Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Subtle And Not So Subtle

Reading an article about John McCain’s attacks on Barack Obama today carried by AFP I was able to see a good range of subtlety of media bias. The subtlety ranged from mild to baseball bat to the head. The article, titled McCain camp gleefully mocks 'Temple of Obama' can be read here:

Some of the milder quotes were things like, (bold emphasis added by me)

The McCain campaign has issued a flurry of campaign commercials mercilessly ribbing the Democratic candidate over his elevated rhetorical style, and mocked Obama over a White House-style lecturn he once used.

"They will call him, 'The One,'" the advertisement said, using a sarcastic tone and stark religious imagery.

Then of course we had this little unbiased gem,

The ad features moments from Obama's soaring speeches, taken out of context, to frame an image of a candidate McCain supporters say presumptuously acted as though he was already president during an international tour last month.

Now, I realize I am not coming up with anything novel here and we can come up with an almost limitless list of worse examples. Maybe I was just in a bad mood today but this article rubbed me the wrong way. I have always had a real issue with supposed news articles editorializing. Items like “mercilessly ribbing”, “using a sarcastic tone and stark religious imagery”, “Obama’s soaring speeches” that we’re “taken out of context” do not belong in a news article.

Further, look at the use of stark religious imagery to condemn McCain but the psuedo-religious verbiage, Obama’s soaring speeches, on Obama.

It also does not go without notice that while they used several examples from previous McCain “attack ads”, they didn’t seem to come up with any Obama ads attacking McCain.

So, while I realize I am not saying anything new, I felt I had to unload. I’ll just drink an adult beverage and watch Fox for awhile, maybe I can come down a little.


Always On Watch said...

Obama is the media's darling. I wonder how long he'll stay that way.

I've given up on reading any mainstream articles about the candidates, for the very observations mentioned here.

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

As for McCain's “attack ads”, we need more of them, not less.
He need to pound away at all his faults and he must get a VP to do so as well.
Mitt Romney is the guy.

Brooke said...

We all need to vent from time to time concerning the hypocrisy of the midstream media.

I agree with DD2. I've rather enjoyed seeing McCain take the gloves off, and I'd like to see more. After all, its not as if he'll be getting a fair shake with the MSM.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

You're right about the straight news reading more and more like editorial pages.

I listened to Obama last week in his haughty tone talk about how McCain said he was going to run a respectful campaign free of personal attacks. He acted like he was staying above it; yet in the course of pointing it out and expanding upon it, he was engaging in attacks himself.

It defeats the whole image he's been trying to craft as a "new kind of politician".

Chuck said...

aow, I think it will stay like this although there has been some in the media taht are starting to get put off by his arrogance.

dd2, brooke, agreed. The real question is can McCain keep the campaign alive? I'm not a huge Romney fan but I think he's a good match for McCain and he can attack without seeming mean.

wordsmith, this has been a sore spot for me for quite awhile. I have no issue with persoanl opinion, it just pisses me off when they pass there opinions off as news.

MK said...

The media bias here is so blatant it's shameful. I wouldn't be surprised if people even know what McCain looks like.

Honestly, they cannot mention McCain without talking about his age. It's almost as if the guy is using a walker and campaigning from an old-age home or something.

Aurora said...

The media is fifth column. There's absolutely no doubt about that. The profession is riddled with leftists and anti-Conservatives who have learned the techniques to ridicule and undermine anyone they disagree with. I stopped supporting the MSM a long time ago. If we all stopped buying their trash, they'd go broke.

Chuck said...

MK and Aurora, Palin changes the equation. A quick scan of news sites today shows thta she has knocked Obama off of the front page 2 days after his 'historic' nomination