Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More Out Of This World Comments

Watching Bill O’Reilly last night I saw yet more ridiculousness from the left. O’Reilly was interviewing Marc Lamont Hill, PhD of Temple University. A couple of things caught my attention.

Mr. Hill made the comment that he did not think Sarah Palin would be an effective leader. What he forgot was that he was not on The Today Show or MSNBC. In a venue like this or any other number of other liberal networks, the comment would have been allowed to stand. Bill O’Reilly asked why he believed Palin could not be an effective leader. Mr. Hill stammered and said ‘well I don’t agree with her policy’ at which O’Reilly pointed out that this was not a legitimate argument.

This exchange pointed out two issues. One, the exchange illustrates why liberals do not like to go on Fox News. Fox is not the far right boogeyman they make them out to be. The problem liberals have with Fox is that they are not allowed to spew their Democratic Party talking points unchallenged. They are often put in the uncomfortable position of having to defend their statements and often cannot. Second is that the left is bereft of ideas. All they really have are these talking points. When they are asked to expand on them, they have nothing. He doesn’t think she will make an effective leader, not for a rational reason but because he doesn’t agree with her.

The second incident was reaction to a Sarah Palin comment. Sarah Palin made a comment about small town people and Mary Mitchell of the Chicago Sun Times took it as a racist quote. Note: quoted by Bill O’Reilly.

Sarah Palin: “We grow good people in our small towns with honesty, integrity, and dignity.”

Mary Mitchell: Does that mean people who grow up in urban America are less honest, less sincere, and have less dignity.

First, the short answer is yes. I don’t want to make a blanket statement because clearly there are good and bad in small and large towns. With this said, I have lived in both and the bottom line is that by and large, there are better people in small towns, proportionally.

Further I do realize that Ms Mitchell did not mention race but, in my experience, for the left “urban America” is code word for minorities. Ms Palin was not attacking urban areas, she was making a simple statement complimenting small town people and as usual the leftist media is going take anything she says and twist it out of context. Conversely, Obama did attack small town people in his ‘clinging to guns and religion’ comment. I wonder, did Ms Mitchell rush to the defense of small town people?

I do have to say though that I want to thank these leftist whackjobs. I work full time and do my blogs often after working 12 hour shifts. If they keep this up, it makes it easier for me to write a blog, they almost do it for me. Oh, plus, every comment like this is another vote for McCain/Palin. So, to the left, keep up the good work.


Marc said...

What you've written here is ridiculous. First, if you watched the entire video, you'll see that I came on the show and defended Sarah Palin from Democratic attacks. I said that the attacks from the Left were unfair and sexist. How can you say that I was merely spouting talking points? Whose talking points would those be? Second, Bill didn't demonstrate that my argument was illogical or unreasonable, he cut me off and changed the subject before I could finish. (If you don't believe me, watch the video again!) The fact that I don't agree with Palin's policies DOES suggest to me that she wouldn't be an effective leader. Of course, this is not always true. For example, I think Reagan's policies were awful, yet I don't doubt the effectiveness of his leadership. In the case of Palin, however, she enacted policies that were the product of political popularity (e.g., her flip-flop on the bridge to nowhere and her changed stance on earmarks) rather than conviction. This to me is not effective leadership. How did I derive this conclusion? FROM HER POLICIES!! Had there been more segment time, I would have explained the relationship between the two. Instead, I moved on so that we could address other topics in the final minute (which Bill said he wanted to do). Finally, you say that I momentarily forgot that I wasn't on MSNBC and that this is why me and other "liberals" don't like to go on Fox. That's a curious argument, since I am an exclusive Fox News contributor and have been for quite some time. Doesn't that suggest to you that I WANTED to be in these very conversations, rather than MSNBC? How do you logically support YOUR argument on that point?

Brooke said...

"Obama did attack small town people in his ‘clinging to guns and religion’ comment. I wonder, did Ms Mitchell rush to the defense of small town people?"

