Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's Coming

The weather forecast is saying possible snow Sunday and Monday although it won't look like this yet. I actually like winter though and enjoy the snow. I even like going out and blowing out the driveway.

The flat thing in the picture is a smaller picnic table sticking out of the snow.

I think it was this storm that I drove home from work through 3 foot drifts. It was actually a blast. Fortunately I have a 4 wheel drive truck and it gets used here.

Those little liberal econuts can drive their Prius, I want a truck around me when the yard looks like this.


Jason Gillman said...

Yep.. me too. Wont go back to two wheel drive cant get out tin cans.

I love change of seasons..

Mustang said...

So, what is that white stuff again?

cube said...

Yikes! As a Floridian, talk of snow makes me jittery. It just doesn't happen here.

Chuck said...

Jason, welcome and thanks for visiting. Love your part of the state. You guys get even more snow than we do. Drop by again.

Mustang, we crazy people up here in the artic circle like this white stuff.

Cube, I have family in Arkansas. Their originally from Michigan. They get an inch or two of snow there and the natives are amazed that they are out on the roads. We get 5 - 6 inches of snow and think nothing of it.

MK said...

Chuck, when ya drive past them liberals in their Pruis, just roll down the window and shout, global warming moron!