Friday, October 10, 2008

Is The Obama Train Derailing?

Conventional wisdom says Barack Obama is coasting to the finish line, the race is over, the fat lady is singing loudly. Is this true? Actually, we won’t know the answer to this until approximately December when the Supreme Court once again sorts out another election debacle in the United States voting system. Until then though, there are some interesting signs that the next three weeks may not be a lot of fun for the Obamanation. Perusing various sites, we are seeing signs that things may be starting to pile up on Obama.

The S word is showing up more and more. The notion that Obama is a socialist was once just found on “far right fringe sights” like this one. I am seeing it in other places now. My local newspaper, while more moderate than most dailies, certainly would not be considered conservative and the letters to the editor tend to run left of center. Lately though, the words socialism and Obama are showing up in the same sentence. Then we have this as just one example of people at McCain/Palin rallies becoming more restless and standing up and encouraging them to fight against the socialism of Obama.

The story on Obama’s trip to Iraq in which he allegedly tried to derail the withdrawal of troops until he took office at the same time he was calling for immediate withdrawal has made the big time. The Washington Times is running an article on the incident here.

The Ayers-Obama link is not going away and McCain is starting to refine it. In this article here McCain is calling the issue a matter of honesty because Obama will not tell the truth about it. This is a good strategy in my mind. First he got the issue in the heads of the public. Then when Obama didn’t explain the relationship, there is no explanation that puts him in a favorable light, McCain accuses him of being dishonest for trying to hide the relationship. It puts Obama in a damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t situation.

Then we have this an article that the Drudge Report has, well, drudged up and is running. This is a speech in which Louis Farrakhan calls Obama the Messiah. Check it out.

Something that McCain is just starting to go after Obama about today is ACORN. Story here. With a new web ad out, McCain is hitting Obama on an issue that may resonate. The federal government is investigating voter fraud in 21 states and we are hearing things like 105% of Indianapolis voters registered. Obama has a fairly long and intertwined history with ACORN from working for them, to donating money to them, to the organization endorsing him. This could wind up being quite damaging because of the money he has paid them and their committing fraud registering voters, primarily Democrats.

In a story just developing today Obama’s “Muslim outreach advisor”, whatever that is, is drawing fire for meeting with Muslim extremists. Minha Husaini met September 15th with several Islamic organizations, some with ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Attending the meeting were members of CAIR and organization that has members convicted of terror-related felonies. This is happening two months after Obama’s previous advisor had to resign after attending a similar meeting. To be fair now, some of these people may have been Obama supporters, he is preferred by 10 out of 10 terrorists.

The conventional wisdom is that this election is going to be decided by the public’s perception of each candidate’s ability to manage the ongoing economic crisis. Further the thought is, this favors Obama and all of the rest of this stuff is being drowned out. I think people are hearing whether or not they think they are and come election day, it could play into how they vote. Obama has not sealed the deal with a lot of people and things like this are not going to help him instill confidence in them that he can handle the Presidency.


Z said...

simple answer?


sadly, no. I HOPE I am SO WRONG! Good piece, Chuck.

M.A. said...

Great piece. I hope the hypnotized Obamazombies can be encouraged to smap out of it before they get to the ballet box!

Chuck said...

Z, I've been feeling pretty defeated too but I think this could resonate. Obama is not sealing the deal with a lot of voters and a lot of this is stuff a significant portion of the voters didn't know because of the MSM protections in place.

M.A., thanks for stopping by. This will not sway the crazed voters just like Obama will not peel off voters like me. I think it will though make a difference with the swing voters. I think they are real soft on Obama and can be swayed.

Papa Frank said...

I sure hope that you are right, Chuck. However, I must admit that I have doubts. I'm a little burned out myself on the politics. Ever since the 700 billion dollar plan passed with an extra 110 billion dollars for BS I have lost faith in any hope that there are people in Washington with my family in mind. Washington is full of nothing but self-preservationists and no leaders.

cube said...

If NObama felt like he had sealed the deal would he be buying airtime on TV right before the election? I think he's still vulnerable for many reasons & we should, in the words of JFK, renew our vigor.

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

I agree, Great piece, but I think that John has lost the will to win.
we are going to need a miracle or for something drastic to happen.

Other wise, sorry to say it but our "Goose is Cooked"

Mustang said...