Excellent, excellent point, and one which I seriously doubt the left will address. It highlights their hypocrisy.

Chuck said...

Thank you for visiting and more, thank you for replying. I do stand by what I saw, and wrote, in the exchange. With that said, I will concede two points.

One, I did not see the earlier part of he segment and therefore did not see your interview in total. I do believe that the comment was seperate from whether or not you praised Gov Palin earlier (and I believe you did because you say you did). What I heard is that you said she would not be an effective leader because you did not agree with her policy. I have a hard time seeing where her ability to lead is dependent on your thoughts on her policies. I will give that your belief on her ability to lead is dependent on your agreement with her policies but this is really nothing more than semantics and, again, not what I felt I was hearing from you.

This brings me to my second point. Bill O'Rielly, as he has a tendancy to do, may have cut you short on your answer. This is actually a problem I have with Bill O'Reilly and one of the reasons I am not a daily viewer. Further, this may have changed your answer.

Finally, while I stand by the comment I made about liberals and Fox, I do apologize for directing it at you. I did not know you were an exclusive Fox contributor and will admit I was guilty of generalizing.

I have seen you on Fox before and while it may not seem like it in my blog, I actually enjoy your commentary. I vey seldom agree with it and cannot promise I will never take exception with it again and say so, but I do like to hear views contrary to mine.

Brooke, all we get is explaining away his remarks.

Papa Frank said...

It was fun to watch Obama stammer around trying to equate Hannity's comments with comments on the Daily Kos. O'Reilly wasn't letting that one go.

Chuck said...

Papa, missed most of the interview but wasn't real disappointed. What I saw felt like theater. Real men spare with Hannity.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

My favorite part by far was when Barry said that he fully expected Bill to "correct the record" on inaccuracies. What a hypocrite!


I've lived half my adult life in Los Angeles & San Diego, the other half in two small towns in the Mojave Desert; the last ten, retired in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

I'll opt for small-town values; we know the difference!

Most corrupt? Obama's Chicago! reb

Aurora said...

Sarah Palin: “We grow good people in our small towns with honesty, integrity, and dignity.”

Mary Mitchell: Does that mean people who grow up in urban America are less honest, less sincere, and have less dignity.

Typical leftist. They rely on their powers of debate because of their lack of substance.
If I said, we have really tasty apples in our orchard am I then saying that there are no tasty apples anywhere else?
It's a good thing Sarah is a tough woman, though she's going to toughen up more in the days ahead I'm afraid as I have no doubt the left are only just beginning. They've really developed into a malignant cancer.

An American Girl said...

marc what's your take on the Obama "pig" remark? was that ridiculous also?

Chuck said...

Pasadena, just on another blog, my comment there was about this whole issue of the GOP "swift-boating" Obama. Their definition of swift-boating is telling he truth about Obama.

Snake Hunters, thanks for visiting, I agree. Our family lived in the inner city, I still work there. We moved to a small town and over-all I like the people better. They are friendlier. This is not to disparage inner city people because there are good people everywhere, but there is something about small town people.

Aurora, agreed. It's almost to point that every remark has to be prefaced with, I'm not disparaging anyone else, but... This may keep this idiots at bay, altough unlikely.

Amercian Girl, thanks for stopping by. It's ridiculous and sexist. But, there I go swift-boating him again.

MK said...

Good on O'Reilly, that's why i like him. The sad thing about the biased liberal MSM is that they do their side no favors.

Allowing stupidity to just pass does their own cause no favors. if The Today Show or MSNBC didn't allow such foolish comments to slip by, then the fellow wouldn't have confirmed what O'Reilly's viewers probably thought of him.

Nikki said...

I saw this too and I have to say the guy who tried to interview her in her yard was so funny...she was so ornery and he just kept after her. So many people claim to not like Bill O'Reilly but they have to admit its fun to watch him go after the left! :)N

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