Monday, October 27, 2008

ACORN “Explained” For Us

Donna Brazile, Democratic campaign advisor, has taken it upon herself to explain the ACORN controversy to us uninformed. While I will get to some details soon, I can sum up her article in a simple synopsis. If you think ACORN is doing anything wrong or if you think we should not have loaned money to people who could not afford to pay it back, you are, my friend, a racist.

Now to the longer version. Story here.

Through its 850 neighborhood chapters in more than 100 cities across the United States, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now organizes the powerless to work together for social justice and stronger communities through affordable housing, quality education and better public services. They are dedicated to looking out for those with little means in our society.

See. ACORN is not a bad group at all.

In the world of some elites, low- and moderate-income families and the organizations that work to empower them are the bad guys. There is all-out class warfare going on here, folks.

Another example of it is how people in the low-income bracket are being blamed for the subprime market crash -- rather than the unscrupulous lenders who redirected them from the fixed 30-year prime rates they could have paid to the subprime and adjustable rate mortgages destined to implode. The victims are revictimized.

It’s not the fault of the people who borrowed money that they could not repay. It’s unscrupulous lenders, who coincidently give a lot of money to Democrats and are in turn given favorable legislation, that are taking advantage of these victims.

And now for the kicker:

It is an unfortunate reality that "poor" and "racial minority" are invariably overlapping circles in a Venn diagram. But the class animosity now being bred is, as it always has been, a cover for racial antipathy. And, make no mistake, this is exactly what's going on here. How pathetic and immoral in the face of the challenges we must confront as a nation.

“Venn” diagram? I’m not very smart so I looked it up. Looks like a chart that can be used to get what results you want.

Now for a statement that is like fingernails on a chalkboard for me.

Experts who have examined the allegations against ACORN have concluded that there is no significant threat of voter fraud. For the fraudulent registration forms to turn into fraudulent votes, they would have had to get through the election officials' vetting systems and make it onto the voter rolls.

We never seem to find out who these “experts” are. I can only assume that they are entirely unbiased, nationally recognized experts on election law who just prefer to remain anonymous. Further, has anyone else noted that ACORN only works in areas in which it is Democrats or Democratic leaning non-partisan officials doing the “vetting” of registrations making it onto the voter rolls?

Next, someone would need to arrive at the assigned polling location with valid identification that lists the same name and address as the fraudulent registration. (This is fairly difficult to do if you're dead or named Mickey Mouse.)

First, the Democrats have been fighting laws requiring ID at polling places, purely coincidental I’m sure. Second, we are not worried about the one registration for Mickey Mouse, we are worried about the 100’s of thousands of registrations for John Smith, Bob Williams, Mary Johnson, etc. Finally, we have had more than a few instances of the dead voting.

Let's look at the facts. ACORN labeled as "suspicious" the fraudulent registration forms a few of its paid volunteers submitted. Moreover, ACORN delivered them to election authorities under that heading. ACORN offered to help election officials pursue prosecutions against those who filled out the fraudulent forms.

The so-called ACORN scandal is no more than a few canvassers trying to meet their quota and make easy money by cheating the system.

So, see, ACORN is the real victim in this situation. This statement is actually almost entirely false. In every instance I have heard of so far in which ACORN has claimed to turn in the offending canvassers, the local election officials have said they did not do this. Also, it is not a “few canvassers”. This statement is so patently false it’s laughable. I believe the count is now up 15 states in which the Federal government is investigating ACORN.

We must be vigilant in protecting people's right to vote, not vigilant in suppressing it. We must be vigilant that new voters aren't threatened, harassed or turned away. And we must be vigilant that resources like voting machines and poll workers are distributed appropriately to accommodate the projected influx of new voters.

Notice nothing about being vigilant that all voters are registered properly and are legally allowed to vote? I have yet to hear a Democrat say that they want this.

Lastly, what idiotic liberal voting rant would be complete without this:

Finally, we must be vigilant that this election, unlike 2000 or 2004, doesn't return conspicuous voting irregularities, and that those irregularities aren't left unchallenged.

Again, we never get any actual instances of “voting irregularities” from 2000, unless of course you are talking about not allowing votes that were not cast for Al Gore to be counted by him. As far as 2004, we hear a lot of accusations about voter suppression but never any real examples. Am I the only one that noticed that the Dims cried fraud in the 2004 election but never actually demanded an investigation? I was of a mind then that we should have investigated it, the Dems would not have liked what they found out. ACORN was hard at work in this election also.

The bottom line is we have to stay vigilant and no let these Socialists steal this election.


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Well thank God and praise the Lord that we have someone like Donna to define ACORN for us! Heaven knows we would never, ever have been able to figure out the truth about this group on our own.

Aurora said...

If you think ACORN is doing anything wrong or if you think we should not have loaned money to people who could not afford to pay it back, you are, my friend, a racist.

Incredible, isn't it?
How insane that you can't even offer a word of criticism any more.
I believe that election fraud has been going on for some time now. And I don't trust the so-called 'experts' either. The current system is full of 'experts' and 'infallible polls'. Then how is it that they seem to know who is going to be elected before the fact? (And not just in America, hm? I think this is going on in other countries too).

Always On Watch said...

Over and over again, I'm hearing the Dems defend ACORN. Obama-maniacs are lapping up that Kool-aid.

Nancy said...

Isn't this just fun? And to think, if there is a President Obama and Republicans try to moderate his policies they will be called racists, if his poll numbers go down we will be called racist, its going to be a fun four years isn't it?

Chuck said...

Pasadena, agreed.

Aurora, something about the polls. The polls are weighted based on voter interest, increased voter rolls, etc. There has been some suspicion lately that none of this is any different from 4 years ago. Percent who say they will vote, new voters, etc are not much different. In addition to that, there is further suspicion that there may not be as many new voters because a lot of these new registered Demcorats were registered by ACORN, need I say more..
The point is, these weghted polls may be based on erroneous data.

AOW, agreed. As I said in the post, I have yet to hear a single Dem say that what ACORN is doing is wrong, and it clearly is.

Nancy, you have a sick idea of fun. lol