Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Staff Behind The Man

I don’t want to talk about the John Edwards affair because I don’t want to violate that long standing convention in which Republicans get drug through the mud for affairs and Democrats are given a pass because it’s a “private matter”. I don’t want to talk about his hypocrisy for billing himself as the model of the family man while getting some on the side. I definitely don’t want to talk about the fact that he promoted this persona while running for president, even using his ill wife as a campaign prop, at the same time he was denying the rumors of the affair. No, I won’t mention any of this.

What I want to talk about are the staff of Democratic officials. It’s really kind of unfortunate that these officials get attacked in some of the media when it’s actually their staff that is usually to blame.

Take the case of John Edwards. He has admitted to his own little “private matter” with a videographer this week. While he was getting busy, it appears his staff may have been just as busy as him. We are being told that even though Edwards had the affair, he did not father her child, it was one of his former campaign staff members. So if we are to believe this then it appears that the woman Edwards was cheating on his wife with was cheating on him. It’s getting to where you cannot trust anyone. Now we hear that Edwards had nothing to do with money being paid to this woman, it was a staff member. The word is that Fred Baron, Edward’s national finance chairman made payments to her to keep her quiet unknown to John Edwards. It is nice to have friends like this backing you up. I’m waiting for Edwards to come out and say that it was actually one of his staff members that had the affair for him without his knowledge.

I don’t want to accuse John Edwards of being original though. He is definitely not the first Democratic politician with staff’s that have caused problems for the politicians.

We have an aide to Senator Jim Webb who was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon in a bag while attempting to enter the Russell Senate Office Building. The aide said that Webb gave him the gun before he boarded a flight. Webb has denied giving the gun to his aide and said it was due to a mix up among his staff.

There is Al Gore. If people remember, Gore was Vice President of the US before he started writing fantasy novels about raging seas and melting ice. Al Gore also was not involved in the fund raising practices of John Huang a mid level Commerce Department official. Mr. Huang arranged visits by Chinese officials to Gore. Arranged an appearance by Gore to the His Lai Temple in Los Angeles. This was all done to collect illegal campaign contributions from Asian foreign nationals. Of course Gore knew nothing about any of this.

Of course Senator Chuck Schumer (D, NY) knew nothing about two staff members of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee illegally obtaining the credit report of Republican Senate candidate Michael Steele.

Finally, from the Inept Staff Hall of Fame, we have the Clinton’s. It turns out that if you want to research Clinton and controversy on Google, you have to narrow your search or you get waaay too much information. This husband/wife presidential team had probably the most error prone staff of all times. They only have themselves to blame though, they kept them for the entire eight years of their presidency.

Hillary Clinton had her own campaign staff member getting illegal contributions. He was, of course, working on his own unbeknownst to her. You can’t blame her for not knowing that dishwashers can’t afford to give 10’s of thousands dollars in campaign contributions. I mean, they do get to share tips with the waitresses.

Hillary Clinton also has the distinction among Democrats for having her brother get in the act. Without Ms Clinton’s knowledge, he was out selling pardons by Bill Clinton, who of course also didn’t know they weren’t completely above the board.

Then we have the Rose Law firm billing records subpoenaed in the Whitewater investigation. It seems that Ms Clinton’s staff misplaced them (in a room in their living quarters) for two years.

Finally we have the FBI files in the Clinton White House. This was a case in which the Clinton WH obtained files from the FBI on 340 Republican politicians and officials. The fourth, and last that I could find, explanation for this was that a low-level official using an outdated WH pass accidentally requested the files from the FBI. The WH position was that this was an inadvertent mistake even though the files were reviewed for damaging information that was passed on to a political appointee and locked in a safe for awhile before they were turned over to the FBI. source here:

John Edwards is just the latest in a long line of Democratic politicians who have surrounded themselves with people that have gotten the politicians in trouble. Either these Democratic politicians have a very poor track record in hiring staff, they are not very good at overseeing them, or, gasp, they are lying and the staff are committing these transgressions under their direction. I refuse to believe the latter. This would just crush my belief in them and their ideals.

So, all this time we have been wringing our hands at the damage that electing Democrats could do to the country when all along what we should fear are their staff.


Z said...

I fear Obama's staff, too, you're right. THEY are the ones writing that teleprompter information, covering for J. Wright, Mrs. Obama, keeping the terribly damning (wouldn't you THINK?)book quotes out of the mainstream media...

I keep saying "Oh, they're gooooood.."

YOu're right, Chuck; "thy staff and thy rod" do NOT comfort me in this sense, not at ALL!

Mustang said...

I received a lot of heat from a friend of mine after I posted my last article, "Government Dishonesty." He correctly points out that Obama/McCain do not personally check donations to ensure that every one of them are legitimate. He's right. BUT ...

Presidential elections are about character. When the young soldier gets caught transporting an illegal substance in his government vehicle, the Commanding Officer is still held to account. Similarly, while we do not expect Obama/McCain to check every donation, we do expect that they will have implemented checks and balances to ensure legality, or if not that, then propriety.

