Sunday, September 7, 2008

Did The Republicans Speak to Hispanics During The Convention

I have heard on various talk shows that the GOP did not speak to Hispanics during the convention. Watching Mort Kondracke on The Beltway Boys on Fox News, he brought this up again. His point was that the only time any of the speakers addressed the Hispanics was when Rudy Giuliani used the word nada during his speech.

Now the real question is, what do they mean by the GOP didn’t speak to Hispanics? Did they mean that the Hispanics weren’t watching? They know this isn’t true because the ratings numbers say that 1.4 million Hispanics watched, 200,000 more watched the GOP than the Democrats even though the GOP convention was not carried on Telemundo or Univision. Or, do they mean that the GOP didn’t pander to the Hispanics?

I felt that the GOP talked to Hispanics the same as they talked to African Americans, Asians, American Indians, Polish, Italians, etc. They further talked to women of these and all other races. The short is, they talked to all Americans.

They talked about national security, the economy, taxes, leadership, they talked about many topics that are of interest to Americans. What they didn’t do was break Americans down into racial or ethnic groups or gender. In other words, they didn’t pander to any one group. They didn’t make promises to any of these groups that they cannot keep.

The left has a problem with this. They like breaking Americans into groups. This supposedly makes these groups feel special, feel targeted. The problem with making one group feel special is that you are excluding someone else. Good luck trying to get the left to see this. The sad joke here is that they believe that by not “speaking to Hispanics” the GOP is being divisive. The truth is that the GOP, by not targeting special interests groups, was being far more inclusive than the Democrats.

Another thing I love is that the Dems had a slot scheduled on Wednesday night of their convention to honor the troops. So they were “speaking” to the troops at this time. I don’t think I heard a speaker at the GOP convention that didn’t “speak” to the troops. Imagine, penciling in a time to honor the troops, incredible.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m sick to death of politicians ‘talking to’ specific groups. I view it as not only divisive but I also can’t help when I hear this that they are actually talking down to these groups. They are saying that maybe they aren’t really a part of America. Maybe they don’t have the ability to succeed given the opportunities in America, we need to “speak” to them and target them for, something. I don’t get it.


M.A. said...

I agree. Why are they focusing on whether or not Hispanics have been addressed? I believe the spoke about our country, the economy, education, etc. Are Hispanics not relevant when discussing these topics?

We will have a racial divide in this country until we STOP grouping people by race. Doing so assumes that ALL Hispanics must think alike, ALL African-Americans must think alike, etc. This is such an antiquated (and destructive) way of viewing the citizens of our great country.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

The RNC spoke to ALL Americans. Period.

I am a bit irked that McCain ruined one of my posts when his campaign website now mirrors Obama's in devoting a section to different special interest groups. I had done a post mocking how Obama has "Pacific-Asians for Obama", "African-Americans for Obama", etc. I refuse to be a hyphenated American. Where does it end? You're bound to leave someone out by doing this.

The only community I want them to address is to the American one.

cube said...

I'm of the mindsight who says, "Join us. Become an American, work hard, & you, too, can achieve your dream." If you want free stuff at my expense, then, unless you're actually disabled, you're not my responsibility.

Mustang said...

Politicians should be focusing on speaking to Americans. If Hispanics do not see themselves as such, then obviously we weren't talking to them.

How's that for PC?

Chuck said...

MA, Welcome. The topics talked about at the convention effect all Americans. The policy of dividing the country by the left is tiresome.

Thanks for visiting, stop by again.

Wordsmith, my dad's family is from the south, does this make me a 'South-American'? Do you think my kids can use this to get into college easier? Finally, as a south-American, I do not feel McCain was talking to me.

Cube, come on, vote for Obama and then you can pay more in taxes to help these people that can't get up for work.

Chuck said...

Mustang, PC or not, I'm with you. Being an American is a state of mind, not geography. Also, I didn't address this but which Hispanics was McCain not talking to? The Dems considering legal residency as being irrelevant.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Believe me, it will come up in the debates and it probably won't be pretty. The Lib media is out of control, bring dumb non-issues to the forefront so the candidates can waste their time on them.

Kris said...

Chuck- I have a friend that recently went to Germany for 3 months while her husband had a work assignment there. She is a fellow homeschooler so she used this time to see European sites of interest and incorporated it into the school for the kids.

One thing she said that was so different form here was the pride in the languages of the various countries. When in Germany, everything was printed only in German. The same for France and Italy. She said even on some airplanes and airports, they did not have announcements in various languages.

She found this so odd because here in America, it is common for everything, governmental or not to be printed in both English and Spanish. Go to your local Walmart, all of the sighs in the store are bi-lingual. I agree with all the comments here, we are Americans...that's all


Chuck said...

Pasadena, welcome and thanks for visiting. The media has really shown themselves in this election. Fortunately, they may have also done some permanent damage to themselves. Stop by again.

Kris, it's everywhere. We have Meijer's here, it's our big grocery chain. Their aisle signs are in Spanish and English. People need to learn the language or go without.

MK said...

Soft bigotry of low expectations Chuck, they think that non-white people are like stupid or slow or something and need special help to get ahead. Either that it's a get square/back at the white man.

Chuck said...

MK, the question is, will the Dems be talking to whites in 20 years when were the minority? The Dims are going to get real confused when eveybody is a minority, their convention speech could be several days long.

Always On Watch said...

Kondracke is often perceived as a conservative. But he wasn't always, so he's probably been infected with MCV (MultiCulti Virus).

Aurora said...

I felt that the GOP talked to Hispanics the same as they talked to African Americans, Asians, American Indians, Polish, Italians, etc. They further talked to women of these and all other races. The short is, they talked to all Americans.

As you say, Chuck. Why should the GOP be treating any one nationality any different to any other? The Left are the real racists...patronizing. And I totally agree about the breaking down of society into little fragments. Astute observation.