I don't know Chuck. But just to be safe, I've enrolled in ebonics 101 and The History of Liberal Stupidity courses beginning in January.

Chuck said...

Papa Frank, I'm a little burned out too. We are kind of choosing between bad and badder. I still like Plain though, I hope she sticks around for 2012.

I agree Cube. I personally am starting to think Obama will win, but...

There are signs that people are still unsure about Obama. Finally, for those who don't like negative ads, they work. The public may not like McCain talking about Ayers, etc but they pay attention. I still think the race is far from over.

Finally, I am not certain I believe the polls. This is not a typical election. First there is race. I feel a little sleazy saying we can win with the bubba vote, but it's there. The AP says it may be a 6 point difference. I've heard where the Obama campaign is even admitting that he could be overpolling by 5 points. Virginia is another interesting example. Obama is supposed to be up 3 points in Virginia. The rally Palin is holding Monday in Richmond, a city Kerry carried, had to be moved because the original site held only 6,000. And this was supposed to be the smaller of the two rallys that day in Virginia.

DD2, I have a hard time disagreeing. I think Palin is the only thing keeping him close. Without her energy, he'd be down 15 points.

Mustang, I grew up in Flint, Michigan and work in an inner city ER, I may be ok. Michael Moore got his start in Flint. If he got that stupid living there, I must have some latent stupidity in me somewhere deep down.

Papa Frank said...

I agree 100% with you Chuck on the polls. If the MSM can't open their mouth without being biased on anything else who says that their polls don't have the same bias. I remember the last two election nights watching them fall all over themselves to figure out why their exit polls didn't reflect the will of the entire electorate and how they could be so wrong. Let's hope for a repeat of that same idea. Most liberals can't wait to tell you what they think on the phone in a survey while many conservatives keep their voting and opinions private.

Chuck said...

Good points Papa Franks

MK said...

Good round up Chuck, you bring us hope. :)

I'm glad to hear that more are looking at Obama as a socialist, that's what he is.

Make no mistake America, in Obama, you will get socialism, and a radical version of it. If you want an example, you know those leftists who are always screaming and shouting when a Conservative tries to speak in a public arena. The ones who claim to believe in free speech, tolerance and diversity.

That is who i'm talking about, they will be running your country and lording over you.

Aurora said...

In this article here McCain is calling the issue a matter of honesty because Obama will not tell the truth about it. This is a good strategy in my mind.

That Obama is a liar is becoming more and more patently obvious.
Perhaps having all this come out in the open is just the one more chance God is giving America to see the truth about him before the big day.
Unfortunately the media can whitewash and spin anything today. They appear to have found the formula and they have a lot on their side as well. People are really unhappy with GWB and conservatives are, unfortunately, tied in with the many things about Bush that Americans on both sides of the voting spectrum don't like.
Bottom line though, people are programmed to follow the media like so many sheep.
We Aussies (M.K. and I) can sympathize. We went through this whole thing last year at this time. I remember the desperate last minute fight. The few minutes of hope against hope, a kind of defiance right at the end, and then the bombshell when the votes were counted.
I have to agree with z, though I hope with all my heart that I'm wrong.
If the election is lost to Obama and his minions, it doesn't mean that you as conservatives are defeated. We have been in the minority before and we have been at a disadvantage politically before. That by no means has to mean it's over.

Chuck said...

MK and Aurora, thanks for the encouragement. I think at his point McCain may need a miracle. It is not only the economy but more importantly McCain's incompetent, directionless campaign that has lost this election for him if that is what comes to pass.

The good thing is that the United States, like Australia, is too strong of a country and has too strong of a foundation in it's government to let one person or one party destroy it.

A loss, while very harmful to the country, will not be everlsting damage. While I'm not hoping for this damage, a loss would also be good for the Republican party. The GOP has become bloated and complacent. They are becoming nothing more than a shadow of the Democratic party.

The Dems will control congress for 2 years before the election and Congress and the Presidency after the election. They can blame Bush for what happens from now on but that will only go so far.

They will be like children in a candy store with their newfound spending opportunities. We will gut our national security, we know what happens then.

I believe there is a good chance they could do significant and long lasting damage to the Democratic party over the next 2 - 4 years.

The task of the GOP is to re-invent itself, hopefully around Sarah Palin, and pick up the pieces.