Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Attempting To Sue Their Way Out Of Failed Leadership

There is a news story that has gotten more attention here in Michigan than nationally. Story here

The Detroit area Macomb County Republican chairman, James Carabelli, has been quoted by Michigan Messenger as saying “We will have a list of foreclosed homes and will make sure people aren’t voting from those addresses,” Mr. Carabelli and the Michigan Republican party deny he made the statement and have threatened a libel suit against the site if it does not print a retraction.

The Obama campaign and the Democratic National Party have filed a lawsuit to prevent the county from doing what they may or may not be planning to do.

I can’t attest to the merit of the suit, it has turned into a he said-she said affair with no real indication of who is telling the truth. The Michigan GOP and Macomb County have strongly and consistently denied the accusation and claim they couldn’t do it if they wanted to. The claim by the county is that the voter roll does not provide enough information to practically carry a plan like this through.

Further, I am not familiar with this publication. A quick scan of the headlines on the site make their slogan, “A Center For Independent Media” a little dubious. Following is a sample of the headlines this evening:

Fight for the soul of Michigan’s highest court
Beginning of article: Arch-conservative Clifford Taylor…” (emphasis mine)

Obama condemns “shameless” McCain campaign

Lose your house, lose your vote

DOJ politicization hurt voters’ rights, has it hurt Michigan?

Rove tricks? McCain absentee ballots raise questions

1980’s savings and loan bailout haunts John McCain

Conservatives looking decidedly socialist as AIG and market flounder

Borderline tabloid and decidedly liberally slanted headlines like this do harm their credibility a bit and make it a little easier to believe they may have misquoted Mr. Carabelli.

Forgetting the accuracy of this upstanding publication for now, I have a different theory on why the lawsuit was filed in the first place.

It is no secret that Michigan’s economy is in the toilet. It has the highest unemployment rate in the country and is losing population so fast that by spring it may have fewer people than North Dakota. The problem with this for the Democratic party is that we are in the second term of a Democratic governor who inherited the state from a three term Republican governor that left the state in better shape. Further half of the legislature is controlled by the Democrats. Between them they have had some really idiotic and publicly embarrassing attempts to “fix” the economy in Michigan. Staying true to the Democratic ideals, these fixes have largely comprised of increased taxes, which is exactly what a state bleeding jobs needs to do.

One thing Obama does not need, in a tight race for a state that is very important to his presidential aspirations, is to have the public notice that the Dems have run our state into the ground.

This lawsuit, therefore, is nothing but a distraction. A waste of federal (read as ours) money. To make this whole thing even funnier is the fact that the Democratic Party, led by Barack Obama, spent the entire winter and spring working to ensure the voters of Michigan were disenfranchised in the primary. So, it appears that the Michigan Messenger is not the only one with a credibility problem tonight.


MK said...

When you said that Michigan's economy was in the toilet, i had a suspicion that a Democrat had something to do with it.

"One thing Obama does not need, in a tight race for a state that is very important to his presidential aspirations, is to have the public notice that the Dems have run our state into the ground."

Indeed, lest they start thinking the same thing will happen on a national scale.

Always On Watch said...

When I vote here in Virginia, I have to give the address of my primary residence. It's part of the identification process.

Voter fraud will be one of the problems in November, IMO. And the history of the Democratic Party is filled with voter fraud!

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

If Obama should lose, we could expect to here Voter fraud and racism shouted from the roof tops as well as from the Al Sharptons

Nancy Swider said...

This is typical democratic playbook stuff. I can already see the election being a mess with dead people voting and illegal immigrants voting. There is nothing that party will not do to put itself in power.

shoprat said...

As I said in my own blog, this is a pre-emptive strike against any claims of voter fraud on the part of the Donks. Left wing voter registration is up to old tricks.

Throwing Stones said...

It just keeps on getting more and more unbeleivable don't it!

Z said...

Shoprat's exactly right.
(all of you are, but his hit home with me)
IMAGINE someone saying "those in foreclose can't vote!?" Imagine? Only the Left would do something that dumb or illegal, that's why they've conjured this up.

It's a "good defense is the best offense" They've been planning this since Gore lost.

THERE IS NO WAY THEY WILL LOSE THIS ONE, FOLKS. The votes might say different, but they will NEVER accept it. It'll have to be a 5-10% popular vote lead to convince them to shut up, sit down and accept the truth. Get ready.....There will be tons of these "the Republicans are planning..."

Chuck said...

Thanks all, we are going to have to watch the election, I am especially worried about the illegals voting. I think this is already in the works. I wanted to volunteer as a poll monitor but I work the whole day, I even have to make arrangements just to get out in time to vote. (rest assured come Hell or high water I will)

Shoprat, I have to give it to you, I did not get that angle. You very well could be right. I think if Obama wins a close race, the GOP will fight it in court because of illegals, voter fraud, etc. This is laying the groundwork for accusing the GOP of "disenfranchising" voters.

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