If Obama/McCain seek my endorsement as a chief executive, then I expect them to hire trustworthy people, and to set into motion safeguards. As I told my friend, if McCain had received donations from Hezbollah, I'd be equally upset.

Yes the staff ... but their boss must be held to account for the level of their competence. At least, that's how I see it.

I've blog-rolled you.

deciders said...

The only ones who care about politicians committing adultery are folks with boring lives. If it doesn't involve a sitting U.S. Congressman soliciting sex from teenaged male pages, it just isn't juicy enough. Get with the times, Chuckles.


Papa Frank said...

If we rid our country of democrats we will by default rid our country of their staff. It's a plan worth trying!!!

Chuck said...

Z, If I have to give Obama one thing, he does have good speech writers. I'm old fashioned though, I would rather have better policy makers.

Mustang, your poster is correct, they can't know everything that goes on, no one could. I posted this myself on another blog today. With this said though, the expectation should be that they surround themselves with people with integrity.

Thanks for the blogroll. I've recently discovered your blog and enjoy it.

deciders, I think this is your first time here, welcome.

I agree that the nature of news today is that sleaze leads and do not think I give a pass to Republicans, I would have bought Mark Foley's bus ticket home.

Further I agree that the sex lives of these people are not the most important thing in the world today. My point though is the fact that they get away with blaming everything on their staff and get a free pass from the media.

One thing I will stand by is that if a Republican is caught with his pants down, their hypocrisy is a major story, if a Dem gets caught it's "just sex" or "it's a private matter" and we worry about their family if the story is covered. Please do not try to deny they are treated differently.

Welcome though and come back, I do like to hear a rational disenting viewpoint.

Chuck said...

Papa frank, if your able to flesh this plan out, share it with us please.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

There is something about John Edwards that has always repulsed me. His class warfare rhetoric and background as an ambulance-chasing lawyer...just something about a guy with so much money, undeserved, talking about helping poor folk in the manner in which he does.

Too bad he wasn't Obama's VP pick, and the scandal break out in October.

deciders said...

The sex lives of politicians should be off limits unless it proves them a hypocrite (Craig), a criminal (Foley), or unforthcoming [you'd probably use another term but I'm a Lib](Clinton). Only Foley's case should really be network news, for it is truly disturbing and involves innocent children. But the ratings obsessed MSM knows this shit sells. Personally, I don't really care if Larry Craig has sex with every gay man on planet earth or if Clinton/Edwards score with every b list actress and "documentary filmmaker" in America. I'd rather focus on the issues of the day. And I will say, there are some repubbers that would like to do the same.


MK said...

"...fantasy novels about raging seas and melting ice."

That's a good one.

It may be the staff, but then who hires them and who keeps them on, like you said about the Clintons, they kept them for the entire eight years of their presidency. The rot starts from the top folks.

And just on this staffer having fathered the child, apparently he had this Hunter woman moved into his neighborhood where he lives with his wife and children and lent her his BMW to use and it's all nice and cosy. You can't trust Edwards, get an independent DNA test done, that ought to settle the question of who is the father.

Chuck said...

wordsmith, I don't think it's just you. He has had two presidential runs that have failed to catch even with strong support from the MSM. He appears very phony, even more than most politicians, and I think the public has seen this.

deciders, I actually agree with all you have said. Both on the fact that these people were hypocrits and the fact that the news should not be obsessed with their sex lives. I maintain though that Edwards belongs with this group. Not just GOPers wrap themselves in the family values mantra and use it to their convenience. Edwards did this and, though it seems harsh to say, he used his sick wife to help build this image. He did this knowing he was cheating on her. This makes him a hypocrit.

mk, I think the bottom line is that almost all politicians, either party, live in a different world than us. They have different principles, different scruples, and quite frankly live by different rules.

Obob said...

the democrats must have a far deeper bench at staff then the GOP. Not to mention the ability to land a job after being fired. Maybe the samuri approach to staff members should be a new strategy.
And I agree on the concept of policy over puff, radical concept.

Chuck said...

Obob, I may be wrong but I think his is your first time her. Sorry if I'm wrong but either way welcome and thanks for visiting.

I think if we were to pay attention, they just recycle the staff. One person gets into trouble and then usually signs with another staff. Fortunately for them being a political appointee is typically a get out jail free card so there are no real consequences.

deciders said...


You do make a good point with the Edwards situation. He did push the family man image. As was the case with Clinton, Craig, Foley, etc...I feel bad for the families. Once past a certain age, I'm sure they understand the nature of the biz, but they are almost always innocent victims. When 99.99% of cheaters are busted, it doesn't end up on Meet the Press. Sadly for some children and spouses it does.


Obob said...

glad to visit chuck and thanks for coming to my humble abode.
There is no excuse for cheating on your mate. I've been married for nine years and like all adults, I stuck out the tough times.
Remember when Chandra Levy disappeared and it brought down Gary Condit. There were alot of nervous pols after it came out. The impression we got is interns were cannon fodder for the elected officials and staff of DC. It would be interesting to get numbers on infidelity in DC.
And her murderer is at large.