Monday, September 1, 2008

Nice Of Obama To Speak Up

The far left liberal whackjob bloggers have been attacking Governor Palin all weekend. These are not the usual attacks you get, and expect, in a campaign. They were not attacking her on her experience, any political scandals, or voting record. They were spewing hateful personal attacks.

We had liberal bloggers saying that her youngest child was not hers, that she was covering up for a pregnancy by her daughter. As it turns out her daughter is currently pregnant, something that is no business of these dirtbags, and therefore could not have had the child.

We had Alan Colmes questioning her decision to get on a plane after her water broke and going home to her regular doctor. First, I did not realize his name was Dr Colmes. She did call her doctor (a real doctor, not a radio and TV host) before she headed home. Finally, this was her fifth child and she and her doctor knew what to expect. While Colmes did not come out and say it, he was clearly trying to insinuate that her child having Downs Syndrome was from this irresponsible decision of her doctor and her. What they probably should do is call in the ambulance chaser John Edwards to sue, this is how he made his living after all.

It would also make a side note here. I noticed Fox did not report on this Colmes story. I like Fox but this is a little too convenient for me.

The silence form Obama was deafening this weekend. He let these people trash Palin and her family all weekend and finally came out with a statement saying he was offended by these comments. He said that a candidate’s family was out of bounds. What didn’t he say? He didn’t say that he thought that the attacks were erroneous, they were. He didn’t criticize them for saying these types of things, he just said they should stop.

So the man that has whined about the GOP “swift boating” him spent two days ignoring these remarks and he never actually disavowed the remarks.

It also should be noted that he did not disavow the remarks by the Democratic super delegate, Don Fowler, and their village idiot Michael Moore that the hurricane Gustav was a gift from God to the Democratic party.

This is man who, for the past three months, has raised all kinds of Hell at any Republican statement and immediately demanded that John McCain disavow the remark. Now he goes missing for two days while people on the left spew vile hatred about Palin and her family.

I don’t think there were any mistakes here. I believe that the campaign a least approved of the attacks, if they were not out and out perpetuating them. I believe what has happened here the last two days on both of these issues is that the Obama campaign allowed this to continue. Just long enough for the word to get out and then he came out and made his statement. Why did it take two days for him to finally get offended by these remarks?

I think this is just one more look into the character of the man who professes to be the “change” candidate. If this is change, I want things to stay the way they are.


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

These attacks are to be expected. They're really grasping at straws, and I think it's a great sign that Dems know that her candidacy for VP puts the GOP back into serious contention and that what appeared to be a shoe-in for their candidate winning the election, is now in question and in serious jeopardy.

We might never have believed that Obama's win was guaranteed; but now the Dems know it as well.

Chuck said...

Wordsmith, I think part of Obama's appeal was his inevitability. Once Dems start thinking they may not win, they are less likely to get out and vote. They are a fickle lot. I think the hysteria is wanning.

Nikki said...

you make a great point with the timing of this statement. The first one didn't go over very well with attacking her small town mayoral experience. Perhaps a new strategy was adopted. :)N

Z said...

very good point about the timing, Chuck.

I'm sick to death of people flattering Obama for speaking like he did. Exactly what was he SUPPOSEd to say? blech!

MK said...

yeah it was good of him to say so, but i also think he didn't go far enough. Look at those scumbags at the RNC convention, injuring old people, throwing chemicals in delegates eyes and whatever else. When is Obama going to come out and banish these people from his side. Fair enough they are not the mainstream Democrats, but why are they always turning up attacking the Republican gatherings, why aren't they doing the same at the DNC if they don't support him.

Besides who said the nutroots have stopped anyway.

Aurora said...

Chuck, I would say you're absolutely right about Obama. Knowing what we know about him, I'm positive he's sitting stewing over the popularity of Sarah Palin and is somewhere secretly cheering on his team of rabid rottweilers in their vicious maulings. Shame on him and them.

Obob said...

he is a chicago politcian. Nothing should shock you. He will not admonish these attacks. Would he screech like a child with his hand stuck n the cookie jar if it were him? With that smug pious look he has mastered. Of course hs marxist background would allow him to say he was to feed te masses

The Saint said...

Yesterday, Newt Gingrich said that the democrats are terrified of Sarah. She just needs to hold it together. Her speech tomorrow night will be critical.
I'm in her corner for sure.

Brooke said...

The attacks on Palin smack of the Dem's desperation.

"Dr. Colmes" can blow it out his *ahem.*

Victor's Voice said...

I am so sick of Obama and his passive aggressive tactics. He pulled the same thing with the Clintons. He gets his surrogates and liberal blog friends to spread the nastiest vile lies and then he steps up to “denounce” the tactics so he can look like a hero.

Wake up America, Obama the actor is giving you Drama!

da patriot said...

The Democratic Party’s base is in full attack mode. The attacks on Sarah Palin began the moment the announcement was made. The announcement of Palin as the VP has energized the Republican Party base. Fund raising is up. Party volunteers who have not been showing up are now showing up in record numbers and are eager to work. Palin means trouble for the Obama campaign and the Left knew it instantly. So these attacks will continue. And do take comfort in the fact that the attacks are trivial or baseless. The radical Left knows how to get attention. They use the squeaky wheel method. They will continue these attacks because they believe that at some point even reasonable Americans will buy into the old left wing notion that the nature of the evidence is irrelevant; it's the seriousness of the charge that matters. They have no moral center. The end justifies the means. Both McCain and Palin have seen this before, I am certain that they are prepared

EDGE said...


Hope the dems keep bringing this up. Hope they keep after Palin and her daughter. All women who have experienced this situation will vote McCain! Watch!

Chuck said...

Nikki, Z, all The One has to do is issue some utterance and the MSM is aglow over it.

mk, I find it amazing that the media doesn't make mention of the fact that we do not have conservatives outside the DNC screeching at people, spitting on people, flashing the bird, throwing chemicals on people, etc.

Aurora, I believe Obama's team is complicent.

Obob, remember the old 'vote early and vote often' of Chicago

Saint, Brooke, I beleive the attacks are because she scares the Hell out of the left.

Victor, welcome to the blog, thanks for visiting. The paralels with Hillary are significant. He lets his surrogates attack and the media lets him stay above the fray and be the "change" candidate. Actually Dick Morris is saying the exact same thing on Fox right now.

Patriot, Palin is a double threat to the Dims. SHe is energizing the GOP. This was one of the biggest threats to McCain was keeping the base, she delivers them. Second, she will peel off some of the Dems.

Edge, I've said all along the one thing to drive Hillary's voters to the GOP is this very thing. I think they know this and know they are gambling but they also know they don't have much of a choice. Leave her alone and she beats them.