Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jane Harmon: McCain Needs To Be Here

John McCain is not in Washington today so the day’s attack by the Democrats is that, you guessed it, he should be there helping.

This has been a daily game for the Democrats. They watch McCain’s schedule and travel itinerary and base their daily attacks on whether he is in Washington or not. First he’s attacked because he is not in Washington. Then he postpones his campaign and goes to Washington so they ridicule him for staging a campaign stunt. When arrives in Washington they attack him for being there interfering, he is only a US Senator after all.

Now earlier today he was not in Washington so they naturally attack him for not being there helping to push the bailout bill through. Part of Harmon’s attack was that at the time he had not announced if he would give a political speech on the Senate floor.

Watch a video of her interview here.

I can’t decide if these people are stupid, just highly partisan, or flat out flippin’ nuts. Obviously the most likely scenario is that they are a combination of all three, highly partisan crazy idiots. But then, what’s a little schizophrenia among friends?


Z said...

Let me clear things up. They're stupid. That's all.

Harmon WANTS McCain there, and acts as if he doesn't CARE after what happened last week?

Chuck, you're brilliant: They DO want him, they DON'T want him, he comes and he shouldn't be there, now he SHOULD be there....sounds like a Jackie Mason shtick, doesn't it?

See, it doesn't matter what the FACTS are, these people get their Dem memo every morning and they do the talking points all day. Today, it's McCain should have been here.


shoprat said...

Not stupid . . . evil.

They know they are playing a game and trusting the short memories of the American people to allow them to get away with it.

cube said...

Every day the dems get their talking points and they go out & get them accomplished as well as they can. They don't have to be consistent because the MSM will cover for them. Politics is a game for them & getting power is all that matters, not the well-being of the country.

Chuck said...

Z, Jackie who? Just joking, I've heard of him. If only we had a free press in the US.

Shoprat, right. If they keep going, they may get their poll numbers back in double digits.

Cube, Thanks, can't add to that.

Nancy said...

Political power, that is what all of the nonsense is about. Its an election year and the truth of the matter is if this crisis were happening a year from now the democrats would not be behaving this way. If they had shame, they would be ashamed of themselves.

Jennifer said...

I saw your comment on Obob's site and had to check you out! Great post....and I'd have to go with all three!

McCain could cure cancer and AIDS in one day and they would still put him down because he didn't do it faster. It's downright disgusting the MSM bias.

Maybe it's just me but I don't remember it being quite as obvious as it is now. Nobody is trying to hide it from Charles Gibson to NY Times. It ticks me off that nobody has called them on it. I would love for Palin to say something regarding it, but I seriously doubt that would ever happen. Seriously, how much worse could it get? Do they think that the public is so stupid that we don't see it or that we just don't care?

I'll definitely be stopping back! said...

As I recall, they didn’t have too much to say about McCain before he was the Republican nominee. They were too busy Bush bashing every day. Now that McCain and Palin are threats to their idol, Obama, McCain and Palin get the daily brunt of their despicable attacks. I have no doubt Palin will be ridiculed no matter what she says tonight.

Chuck, you always have great things to say, right on target! I linked your site to my blog.

Chuck said...

Nancy, thanks. It depends on what you mean by behaving. The Dims always act like idiots, election or no.

Jennifer, thanks for stopping by. They would attack him for not curing diabetes. Also, your right, it does seem the MSM is more brazen this year. Stop by again.

Gail, thanks for the link. It is funny that the left liked McCain before this election, now he's the devil walking the earth.