Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Barney Frank Lisps Racism

The modern definition of 'racist' is someone who is winning an argument with a liberal.
Peter Brimelow

I know I have used this quote before but it is hard to find a better one to describe the constant cries of racism from the left. The latest is Congressman Barney Franks (D-MA).

His charge is a little convoluted but then he is kind of a limp guy so he was able to pull it off without injuring himself.

The Massachusetts Democrat, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, said the GOP is appealing to its base by blaming the country's mortgage foreclosure problem on efforts to expand affordable housing through the Community Reinvestment Act.
"They get to take things out on poor people," Frank said at a mortgage foreclosure symposium in Boston. "Let's be honest: The fact that some of the poor people are black doesn't hurt them either, from their standpoint. This is an effort, I believe, to appeal to a kind of anger in people."

Rest of the story here:

What Mr. Frank is forgetting is that we are not just blaming poor people, we’re also blaming him and his fellow corrupt Democrats. The bottom line though is that in the Democratic play book, if there is ever a question you can’t or don’t want to answer, claim that the question or questioner is racist.

This was used recently, poorly, in the Sarah Palin questions about Barack Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers. In an argument that was possibly even more convoluted than Frank’s, an AP “journalist” made the accusation that her comments that Obama was “palling around with terrorists” was racist because people associate terrorists with “dark skinned people”. This journalist naturally ignored the fact that Ayers was white. But then liberals are hell-bent on not letting the facts get in the way of a good political attack.

Then of course we have the mother-of-all convolutions in which anybody that brings up the Reverend Jeremiah Wright is racist. This is a hard core racist leading a black separatist church. But, if he is mentioned in connection with Obama who only spent a mere 20 years listening to this man’s racist rantings, the person raising the issue is clearly racist. I am at a loss on this one. I have nothing.

So, attack McCain for being old, attack him for being a cripple, attack Palin for being a woman, attack Trig Palin for having Down’s, but don’t you say anything about Democrats you racist scum.

Disclaimer: I realize that a couple of the remarks in this blog were a little gay unfriendly. I am not homophobic or a supporter of gay rights, I quite frankly could care less about gays. It was merely meant to be tongue in cheek. No gays were injured in the making of this blog.


MK said...

"The modern definition of 'racist' is someone who is winning an argument with a liberal."

It's a brilliant one Chuck, nuff said.

"I realize that a couple of the remarks in this blog were a little gay unfriendly."

Huh? Didn't see any that could be construed that way, no wait, you were referring to leftists right, they don't really need evidence do they.

And what's up with this snarkle fellow, looks like he/she/it is feeling lonely. Isn't there a public toilet somewhere where you can peddle your wares.

Might have to turn moderation on Chuck, seems your blog has attracted a parasite.

Aurora said...

That's a great quote, Chuck.
As I said elsewhere on the bottom of the barrel jibes being flung at McCain and Palin with the mass of horrifying info coming out on Obama is, in my books, stunning hypocrisy. But the world has gone completely raving mad.

Chuck said...

MK, just an ass pimple that flares up occasionally. This is pretty much routine for the left, if your an idiot without anything to say, you resort to baseless, mindless personal attacks. He's just better than most.

Like I said, I've used this quote before but it's hard to find one that defines this election more.

Aurora, have you caught anything on some of the "respectable" magazines? Newsweek and Times are attacking her on the cover. I think it may help her with women.

Conservative said...

1. Barack Obama spent 20 years sitting in church while his preacher and others bad-mouthed the United States of America. Navy pilot John McCain spent five years being tortured in the Hanoi Hilton, and refused a chance to walk out ahead of fellow POWs with more seniority.

2. Obama wants to cut and run from Iraq regardless of conditions on the ground or future consequences. McCain took on the president and secretary of defense in demanding more troops for Iraq, a policy that is inarguably winning the war. He also has two sons who fought in Iraq.

3. McCain supports nuclear power. Obama backs wind energy.

4. Obama wants restrictive gun control because only economically depressed middle-Americans “cling to God and guns.” McCain unwaveringly supports the Second Amendment.

5. McCain has deviated from his party’’s conservative base on several occasions (McCain-Feingold Bill, Gang of 14, McCain-Kennedy Bill, opposition to torture). Obama has voted the left-wing line every single time, and been designated the most liberal Senator in Congress.

6. Obama is willing to meet with hostile state leaders like Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez without preconditions. McCain will set conditions first, talk later —— maybe.

7. Obama is married to a bitter, angry lawyer who became “proud” of her country for the first time this year. McCain’’s wife is a beer heiress who founded an organization to provide MASH-style units to disaster-torn world regions. Did I mention that she’’s a beer heiress?

8. Obama supports higher taxes for a government-run nanny state that will coddle all Americans like babies. McCain trusts people to spend their less-taxed money however they wish.

9. The name John McCain sounds like “John McClain,” the action hero played by Bruce Willis in the manly Die Hard series. ““Barack Obama”” sounds like the kind of elitist villain John McClain has to outwit and defeat.
10. McCain is endorsed by Clint Eastwood, Sylvester Stallone, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Obama gets support from Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, and every weenie in Hollywood. Plus, Susan Sarandon has vowed to leave the country if McCain gets elected. Case closed.

Brooke said...

Barney Frank is the real racist here. He should be tarred, feathered, and ridden out on a rail.

Great quote. I'm going to have to use that one!

Z said...

that's funny, Barney, this whole nightmare the Black National Caucus got us into, thanks to Mr. Mudd and Fannie mae "kind of angered' ME. Anybody outraged about that?

shoprat said...

I wish I could remember the name of the college professor who years ago said, "Never let mere facts get in the way of the truth."

Chuck said...

Conserative, Good points

Brooke, every time saomething is said about the Dems, it's racism

Z, there's a commercial running today in Michigan (I don't know if it's national or not) that's blaming the financial mess on Reid and the Dems in COngress, good commercial

Shoprat, must have been a journalism professer

cube said...

I hadn't heard that quote from Brimelow but it is spot on. The libs use the racist charge because it works on the linguine-spined.

MK said...

"MK, just an ass pimple that flares up occasionally. This is pretty much routine for the left, if your an idiot without anything to say, you resort to baseless, mindless personal attacks. He's just better than most."

Thanks for letting me know Chuck. :)

yeah we have enough of them around our parts too. In future i won't say anything, so when you wipe him off the page, it'll be like he never even existed. I've learned from past experience, that drives them up the wall.

Chuck said...

MK, thanks. I tried arguing with him at first but he is not interested in honest debate just personal attacks. It's actually more boring than anything.