Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Has America Really Thought About The Barack Obama Economic Plan?

As I have said previously I am not an economist. This is a blessing I am incredibly thankful for. So for people smarter than me reading this, cut my ignorance a little slack. My concern today is the Barack Obama economic plan, at least as I understand it.

First we have the “tax cut” in which Obama plans to take money from people in the top tax bracket and re-distribute it to the 95% below them. A fair portion of this tax cut will go to the large portion of wage earners who don’t pay taxes. This is one those circumstances in which my ignorance hangs me up. I simply cannot understand how you can give a tax cut to someone who does not pay taxes. In short, the plan is to increase the top income tax rate and increase capital gains taxes. But then he’s such a cool guy, who am I to question this?

Then we have increased spending. Oops I’m sorry, I forgot that we call it “investing in America” now. It’s so hard to keep up with all of these euphemisms. I guess if he’s elected I’ll have to see if there’s a book or something. From what I’ve heard, Obama intends to “invest” in socialized health care, clean energy, global warming, housing, foreign aid, among others. Not sure where he’s going to get the money, with a personality like his you don’t have to answer such pedestrian questions.

He’s going to tax gasoline. He hasn’t specifically said it yet but I believe in my heart that he will. We have already had members of Congress push to double the national fuel tax, and this is in an election year, before the election. What will be the increase when they control Congress and the Presidency? Also, when gas prices were above $4 a gallon Obama himself said that the prices weren’t too high, they just went up too fast for people to adjust. Remember, Democrats want high gas prices so we will stop driving our SUV’s and bike to the collective farm. He will give fuel prices an additional hit with increased taxes on the industry. With his Oneness though, how could I dare ask about this? This may be a case of ‘if you have to ask, you can’t afford it’.

So, while I’m embarrassed to even question the Obamessiah, I have to wonder in this depressed economy when investors are skittish and in short supply, why are we going to:

-Take money away from the people who invest in our economy and give it to people who do not

-Punish those who do dare invest by taxing the money they have left over from their income tax that they then use to invest by making them pay increased capital gain taxes

-Take money out of the economy to spend it on foreign economies (he has proposed bail out help for foreign governments)

-Redistribute the wealth to items such as free and inefficient government-run health care, housing for people who make bad decisions, and ambiguous and likely wasteful programs such as global warming and clean energy

-Giving the economy a disastrous hit with increased fuel prices. This is an economy wide drain that does not get it’s proper respect. Increased fuel prices not only take money out of the pockets of consumers at the pump but every time we go to the store, pay our school taxes, health care costs, any services, deliveries, etc. There are very few, if any, aspects of our lives that are untouched by increased fuel costs. It is a problem that is compounded too because every step of the way through the economy are business that are not only paying higher fuel costs that they have to pass on to the consumer but also are paying higher costs from other business and services that are paying higher fuel costs which also have to be passed on to the consumer and so on and so on.

So if there is anyone out there smarter than me that can explain this, give it to me. I’m just a dumb working stiff.

A far left President with the most liberal Congress ever. Yeah, this is going to go well.


shoprat said...

If the polls are correct and it does happen, it's not the end of the world. It will be miserable with double digit unemployment and double digit inflation, as we go through a second Jimmy Carter, but unless elections are canceled, it will be the end of Liberalism as we know it.

Obob said...

i agree with shoprat and share your limited knowledge on econ. it may take a revisit to the failed policies and its consequences to get American to realize their folly. we vote with our checkbooks.

Aurora said...

The answer is that there is no answer. At least no answer that lines up with ordinary logic. Obama is a Marxist and doesn't care about good economic sense. He doesn't want anybody gathering wealth or raising above a certain position in life, because that would threaten the power of the almighty state. This is a way of thinking common in Marxists. They understand perfectly what he is doing.

MK said...

You're no working stiff Chuck, you've covered the problems of this socialist running the country pretty well. The plan is to tax and tax you lot down into the dumps.

Like Aurora said, if you look at it that way, it makes perfect sense. This is what they've always wanted, to drag America back down into the bucket with the rest of the crabs.

Chuck said...

Shoprat, I'm not sure why the GOP hasn't pursued the Jimmy Carter angle more. Arguably the most innefectual president in modern times, embarassingly bad economic plan, 1 foreign policy success in 4 years vs one failure after aother, and anti-Semitic. I would make them joined at the hip.

Obob, I'm afraid that if we let this socialist in, we're all going to be economic experts in 4 years.

Aurora, thanks. Your right, there really is no logical answer.

MK, the public is not listening. They hear tax cut and don't hear the talk of the other tax increases.

This is what they've always wanted, to drag America back down into the bucket with the rest of the crabs.


Nancy said...

People wont understand the Obama economic plan until they are paying for it, thats when the buyers remorse will set it. Though unfortunately it will be too late.

Brooke said...

Basic common sense says not to let a commie near our economy. I may not be an expert either, but I do know that socialism doesn't work!

Chuck said...

Nancy and Brooke, agreed. Even I know enough about economics to know that Obama is not good for our economy.

cube said...

Obama doesn't just have a boatload of commie, anti-American influences in his life, he's also never run anything in his life.

Are we really going to put him in charge of our country? I don't think so.