Monday, August 18, 2008

Obama On A Mission From God?

Back from camping with the family and I see things haven’t changed. The Presidential election is still going on with the Democrats getting ready to name their nominee, Hillary Clinton, and upstart Barrack Obama now claiming he’s on a mission from God.

Barrack Obama held a fundraiser in San Francisco Sunday night in which he was introduced by Speaker of the House and representative of San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi. This in itself is not unusual, it was just one far left whack job introducing another far left whack job. What was interesting about it was Pelosi’s introduction in which she said that Obama was a "leader that God has blessed us with at this time,".

Completely ignoring the ridiculous notion that God, if he were to endorse a Presidential candidate in the United States, would favor someone who supports the murder of over a million unborn children a year in the US and has chosen to worship in the church of a man who has open hatred for anyone different than him, let’s examine this statement.

First there is the fact that I had to dig for information on the story of a presidential campaign inserting religion so callously and hinting that it may be ordained by God himself. This event happened approximately 10 hours ago and it is getting very little coverage. I initially saw the link on the Drudgereport. He was linking to Ben Smith’s blog at, but I wanted to see a news feature on it. After what was not a short search, I came across this story from AFP here. The point is, does anybody reading this believe that if Phil Gramm had said the same about John McCain, I would have to actually search for a news article on it? I did find several articles about the fundraiser including one from the San Francisco Chronicle site that mentioned Pelosi but not the remarks, so the media heard about the event. One would think though that if any paper would be offended by remarks such as this, it would be the San Francisco Chronicle. Evidently it’s only offensive if it is said by a conservative.

Then there is the issue of the Democratic party using religion when it suits them and showing utter disdain for it when it does not. We have Obama sitting in a black separatist church for twenty years when it helps him politically as a US Senator in Illinois but throwing the pastor under the bus as a presidential candidate when it turns out that, unknown to him, the Reverend Wright and his guest speakers such as the Reverend Michael Pfleger are hateful racists with insane conspiracy theories. Further, this is the same Obama who accused Pennsylvania voters of “clinging to … religion” due to their personal frustrations.

I personally am impressed that Ms Pelosi can get the word God out without either choking or being struck by lightning.

Finally according to the San Francisco Examiner article we had this quote “…maybe God will give us a president who will help the common man," from Peter Shah, an attendee at the event and a member of the Asian Pacific Islanders for Obama coalition. Maybe there is something here, maybe Obama, like Jake Ellwood from the Blues Brothers is on “a mission from God”. Before anyone accuses me of maligning the Blues Brothers, admit that them saying they’re on a mission from God is almost as ridiculous as Pelosi saying Obama is.


MK said...

If it was a Conservative being endorsed by God, liberals would be clamoring for separation of church and state, the only thing slowing them down would be them choking on their own outrage. You'd be hearing about the religious right hanging gays and beating liberals into church and bible studies.

Suddenly when it's a baby-hating leftist being supposedly endorsed, liberals are suddenly yearning for God. Good hypocrisy call Chuck, and yes, i'm also surprised Pelosi managed to choke it out.

Aurora said...

I wonder exactly which god he's on a mission from? He has very weird beliefs about the melding of religion into one with no sharp edges according to remarks he's made. This man is a complete faker. I've just heard from a friend of a black church here in Australia who believe that there were two candidates for the upcoming American election, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and that Obama is a Christian! You can imagine I set them straight. This campaign has been one of the biggest misinformation fests ever.

Obob said...

I wonder how many people giggled when she said that?
"Those silly rubes in the fly over states, if we say God they follow like sheep."
Does that mean things are getting tough and he needs to "cling" to something?

Brooke said...

I'm thinking of Obama in dark glasses, a la Blues Brothers. LOL!

cube said...

Hypocrisy most foul... a liberal specialty.

Chuck said...

mk, the double standard is pretty incredible sometimes

aurora, good point, I may be mistaken in that Obama and Pelosi were not talking about God but another god or gods

obob, my suspicion is that they may have a little trouble with us "fly-over states rubes" this year

brooke, I by no means wanted to be sacreligous but the Blues Brothers "we're on a mission from God" came to mind to easily

cube, their message is tailored for the audience

Papa Frank said...

It's funny how it is suddenly the in thing for liberals to speak of God as if He is a new phenomenon that they just found. They even wish to use God as a campaign tool which is a dangerous prospect at best.

Chuck said...

Papa Frank, it seems like every four years, you can set your calender by it.

Nikki said...

welcome back to the jungle Chuck! Yes Obama is officially being handed a calling instead of a political position, how scary is that...the dems are a mess and are suffering from severe schizphrenia! nice job...:)N

Brooke said...

"Don't you blaspheme, don't you blaspheme in here!"

Or... "OF COURSE it's a good idea!" (From the pic)

Chuck said...

Nikki, thanks. If you listen to his advisers, he's already president so now all that's left is a higher calling.

Brooke, I love the Blues Brothers. I saw it at the theater when it came out (now I seem old). We own the DVD and my wife and I watched it recently. I cannot hear "Stand BY Your Man" without thinking of the movie.