Thursday, October 23, 2008

Idle Thought For Today

Is it possible that Barack Obama and the liberal media could cause him the election?

There has been a definite change in the way Obama is approaching the election. He is acting as if he has won already. He’s starting to work on a transition team and post election plans (story here), he’s planning a party in Chicago for the night that he wins, and he’s even backing off on some states that may be closer than polls show.

The media is taking the same approach. The story line is that Obama’s election is inevitable. The stories about McCain are that he is so far behind now that he could never possibly catch up, short a miracle. The polls showing Obama with almost unbelievable leads are reported on and the polls showing him close are ignored. One poll in particular, the IBD/TIPP poll, shows Obama up 1.1%. This lead is down from 3.6 points from yesterday. What is significant about this poll? It was the most accurate poll in the 2004 election, off by 0.4%.

So, back to the original question, could this hurt Obama’s chance of winning?

Democrats have traditionally been fickle voters. Could we have a sense among Obama’s voters that the election is in the bag and their vote is not needed? Obviously we won’t know until November 5th but it is not an impossible scenario.

For the record, I am not hoping for low voter turnout, I do want people to get out and vote. The point is, maybe he needs to stop acting like he’s the president and start acting like he will lose everything if people don’t get out and vote. If he doesn’t, he just might lose everything.


cube said...

You know what I'm hoping for? I'm hoping that sane Americans outnumber the kooks and we elect McCain. Honestly, I'm not a McCain fan, but the Obama alternative is just insanity on a plate!

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Get out there and vote on election day! It's the only way.

Z said...

VOTE VOTE VOTE! Do not let yourself be despirited by the media and polls!

I think you're right, Chuck..the news about Obama thinking far ahead as if he's won already can't be good. And how the heck can the polls be this tight when the media's so in Obama's camp!?
SOMETHING's up.......


Chuck said...

Cube, "insanity on a plate" not much to ass to that.

Pasadena, dead on. Time for whining is over, vote.

Z, there's something not quite right. The pols are too disparate.