Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Media Is Getting Uglier

I wanted to give a little follow up on last nights blog. I said last night that I thought that Obama delayed calling for the personal attacks on Sarah Palin to allow the media and leftists bloggers to get their message out. Once he felt the message was taking hold, he came out and called for a stop to the attacks. I don’t mind saying that I think I was right.

First though, I want to share a good blog that I came across today. This is a blog from John Moody at Fox News blogs

Shut Up and Do Something!

John McCain’s decision to cancel all but necessary ceremonies at the Republican convention this week drew respectful notice from his own and the Democratic Party. It was, simply put, the right thing to do. McCain knows that there are more important things going on in the country than his own glorification.

So how come the protesters gathered in the Twin Cities didn’t get the message? Gustav or not, misery in New Orleans or not, they’re determined to march, make noise, make the police muster in force, get themselves arrested, and generally call attention to their various complaints.

Wouldn’t their efforts be put to better use if, for example, they called off their protests, rented themselves a charter bus to the Gulf Coast, and tried to do some good for the victims of the hurricane?

It’s the difference between mature leadership and rabble-rousing, the gap between respectful disagreement and show-boating. The standard bearer of the GOP knows that his week would be tarnished by ignoring the ravages of Gustav and pretending nothing was happening. Thedemonstrators in St. Paul should learn from his example.

Now this is not only a good blog, it also helps back up what I said. McCain shows leadership and tells the GOP we’re going to put politics aside and focus on the people suffering in the Gulf states. Where was Obama? He didn’t take the same leadership. He couldn’t even admonish one of the super delegates for saying that the hurricane was a gift from God.

Now on to the attacks by the left that Obama is still not addressing.

First we have this out of Red State in which they are announcing that the Alaskan Democratic party has released an opposition paper sent to media outlets. In this release the party has listed Palin’s social security number, minus the last four digits and her address. This is despicable and as, Red State notes is reminiscent of the Democratic Party using Michael Steele’s social security number to access his credit report in 2005.

Then we have Fatima Ali from the Philadelphia Daily News saying this:

If McCain wins, look for a full-fledged race and class war, fueled by a deflated and depressed country, soaring crime, homelessness - and hopelessness!

Admittedly this has nothing to do with the Palin attacks but I just couldn’t resist adding this.

Finally, I saved the best for last. This is one of the most vile, retched things I have read about a political candidate and I believe this is exactly what Obama was hoping for. This is Susan Reimer from the Baltimore Sun.

You want to look good to the evangelicals? Choose a running mate with a Down syndrome child.

(When James Dobson, the conservative Christian radio host who fancies himself a kingmaker, jumped up to say that the selection of Palin means he can now "pull the lever" for John McCain, I almost felt sick. I don't know what I'll do if she trots out the story of her 5-month-old baby to shore up the Republican base.)

Fisherman, sportswoman, hunter. Speaks truth to power in a state corrupted by oil. Has a son headed to Iraq. A woman who made the decision to carry to term a baby she knew to be developmentally disabled.

These are not only repulsive things to say about Palin but also bring up another point about the left, the fact that they seem to be absolutely offended that a woman would choose to carry her baby to term. Heaven forbid this baby should be handicapped. She clearly should have snuffed out this less than perfect life. They cannot comprehend the notion that a child like this is a life and any life is a gift to be cherished, not ashamed of. I like tough politics and I will be sarcastic and a little harsh but I generally try not to be too nasty. With this said, this woman can take her hateful comments and go straight to Hell.

As of this writing, we are still waiting for Obama to come out and really disavow this hate speech. I for one am not holding my breath.


Always On Watch said...

McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as his VP has changed the dynamics of this election. And the left is becoming shrill; that smells like fear.

Chuck said...

AOW, I think she scares the hell out of them

Throwing Stones said...

Sarah Palin is as pro-life as any candidate can possibly be. She has gone so far to prove it that she wouldn’t allow her own daughter to have an abortion. Was that good enough to the ultra Conservatives? No.
Why does Sarah Palin needs to give anymore details about who does what in her household?? Do ever ask those questions of Nancy Pelosi? Or Hillary Clinton?

Brooke said...

Like you said, don't hold your breath.

As a woman with a Downs Syndrom nephew, I can say that Cody is a delightful child, happy, and full of life. Who's to say that he is less deserving of that life than anyone else?

These child-killers on the left are just evil.

