Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Is Fiscal Conservatism Dead?

Just a quick question because I need to go to bed so I can get up for work. Watching John McCain tonight though, I am a little concerned about fiscal conservativism.

John McCain talked about cutting the budget and fighting earmarks. Kudos for that.

At the same time though, he introduced a new $300 BILLION mortagage buyup program to rescue homeowners who cannot pay their mortagages. The government would then renogiate them at lower rates.

This is a huge program and I have to be concerned. He is attacking Obama for proposing $700 BILLION in spending and he's the fiscal conservative for only asking for half as much, for one program?

I realize the campaign is lagging and he needed to do something bold but I think morphing into a Democrat on the stage is going a bit far.


Aurora said...

Is fiscal conservatism dead? I believe it is, at least on a political level. Fiscal conservatism belongs to a certain prosperity producing mindset that saw the liberation of an upwardly mobile middle class, particularly in the U.S. as a foil to the binding feudal system that existed before it and the reinvented feudal system, communism, that existed alongside it. That system has been swallowed into the belly of the Beast and we are facing a new era. That's my opinion anyway.
Re: McCain. He may not be our ideal, but there's noone (barring Hillary) out there as bad as Obama.

Throwing Stones said...

Sorry to say it but..I think that conservatism is dying a slow death as it is. That’s why the Conservatives did so badly in the primaries.
And with a president Obama, forgetaboutit.

MK said...

Im starting to wonder Chuck, if conservatism is on the back foot the world over. It seems to me that the masses are addicted to big government and will only learn from the pain of losing more and more of their own money. Perhaps it's not all of us, but it certainly is enough of us.

The Practicalist said...

I would have to agree with the other comments. We know that once power is granted to a government, it will never be released. That's why it is so important that even where the proposed power seems small, or temporary, or even reasonable, it must be scrutinized heavily, and fought. Liberalism has grown little steps at a time, because it was a seemingly harmless answer to an issue here and an issue there. I don't know what it will take to buck this tide of liberalism. I fear what it will take to buck this tide of liberalism.

Conservative said...

For those who still cling to the “conservative values” drilled into us by our parents, it is time to wake up. It’s over. Get with the present times...Just look around, just look at the stock market today. America’s financial system is in shambles, people just don’t care about values any more. Look at all the unwed parents, the unwed people living together is matter of fact today. Drugs, abortion gay marriage will be legal very soon. Teenage drinking. Drunk driving Conservatism is dead alreay.

We are about to elect a MUSLIM MARXIST for our President, doesn’t that tell us something?
And why? Maybe it’s because some of us Conservatives don’t want to wake up and smell the coffee.
Maybe they don’t want to admit that Conservatism is dead and get on the John McCain bandwagon and STOP Barack Obama and his useless Un-Patriotic, Un-Grateful, Un-American wife for getting into OUR White House.

Brooke said...


Fiscal conservatism is dead, buried, and pushing up daisies!

What do you say we just quit paying our mortgages, Chuck? Why bother? McCain will bail us out! LOL!

Brooke said...


Mustang said...

McCain revealed himself last night when he said his hero was Teddy Roosevelt.

Roosevelt was a republican, and a progressive reformer. Much of what he did was socialistic ... but I also think much needed.

We don't live in a pure capitalist environment and never have. What we must do, however, is resist our socialist tendancies. We have to know where the line is, and not cross it. Otherwise, we'll turn out like France (ugh).

At this point, the choice is this: We can elect a communist, or a proven executive who has America's traditions and future at the forefront of his mind. That would be McCain. I know, I'm preaching to the choir.

Semper Fi

Chuck said...

All, thank you for your comments. I am not suggesting that we don't vote for McCain. I think his plan is really nothing more than pragmatism. In a way, I don't even blame him for his plan. I blame a public who has developed a sense of entitlement. Obviously Obama would be far worse.

Brooke, I said the same thing to my wife during the debate last night. Why don't we just stop paying our mortgage, then we can get it refinanced at a reduced rate.

Erics Eyes said...

Here's what I thought of the debate...while I thought alot of it was boring and some major issues that people want to hear were not covered...I was disappointed. But looking at the candidates themselves...I thought Obama did good in the beginning and McCain did better in the end when he got to talking about foreign policy...something he seems comfortable with, unlike Obama. The problem...we already heard the foreign policy debate in the first debate! Yeah, they talked about the healthcare thing...still, I am not impressed with either's plan.
I dunno...I'll still vote for McCain because I do think he's a good man and who means his word. And he will be good for our country. I have looked at his voting record and while I do not totally agree with him 100%, I do agree with him on many issues. Obama...I want him out...I do not want to see him as our next president...tho sadly, I think it will happen. I wish we would have a strong independent come out...I'd love to see a debate that includes the independents...but that will probably never happen....plus the debate would probably last 4 hours too. So McCain it is for me...I think he cares about our nation like alot of us do here. I think that he wants to do right by americans, unlike Obama who seems to be using his 173 day senator status as just a stepping stone to get to the presidency. I think he has his own hidden agenda...I want no part of Obama at all.Will Conservatives Help Obama Win?
Die-hard conservatives are in a quandary over whether to support the lesser of two evils (McCain) or to sit back and watch Obama bag himself a RINO (Republican in Name Only).Conservatives that sit out the election, will only help Obama win.