegally. It's no leap at all from doing this to skipping out on bills.

This includes emergency room bills. We are expected to pay our bills in any health care setting ER or otherwise. But if you have no permanent billing address or, more likely, fake ID papers, the bill is not a problem.

Randy said...

I'm not usually a conspiracy theorist, but...

Projections I've seen say that the number of workers in this country will drop dramatically over the next few decades. "Allowing" immigration is a back door way of "creating" more workers.

I don't mean to imply I support this idea, I don't. The illegal aliens in this country are 1) illegal and 2) causing a lot of problems. But I wonder if someone in politics is looking at the long-range picture and has decided this is the way to fix it.

Chuck said...

Randy, welcome. I can't say I disagree with you. It seems a little a far fetched but there has got to be a reason we are not addressing the problem.