Monday, October 20, 2008

Get Over The Powell Endorsement

People have been expressing shock at the Colin Powell endorsement of Barack Obama. We need to get past it, it’s simply not the end of the world.

In my mind there was no shock, I personally assumed all along Powell would endorse Obama. Partly due to race and partly due to politics.

Colin Powell is not a conservative, he claims to be a Republican but so do Lincoln Chafee (he endorsed Obama also), Arlen Specter, and Chuck Hagel (also endorsed Obama). In my book, Powell is barely a Rhino.

Also, although I could be wrong, I don’t think the endorsement really matters much. One of the commentators on Fox put it best today in that the endorsement says more about Powell than Obama. I think a lot of voters don’t even really know who Powell is and even fewer care about the endorsement. Keep in mind this previous blog of mine in which Obama supporters thought Sarah Palin was Obama’s running mate, he was pro-life, and advocated keeping the troops in Iraq.

Further, I don’t think he has a reputation as a conservative with voters and therefore the endorsement was not a huge surprise. I think the Joe Lieberman endorsement of McCain probably carried more weight because he has ran on the Democratic ticket. It is sad but likely true that the Ludacris endorsement probably helped Obama more than the Powell endorsement did.

Finally, I am of a mind that very few political endorsements make a big difference in a Presidential campaign. You occasionally get a blockbuster endorsement but they are far and few in between. Endorsements seem to matter more in primaries. In other words, I think a Democrat would care more if Powell endorsed Obama over Clinton than a Republican or independent cares about Powell’s endorsement of Obama over McCain.

I’m not trying to diminish Powell, he has had a career full of honorable service to the country, and we owe him a debt of gratitude for this. I also don’t want to see him demonized like the left has done to Joe Lieberman. I just don’t think the endorsement was a game changer.

I don’t think the endorsement was out of left field, so to speak and we need to just roll with the flow. This wasn’t an October surprise.


Norris Hall said...

One of Powell's major concerns was the Republican party's shift to the Right.
Is he making it up.
Here to answer that question is Minnesota Senator Michelle Bachmann
Senator Michelle Bachmann on Hardball
After viewing her interview, tell me if you think Colin Powell was just being overly sensitive

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

I agree with you, Chuck. It comes at no surprise to me whatsoever. There are bigger fish to fry at this point.

shoprat said...

Besides that General Powell's own son disagrees with the endorsement. Check this out.

Chuck said...

Norris Hall, welcome and thanks for visiting.

Shift to the right? $700 Billion bailout is a shift to the right?

Pasadena, I was going to give you the link to Z's but I saw you were already there, she has some interesting poll numbers from the military.

Saw that Shoprat, the left wll dismiss this

MK said...

S300500"It is sad but likely true that the Ludacris endorsement probably helped Obama more than the Powell endorsement did."

That's a good one Chuck, subtle yet appropriately harsh. In fairness i'm not exactly heartbroken or something over it just that when a fellow deserves a kick for something he's done, then he should get it.

Saw just now that Obama's offered Powell a job, i guess we know what his 30 pieces of silver were huh.

"...the endorsement says more about Powell than Obama."

Yes indeed, speaks volumes.

Frazzled Mom said...

I agree this endorsement was no surprise. I think I saw on television quite a few months ago during the primary season that Powell was considering endorsing Obama.

Isn't it just a little too coincidental that this Powell endorsement comes right after Joe the Plumber exposed Obama's real socialist agenda? I think, despite the media’s attempt to minimize the damage by interrogating and attempting to destroy Joe, the exchange was very damaging to Obama and Obama knows it. I don't think Obama was surprised by the endorsement, but knew about it, and the announcement to the press was timed strategically. I see this as very desperate attempt by Obama to overcome the damage done by Joe.

I think this Powell endorsement will be over-shadowed by Biden's guarantee that Obama will be tested by some crisis shortly after the election and that Obama's response will not be popular. I just had to laugh at that. Biden will be sent into hiding again. The media really has their work cut out for them, trying to cover-up the mistakes of this dunce.

Chuck said...

Thanks MK, I don't know what voters are thinking half the time.

Frazzled mom, thanks for visiting. You nailed it. I was thinking the same thing that the timing was interesting. Because your right, this is not the first time we heard of this endorsement. I think this was supposed to be an October surprise, yawn.

Leslie Carbone said...

Powell's an appeaser who counselled against Ronald Reagan's "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" speech. It's no surprise he's backing the negotiator.