Monday, October 13, 2008

Just A Casual Thinking Exercise?

Joe Biden is in a commercial now trying to blunt some of the damage to the Obama campaign over the connections the McCain/Palin campaign is making between him and some very shady characters. He says that these are not the people that Obama would name to the Supreme Court or let work in the White House.

First, it’s good of him to clear this up. I, for one, was concerned that William Ayers would be on the SCOTUS. I’m not concerned that he is a terrorist and Obama has been connected to him for years leaving a lot of questions about Obama’s character unanswered.

Second, what was most memorable about the commercial was what was missing. He didn’t actually mention what type of people Obama would appoint.

The task for you, should you choose to undertake it, is this. See how many Obama supporters and/or friends you can list that have not been connected to any wrong doing. Now obviously I am not talking about everybody he knows. None of us could possibly know these people. I’m talking about the public figures who have supported him and the friends we know about.

Now we can obviously exclude any politicians from this list, they are by definition corrupt so they are automatically off the list. And yes, this does go for John McCain’s political supporters too.

I’m talking about the ACORN’s, the William Ayers, the Tony Rezko’s, the Rev Wright’s, the Franklin Raines’, the Jamie Gorelick’s.

This is not an idle question really because these are the people Obama will put on the Supreme Court, in the White House, in ambassadorships. Political appointments, especially to the White House and ambassadorships, are given as paybacks to friends, supporters, and donors.

So who are we going to see in the Obama administration. For anyone on the fence about him or anyone thinking about casting a protest vote against McCain, start making your lists. For most of the rest of you, what are your thoughts? Share them with me.


Brooke said...

"He says that these are not the people that Obama would name to the Supreme Court or let work in the White House."

No, those are merely the people he hangs out with and allows to mold his thinking.

I'll bet we see Hillary on the SCOTUS. That will be the payoff for the monumental dis Obama gave her.

I predict Soros as the next Treasury Sec. Al Gore will be in the cabinet, possibly on the Interior.

Who knows what lurks in Obama's mind for other positions? I guess those will be flat out for sale.

Throwing Stones said...

Now isn’t the time to despair over the November elections. Work as hard as you can down the final stretch to prevent a complete Democratic Party take over of Congress and the White House. The stakes are even higher because the next president will have at least two Supreme Court vacancies to fill.

McCain is a good closer who now has Sarah at his side. Obama is a poor closer who is handicapped by Biden. The media is broadly reporting voter registration fraud by ACORN, which will make it more difficult for Democrats to rig the election.

Many Hillary supporters will not vote for Obama. Many young Obama fans think that the election is already won and won’t bother to vote. Lots of other Democrats are afraid to voice their concerns in public about Obama’s inexperience, ultra-liberalism and questionable associations and won’t pull the lever for him in the privacy of the voting booth.
Get those conservatives off their behinds!
McCain can still win this! Rally all the McCain-Palin supporters you know. Talk this election up. Tell them the truth, that their vote has never been more important. Drive them to the polls if they can’t get there own their own. Get it done people!

Mustang said...

But Chuck ... think about the message of hope that could result from nominating Ayers to SCOTUS.


Also think about how such a move would unclog the Congress. Why, the Senate would approve the nomination in less than five minutes. So that's two promises delivered.

Now we have to work on the change portion of the Obama plan.

Any ideas?

Chuck said...

Brooke, there was rumor going around that SCOTUS was the price Hillary wanted to campaign for Obama nad he wouldn't bite so that is why she isn't pulling for him. Just a rumor but interesting.

Thanks Throwing Stones, there is time but it will take work.

Mustang, are you old enough to remember the 70's SCOTUS? I've seen that movie, we don't need a rerun.

shoprat said...

A man who, like Obama, has lied so much cannot be trusted with as dog-catcher, let alone president.

Chuck said...

Shoprat, nuff said

MK said...

"This is not an idle question really because these are the people Obama will put on the Supreme Court, in the White House, in ambassadorships."

That i believe is an important bit that most people are not paying attention to. Obama might be the One and all that, but who will make up his administration? What sort of kooky leftwing ideas do they have, let alone shady connections.

Speaking of Biden, did you folks see this, it's a bit long, but well worth the read if you're interested in what kind of VP you can expect in him.

From what i've read before, i did think he was a bit of weasel, but heavens above, after that, he's like the king of weasels.

Z said...

amazing, Chuck. Just today, I thought "does he have anybody who's a mentor in his life who ISN'T a far leftwing Alinsky-loving radical!?
Answer: nope.
Heck, even his WIFE is that way...he going to keep HER out of the White House, too!!?

I'll bet we see Hillary on the SCOTUS, too......she got SOMETHING for this support.

Geraldine Ferraro, too. One day, she was on Hannity & Ghoul being grilled by Alan the Ghoul for suggesting she might vote for McCain/Palin, the next day she's all over Obama and her excuse is "well, he picked BIDEN now so I'm relieved..Joe's a great guy"

What do they think we ARE, IDIOTS?

Ferraro would do ANYTHING to be "FIRST WOMAN ANYTHING!"

Chuck said...

MK and Z, I was watching Fox News this morning they had a clip of Obama talking to a group of community organizations including ACORN. The speaker of the group was interviewing Obama. She asked if he would commit to meeting with these groups if he became President. He one-upped her and said he would meet with them before he took office in January for advice on his administration. Nothing scary here.

Z, Hannity & Ghoul LMAO. I tease my wife and jump and gasp when they first go to him on the show.

Speaking of Obama, check out what I posted for later tonight, Howard Stern interviewed Obama supporters in Harlem on Obama's views and their thoughts on him choosing Palin as his running mate. Funny stuff.