Sunday, August 31, 2008

Random Thoughts On Sunday Morning

It is early Sunday morning, my family is not up yet, and I am being lazy, watching the news and cruising the internet. While doing this some random thoughts are firing in my brain. Naturally I think others want to know about them so here we go.

Can the Denver Broncos play on Invesco field now? Is it considered hollowed ground now that The One has trod upon it and given a sermon? Would having a mere football game in the stadium seem sacrilegious?

I still like Sarah Palin and think she was the right choice right now. One of the biggest knocks against her that I am hearing is that she is not Hillary Clinton. The leftist journalists seem to truly believe this is a negative. Hillary Clinton got the support of a lot of women but it is an incredible disservice to the women voters of the US to think that Clinton is the only one that can speak for them. It is almost if they are a bunch of zombies falling in lock step behind her. I believe that Palin will take hold with them because she is strong, a caring mother, and she works for a living. This will give other women the impression that she can identify with them. The left seems to think that one of her major problems is that she is pro-life. This is a false assumption for two reasons. One is the assumption that all women are pro-choice. Not all women are, including I suspect, not all of Clintons supporters. Second that abortion is the number one issue for women and is a deal breaker. According to a Washington Post poll, abortion is near the bottom of the list for issues at only 2% of all voters. The reality is that if someone is voting based on abortion, they are not voting for McCain anyways whoever his pick is, so she was a wash on this issue. Finally, she does not have the endorsement of NOW, what more can we ask for?

Does anyone else find it interesting that the Clintons and their supporters left the convention early? Geraldine Ferraro was on vacation this last week? The Rev Jesse Jackson was not in Denver? Obama didn’t have his long time mentor and pastor the Rev Wright give an invocation or anything? John Edwards was spending time with his family (wink, wink) and couldn’t make it to Denver? This must be the Democratic unity they’re talking about.

Obama wants to run the greatest nation on earth and can’t even control his own campaign staff as evidenced by the mixed messages on Sarah Palin’s nomination. This is not the first time his campaign staff has sent out a different message than him.

The University of Michigan has got a lot of work to do on it’s new and improved offense. A lot. That was ugly.

Obama continues to hammer Bush on Katrina completely forgetting the utter incompetence of the Democratic Governor Blanco and the poster child for idiocy, Mayor Nagin. I said it before and I will say it again, this fiasco in New Orleans was almost entirely the fault of these two morons. FEMA is supposed to be a back up, not first response. They are not supposed to be in place for the hurricane, they are supposed to support local authorities. This whole episode was a case study in how the media can change thinking in the US. They made this George Bush’s fault, so in the minds of most people in the country, it was.

Well, that’s it. The family’s awake and I have some real work to do.


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

One of the biggest knocks against her that I am hearing is that she is not Hillary Clinton.

And that's a bad thing?!

You're right, that Hillary doesn't represent the female base; mostly just liberal females.

Palin might not bring over most Hillary supporters, but that's because Palin is a conservative Republican. Duh!

What she has done, is revitalized the GOP, and given it a fresh makeover appeal that goes outside of just reaching out to the conservative base.

Hope this makes outsiders to conservative ideology take a 2nd look at the Republican Party and what it tries to represent.

Chuck said...

I believe she will bring people to the GOP. Maybe not a groundswell but enough to win.