Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Does This Make The Polls Suspect?

I have been a little suspicious of the validity of the Presidential polls we have been seeing. There are several reasons for my skepticism, variance in polls, methods, past inaccuracies, and the fact that a lot of them are run by liberal organizations, among other reasons.

I have another, far less scientific, reason though. The late night ratings.

In the last week John McCain and Sarah Palin have appeared on separate late night shows, both with likely traditionally liberal and young audiences, and gave them both big ratings increases.

Last Thursday McCain appeared on the David Letterman show and gave him his biggest audience in almost three years. His 6.53 million viewers is almost double is nightly average and almost 40% higher than Jay Leno for the night, a show he usually draws fewer viewers than.

Then we have Sarah Palin’s funny appearance on Saturday Night Live. She drew the largest SNL audience in 14 years.

Only time will tell if the 1st annual Chuck Report Presidential Survey Of Late Night Television is a better indicator of presidential elections than all of those fancy polls. I may be on to something here though and if it pans out, you’ll see me interviewed on all of the happening cable news shows in four years. This could be a problem though because I definitely have a face for the radio.


MK said...

I was reading an article recently by Coulter on the matter of polls. Anyway the gist of what she was saying is that there is a real possibility that those who are saying they'd vote for Obama are doing so because they don't want to be perceived as 'racist' by the pollster. After all you can tell the fellow on the phone anything you feel like and then vote a different way when the day comes.

Either way i hope people give that socialist the boot.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Polls drive me nuts.

No one ever polls me on what I think.

nancy said...

chuck, these polls are bs, on my site I have an example of one of the internals and its just crazy. These polls are weighted democratic by sometimes 10 percent or more. The media is just trying to depress our vote by making Obama appear inevitable.

Brooke said...

Polls schmolls.

shoprat said...

I don't know who is going to win. Just too many questions that are unanswered about the candidates and the numbers.

Erics Eyes said...

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Chuck said...

MK, saw that article. interesting points.

Wordsmith, it's an old story. No one seems to have been polled or know anyone who has.

Nancy, I think the media could be trying to suppress the McCain vote. The irony could be that they could hurt Obama. Dems have a tendancy to be fickle voters. If they start thinking their vote is not needed, they may stay home.

Brooke and shoprat, nuff said.