Thursday, October 2, 2008

Small Town America Forgotten

Here I am in fly-over land in small town America clinging to my guns and religion. Problem is, everyone has forgotten about us. I’m not disappointed mind you, we live in small towns so that we can be left alone to live our lives. I'm more perplexed than anything.

I actually live outside of a small town on 10 acres of pasture, hayfield, and wildlife. We have more animals living on our property than people. From deer to coyote, we have a very representative group of wildlife native to Michigan here. I live by a small town though and like small town life. Things move a little slower here. People, by and large, are a little more pleasant. Things can be quite exciting here also, we just got a Taco Bell and they are remodeling the grocery store. Going to football games on Friday nights, walking in the back fields, or going trick or treating in town where the mayor and the police chief hand out candy. It is a pleasant life.

The thing is, even though there are not many people living in this area, we are definitely not alone. In 2000 according to, more than half of the US population lived in towns or areas of less than 25,000 people and 38% of the population lived in towns of less than 10,000 and rural areas combined. So there are a lot of us out here and my bet is, we vote. I actually could not find stats on this but my guess is that, due to demographics, there is a higher percentage of voting in small town and rural areas than urban areas.

Further, this is not to disparage cities. I work in a city. We lived in the inner city for 9 years. I was born and raised in an urban area. I just prefer small town life.

With all of this, I am perplexed, as I said at the beginning. I get why Obama made a snide remark about small town people clinging to their guns and religion, he’s an elitist idiot. What I don’t get is why McCain appears to be ignoring us. I would think small town America could put McCain in the White House but he doesn’t seem to get it.

I am even more puzzled as to why they are hiding Sarah Palin away. She is one of us. We identify with her. Get her out to the county fairs. Let her meet with hunters, fisherman, farmers, we wouldn’t be talking about Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Missouri being swing states.

But then, we’re just a bunch of hicks out here, what would we know?


Z said...

Seemed to me like Sarah proved herself tonight and is ready for any question any journalist or crowd could throw her way.
I'm with you..let her OUT THERE!!
it's TIME! She SURE does have grace under fire...

I'm very urban here and so I envy you your land. You might be 'small town America' and think you're 'forgotten', but you're what holds America together!

shoprat said...

He's ignoring us because we have nowhere else to go. He knows we'll never vote for Obama and he's going after the people who could conceivably vote either way to get there vote.

I think we are still in his mind but not his schedule.

Chuck said...

Thanks Z, Sarah sis kick some butt last night. I just wish they would cut her lose. I think she is an asset thats not being used.

I actually like cities but I love being home. I live quite a schizophrenic life. I work in an inner city Emergency Room and then I have come home after work and heard coyotes baying. It's pretty cool.

Shoprat, these guys have to be careful taking voters for granted. What do you think about McCain writing off Michigan? I think it was a mistake and I think I may write on it here soon.

MK said...

Perhaps they've made the mistake of assuming your vote is all wrapped up Chuck. Yeah, i think it's a good idea to let Palin out into middle America, like you said she is one of you.

Papa Frank said...

I LOVE Michigan!!! Good people there. Americans. Hunters. Workers. Families.