Thursday, October 30, 2008

Can The Media Define Sarah Palin?

I heard a comment by one of the commentators on Fox News that once a person (Sarah Palin) has been defined as a caricature, it’s hard to reverse the opinion. So, my question is, is this true?

In thinking about this, I think the obvious parallel is Dan Quayle. The media bent over backwards to define him as a less than smart man and they, to a large extent, succeeded. It has taken him years to finally get some respect back and finally be viewed as a serious political commentator.

This is one of the favorite pastimes of the main stream media, destroy any conservative that doesn’t fit into their definition of intelligence. In other words, doesn’t agree with their talking points.

An opposite example is Al Gore. This is man who has written a book about global warming that was full of factual errors. Did the media work to destroy his career because of this incompetence? No, he was made out to be a genius. The argument is often heard that we should not be questioning the facts he puts forth, we need to listen to his message. Luckily for him, his message jibes with theirs so he is clearly intelligent.

Back to the original question. Can they define Sarah Palin? My thoughts are no.

I think there is one difference between Palin and Quayle, the respect she gets from conservatives. Even though Dan Quayle was actually an intelligent man and a true conservative, he was effectively thrown under the bus by conservatives because he was seen as a liability. This is unfortunate and unfair. It is also typical of conservatives.

There has been a tendency in the Republican party to be weakened with the media in the past. I think this is partly because the media was completely controlled by liberals and they in turn controlled the message disseminated to the public.

With Fox News, talk radio, and the internet now, this has changed. The conservative message is getting out without the main stream media and in fact a large portion of the old main stream media is in decay.

This election has, for the first time really, seen the GOP go after the media for it’s inherent bias against conservatives. Further, this line of attack is starting to show some causalities. There is pretty much a universal decline in the readership and viewer ship of left leaning media in the US and this decline has been offset by the rise of the more balanced and even right of center Fox News.

As I said before, Palin gets significantly more respect and support from the conservatives. There is an almost defiant support for her. It seems as if the more the left and the leftist media attacks her, the more fervent the support is from the right. She also has the advantage of the availability of the more favorable press as stated above. Finally, she may actually be tougher than Dan Quayle. She is not one to hide away and let herself be defined. She is going to fight them head on.

So, I think Sarah Palin will do just fine. I do not think she will be defined by the media. Finally, I think that in four years’ time she will have time to work on her image with moderates and women who do not support her now and will be a force to reckon with. There is the possible added advantage that the left leaning media will no longer be the main dispenser of news by then.


shoprat said...

In my not-so-humble opinion, if Obama wins in 08 it will Palin in 12. She'll get the seasoning she needs and Obama will screw this country up so bad that America will be ready for a real change.

Chuck said...

I couldn't agree more Shoprat.

MK said...

Dunno much about Quayle, but the following is what gets us riled up regarding Palin.

"It seems as if the more the left and the leftist media attacks her, the more fervent the support is from the right."

When they attack Palin, they're attacking us, they attack Conservative values, wherever we are.

"There is pretty much a universal decline in the readership and viewer ship of left leaning media in the US...."

I hope that trend just continues, the media have shown us their contemptuous colors quite clearly. Message to the leftist MSM, screw you and the ass party you're ride around on.

Aurora said...

Chuck, interesting points on the media tactic of caricaturising those it doesn't like. This is actually an Alinsky tactic...isolate them, ridicule them. It's from the pit of hell itself.
One of the reasons it's not quite taking on Sarah is that there are so many of us who pray for her daily.
By the way, for those of us who pray, Sarah has sent out the word to pray Psalm 27 over her.
When you pray, ask for protection for each member of her family (who have been attacked by the Dark Side as we know) and for her influence to burn brightly and powerfully, that she may be a force for God in the darkness of the world we are in today.
As MK says, she is us.

Always On Watch said...

One of my blog buddies believes that Palin is a liability for the GOP ticket. I don't agree. She's energized the conservative base of the party. It remains to be seen if that energizing is enough to elect McCain.

What I find disgusting is all the feminists who have been attacking Palin. What a bunch of hypocrites!

Randy said...

Interesting contrast between Quayle and Gore. I hadn't thought of it, but I think I agree with you.

I have been a long time fan of Quayle's. After his infamous "Murphy Brown" speech, it took newspapers 3.5 months to print excerts from the speech instead of just sound bites. Once the information was out, EVERY SINGLE candidate for president (and this was before the primaries, so there were alot) agreed with Quayle.

Today, thanks to Al Gore, we have the internet and can track speeches immediately and don't have to rely on a narrow minded media.

I'm predicting Gov. Palin will be #1 on the speaking circuit in 2009.

(PS, the jab at Gore is a joke and I've been previously fussed at for using it).

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

Sarah has shown class, smarts and grit. We will hear much, much more from her in years to come, you can bet on that. It was obvious from the very first day she spoke, we all knew she was a force to be reckoned with. And the Dems saw that as well so they went to work on destroying her. We need people like her, people that aren’t afraid to speak out for the future of Republican party and the future of our country.

Brooke said...

Right on, Shoprat.

Right on, AOW.

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

Sarah Palin / Joe the Plumber is the winning ticket in '08.

OK, I'm kidding about Sarah Palin...

Chuck said...

MK, right. I think the decline continues because they will shill for Obama.

Aurora, good points.

AOW, i don't think she's a liablity. Without her, McCain's down 15 points.

Randy, remember Gore was the inspiration for Love Story also, vomit.

DD2, agreed.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

The media has a history of doing this to conservatives, aided by the late night comedians who solidify the impressions. So Ford becomes a klutz, Bush and Reagan are cowboys and dumb.

TAO said...

Actually, because of Sarah Palin most of the high brow conservatives have given their support to Obama...

Chuck said...

Sorry, for the late responses, out of touch for a day.

Wordsmith, Thanks, the problem with making fun of libs is people frown on picking on the mentally ill. lol

Tao, welcome and thanks for visiting. I'm not sure who the "high brow conservatives" are but I don't hink I would miss them if they left. As far as this supposed conservative support for Obama, I have an incredibly hard time believing it is out there in the numbers pollsters say. The man is the most liberal presidential candidate ever, and Jimmy Carter ran for president, twice. I think it's quite a leap to think a true conservative will vote for him. Stop by again.