Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Now For A Break From Reality

The news of the last week has been, needless to say, depressing. While I do not want to make light of what has happened nor lessen the significance of it, I think a little reality break every once in awhile is not all bad.

These are images of summer’s last hurrah along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. The weekend weather was great, in the 70’s and sunny. People were taking advantage of what may be the last good weekend of the year to take a walk along the channel and out to the pier, fishing, or taking the boat out one more time.

Back to the doom and gloom tomorrow, today enjoy a cool relaxing piece of Muskegon, Michigan.

Along the shore

One last day out

Everybody was dancing

The end of another summer?


Mustang said...

Chuck: Please send me an email at mustang63 at gmail dot com

re: blogburst

Semper Fi

Brooke said...

Very beautiful, Chuck!

In our neck of the woods, the weather has just hit the mid-60's all at once, and the leaves are starting to fall... My favorite time of year!

Nothing like a fire outside, wearing a sweater, ect...

Erics Eyes said...

we all can use a break for the news .

shoprat said...

Lake Michigan is so lovely, especially its northern reaches.

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

We All Need A Break From Reality Now And Then

Chuck said...

Thanks, Mustang. I sent it out.

Brooke, we did the campfire, S'mores, whole bit. Great time.

Shoprat, I love Lake Michigan. Superior and Huron are great too but Michigan has some sort of special appeal.

Chuck said...

DD2, I'm all for leaving, mentally, on occasion.

Jennifer said...

Wow, absolutely beautiful. My sister used to live in Michigan and we went to visit there one time. It suprised me how rough the waters were, I expected them to be calm.