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

I agree with the poster Throwing Stones. It looks like we're getting some Moonbats in our own party... Why do we fight among ourselves? If we would stick to our principles with confidence, we can win this thing. Just get together and support the McCain/ Palin ticket and the results would take care of themselves. I'm beginning to be able to hope again.
But if we start calling this fine women names and slamming her daughter for making a mistake, we are giving the Libs the ammunition they are looking for and we will be defeated.

Chuck said...

Throwing Stones and dd2, am I missing something, I had'nt seen any attacks form the right so far, give me a link if you have one

Brooke, I find this Downe's Syndrome talk the most amusing. These liberal idiots are all about diversity unless it suits them. They're for diversity with religion as long as the religion is Kwanzaa or Islam. They're all for diversity of political beliefs as long as the beliefs mirror those of a non-white socialist homosexual abortionist.
Your right though, life is precious, imperfections and all. These people that are attacking this child are getting to run into a great nig pile of Karma.

MK said...

i often say, scratch a real leftist and you'll find a human-hating, totalitarian fascist. Your stories prove my point.

The protester did what they did because on the inside they don't care about democracy and letting the people decide and protesting appropriately or peacefully, they want to run the rest of the country the way they see fit, to hell with what the rest of the nation thinks.

As for Fatima Ali and this race & class war, again she proves my point, if Obama isn't given the job, there will be violence and to hell with the peoples choice, will she tolerate a similar race and class war if Obama wins, didn't think so, and nor should she. To me, if Obama wins, then so be it, the people chose, whether right or wrong to me is irrelevant, they have chosen, that is the system of Democracy.

As for Susan Reimer, this is moral bankruptcy at its finest, i'm assuming she thinks that the baby will garner the sympathy vote. I'm assuming she thinks that us pro-lifers will approve of Palin because she chose to keep the baby. I'm assuming she thinks that a baby with downs is far worse off than a dead baby. Well then, why doesn't Obama pull someone out who has had an abortion, after all liberals insist there is nothing wrong with abortion, liberals seem to say that being dead is better than being developmentally disabled. Obama was for infanticide and presumably since his devotees adore and worship him then it's perfectly alright, why doesn't he drag out the corpse of a dead baby then.

So here we come to the crux of the matter, Reimer either knows that Palin is the better person for what she did but is incredibly sour that she is the "enemy" and the average voter out there thinks just like Palin or she really is morally bankrupt and does think that killing off a developmentally disabled baby is better than allowing it to live, so much for hope eh.

"I don't know what I'll do if she trots out the story of her 5-month-old baby to shore up the Republican base."

You could always just stop encouraging people to kill off their babies Susan, as hard as that may be to you, or does the thought of giving life make you too sick.

Let em' rant and rave about the ills of Palin giving her baby life, let em' rant and rave about Americans being in favor of life and how much better it is to snuff out life because of imperfections, i hope the voters are watching them and i hope the voters have good memories. A long time ago there were people who thought like that and took action along those lines as well, real nasty bastards. American's fathers went to those distant lands to wage war on them and stop them, they triumphed but many never made it back. Americans today should note this and wonder, is Sarah Palin's choice bringing out the inner totalitarian, human-hater or fascist in the left, perhaps all 3.

Chuck said...

Thanks for the post MK. Good read.

On this:

So here we come to the crux of the matter, Reimer either knows that Palin is the better person for what she did but is incredibly sour that she is the "enemy" and the average voter out there thinks just like Palin or she really is morally bankrupt and does think that killing off a developmentally disabled baby is better than allowing it to live, so much for hope eh.

I think it is, simply put, both. She along with the rest of the far left are bitter and scared about this pick. That explains the vitriol. To be this depraved though, you also have to be morally bankrupt. I loathe Obama and all he stands for. I don't like Democrats in general as a rule but he seems to be special for me. He really grates me. With that said, I do not wish ill will on him or his children, have never and never will blogged on them, and certainly do not wish them dead. I think there is a special wing in Hell for people that are as hateful and callous as Ms Reimer.

Midlife Slices said...

The media is trying to create a negative impression of Palin before everyone has the chance to get to know her but I'm betting she'll make them look like fools. But I'm also betting they won't realize they look like fools, but oh well. I'm sick of feminist saying they are fighting for women to be who they want to be but when it come to Palin, they'd done nothing but criticize her for not fitting into a certain mold. So much for wanting a woman to "break the glass ceiling". It's all about feminism.

Chuck said...

Midlife slices, welcome, thanks for visiting. Your right on both counts. The leftist media is trying to define her. I think though that tonight will change this. As far as feminists, they do not fight for women, they fight for feminists.

Come back again.