Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Great Speech Lost Amidst Many

Mike Huckabee gives a stirring speech at the RNC

Like everyone else, I loved Sarah Palin's speech to the RNC on Thursday night. I thought it was funny, poised, and a breath of fresh air for the GOP. I liked Rudy's speech also. I can't help but think that if he had shown this kind of passion during the primaries, he could have changed his fortunes considerably.

For all of this though, the most memorable moment of the night in my mind is this portion of the speech by Mike Huckabee, available here. The story he told about Martha Cothran, a teacher in Little Rock that wanted to teach her students a lesson about honor, sacrifice, and dedication was incredible. She would not let her students have desks until they could tell her how they could earn it. They could not figure it out throughout the day.

At the end of the day she had 27 veterans carry the desks in and arrange them in the room. The teacher told the students that they did not have to earn the desks, the veterans already had. This had the crowd in the convention center on their feet.

I am not an emotional person but seeing the one veteran wiping his eyes can choke anyone up.

It was Sarah's night but I wouldn't want Huckabee's great speech and wonderful story to get lost in all the excitement over her. He deserves our respect and thanks for sharing this touching story.

Finally, the men and women of the armed services deserve our respect and thanks for all they have earned for us.


Mustang said...

An excellent observation. I too enjoyed Huckabee's speech, and Guiliani's (did I spell that right?). Here is something that does bother me, though. Today, Obama was waxing poetic in Indiana about the unemployment rate ... a product of failed Bush policy.

I seem to recall that the Democrats have been in charge of both houses of Congress now for two years. Does Obama think we are so simple minded not to recognize a "dodge" when we see one?

On a more serious note, Obama will fix the unemployment problem by expanding government: everyone will have a job.

Z said...

thanks so much, chuck; I hadn't seen this; had read the story, but it comes to life to hear him tell it.

Did you see Sean Hannity telling Huckabee that "everybody loves Sarah, they're wearing her glasses, they want her hairdo, they want to wear clothes like hers...what do you think of all this?"

Huckabee doesn't miss a beat and says "Well, for the record, I want to say I do NOT want to wear her CLOTHES!" It was a great moment......funnier than my recounting. He's got great humor and a heart for America, that's for sure.

I thought Giulliani did great, too.....especially considering the teleprompters weren't working well!!

thanks for the video.

Chuck said...

Mustang, thanks. Everyone will have a job until he taxes us out of our jobs to pay for everyone else's jobs. When will they learn this doesn't work?

Z, Huckabee is great. He wasn't my first choice for the nom but I hope he gets a cabinet post in a McCain Presidency, he has a lot to offer. As far as the video, the transcript doesn't show the faces of the vets. With the glasses, I saw on Fox this am that they are $375 - $700 and you can't find them in NY anymore.

Kris said...

hey chuch,

i had missed portions of hid speech so thanks for posting it. excuse me for getting religious, but the same story can apply to us as as sinners, condemned to judgment but having it paid in full by Jesus...I am sure Huckabee, being a preacher, did not miss that application either.


Chuck said...

Thank you Kris and good observation. That's what makes something like this memorable, that it touches so many people differently.

Nikki said...

It was a very good speech and I think a lot of them were missed with the anticipated big event. Good for you for pointing that out...the convention was a huge success and the media in its attempt to cause conflict and scandal paved the way for the most viewed convention in history! :)N

MK said...

Yeah, you're 100% right, i heard him and it certainly was stirring.

"Finally, the men and women of the armed services deserve our respect and thanks for all they have earned for us."

They guarantee our lives and our professions.

Chuck said...

Nikki, isn't it great that the GOP had the largest convention ever. Funny though that the media didn't crow about it for days like they did with the Obamassiah, hmm.

MK, it was great, as I was doing this blog I played the video for my 14 and 15 year old boys, they were impressed.

Aurora said...

Thanks for posting this. There's been a lot of dismissal of Huckabee round the blogosphere but I admired a lot of things about him and this speech really says it all.
There's a lot of excitement and warm feelings around our camp right now. Kind of like a massive group hug feeling. (Whoah listen to me)

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

Yes Chuck Huck has been doing the MCcain /Palin tick a lot of justice since the convention.
He gets Kudos from me for it. And lets not forget Rudy also.
He has been a Barracuda.

Chuck said...

Aurora and DD2, Huck has really carried water for McCain, hopefully he gets repaid with a cabinet post in a McCain administration. He's a good calming man, Sec of State may be a good post.