Thursday, August 28, 2008

Recession On Hold

Barrack Obama and the rest of the Democratic party must be really disappointed today, the recession they have been hoping for is not materializing.

The Commerce Department released the figures for the gross domestic product today and the GDP was higher than anticipated. The GDP increased at 3.3% in the April - June quarter. This was higher than both the 1.9% initial estimate and the 2.7% growth rate predicted by economists.

The definition of a recession is two or more consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. Of course this hasn't stopped the Dems, and their public relations department the network news programs, from saying we’re in a recession.

Senator Charles Schumer (D, NY) in the spring said that the economy had stalled and that 90% of the people in the country were experiencing a recession. Which was an idiotic thing to say, not only because we were not in a recession but because people do not experience a recession, governments do. We cannot have 90% of a country's people in recession, it is an all or nothing deal.

The media has been just as complicit. All three of the major networks have ran stories on the country's recession. They have ran stories on how people are coping in the current recession. Which are nice and caring stories, if we were in a recession.

What this coverage was, other than patently false, was damaging. One of the worst things to do with a recession is to undermine consumer confidence. It is especially irresponsible to do something like this for purely political and ideological gain. The leftists in the Democratic party and the media saw an opportunity to attack George Bush and they are not going to let something as innocuous as the truth or concern for the country to stop them from doing it.

So the Democrats are going to have to forge ahead somehow and try to carry on with the news. Maybe they can still cling to the hope that the Iraq war could get worse before the election. Nothing would make the Dimwits happier than a bunch of troops dying so they could say I told you so.


Nikki said...

Isn't it funny how every election year a recession seems to appear? I think this has been the case since the Clinton admin. Especially since right after his tenure a recession WAS happening and thus a Gore loss. Yep the media will not be reporting this gem. :)N

Chuck said...

Nikki, just ran out to get one of my kids at a football game, came back Fox is on and Obama is doing his speech, turned the volume up for like 30 seconds.

I'll be damned if he wasn't talking about how horrible the economy was, mortgages, credit card debt, "a lot of you have cars you can't afford" (what the Hell does this mean?), war, pestilence, plague (ok the last two were made up). The point is, America sucks and will continue to suck if we don't elect this libtard. I have to go lie down now.

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

And they don't want us to win the war either.

MK said...

Funny thing i heard today, Obama mentioned working families. that's a term our prime minister used ad nauseum prior to winning the last election.

"....the recession they have been hoping for is not materializing."

Don't assume that the lack of an actual recession is going to stop the liberals. You see they have a habit of repeating the same thing, no matter how untrue or stupid and eventually the public buys into it. The reason i brought up our PM is that he did the same thing, him and the left kept telling Australians that things were bad, bad, bad, bad. The truth didn't matter, they kept repeating it over and over and promised to fix it. With a complicit media, enough voters believed him and gave him their vote. Now 7/8 months into his term people are saying they are now worse off.

But it's too late now, and you watch, if McCain is not careful Obama will convince the people they are on the brink of disaster and only he can save them, by the time they figure out he doesn't have a clue, it'll be too late. The public have very short memories, liberals are experts at doom mongering and then pretending they never said anything, remember global warming and how we're all going to fry, hurricanes were going to increase, super storms and all that. We heard all that years ago and those considering obama won't remember that. So it doesn't matter if there is a recession or no, if u keep telling people there is one and keep mocking those who say otherwise as being out of touch and arrogant, eventually people will start believing.

Aurora said...

That's great news, Chuck.
I've been thinking the same as MK. We in Australia went through a really similar scenario before our last election with the media hype pushing for the leftist candidate who won the election.
As he says, now the voting public is very, very sorry.
I really hope Americans can see through the hype on this one too because as you say, the Dems are about wishing, or foisting misfortune on the people to increase their nanny state voting base.

Brooke said...

Democrats must always make you believe that everything is horrible to get elected.

I'd hate to base myself in such a depressing, defeatist place on a daily basis.

Chuck said...

DD2, they've done everything they could for years to cost us both the war in Iraq and the war on terror.

MK and Aurora, it's too bad that this is happening in Australia, I liked John Howard, America yhad a friend in him. It would be my hope that the American people are not as stupid as I'm afraid they can be, time will tell.

Brooke, it would be a dark place.

Z said...

the numbers were very good this week; the media's barely mentioned it. That's dishonest.
If I were a lib, I'd say we need a law to make the Pravda US Media start telling the truth.

I just posted something that made my stomach turn. SOMEBODY's very strong in this's like we ARE that 'dark place' lately; we need to change it.

Steve Harkonnen said...

They'll just keep on lying and bloviating on the truth to the point that no one will be able to talk over them. Don't forget, Libtards are nothing but a bunch of pompous hippie a$$es.

Chuck said...

Z, I saw your post, they seem to live in a scary world

Steve, the one thing the MSM can't take away from us is what we are doing right now. The truth gets out and their numbers go down, it's a win-win

Anonymous said...

Ok now you have your recession and massive Wall Street bailout.