Monday, October 13, 2008

What If This Was A Minority?

In yet another example of lack of any pretense of evenness at ABC News, this is the headline about Bristol Palin’s fiancé and the father of her baby “Palin's Baby Daddy Drops Out of School”. Story here.

While this seems unimportant, put it in the context of days of stories questioning McCain on his comments. He has been called racist for using the phrases “That One” or “I’m going to whip Obama’s ass” (at the debate). Being attacked by Obama supporters for “sowing the seeds of hatred” and compared to segregationist Governor George Wallace for having the audacity to question Obama’s character.

After McCain having his racial tolerance questioned every time he opens his mouth, and ABC gladly spreading the “news”, we have this from the network itself.

Using the term ‘baby’s daddy’ has racial undertones to it, if it’s not used on a white daughter of the Republican candidate for the Vice Presidency that is. I could just see the Hell raised if Fox News ran a story about a minority teenager with this headline.

Now before anyone thinks I have lost my mind, this was written tongue in cheek. I do not take offense to it and do not think anyone else should. What it does do is highlight the ignorance of the left on the race issue. I’m sick to death of the double standard and could not sit still and not be psuedo-outraged. I feel this speaks to a need for racial sensitivity training in the ABC newsroom. I’m going to e-mail them as soon as I run my daughter’s baby’s daddy home.


MK said...

If you want to see hypocrisy and bias in action, have a read of this. Warning - you may want to throw up after reading it.

Make no mistake, if Palin had been a black woman and a leftist, those who said those things to and about her would be hiding away somewhere outside the USA, because the feminists and other leftists would be caterwauling at them for years and seeking to try them for war crimes or something.

Z said...

Yahoo had the headline "Palin mistakes fans for hecklers" is that so important that Yahoo needs the headline of it?
The article went on to say something very benign about how she couldn't hear what they were saying...
to see the headline, you'd have to guess she screeched at them in some retort for thinking they said something nasty to her, right?

the hypocisy is breathtaking.

Chuck said...

Quite a link MK. The Colmes thing really upset me and diminshed my opinion of Fox which I did hold in pretty high esteem. I think they should have rebuked him, if anyhting for attempting to practice medicine without a license.

As far as the Lohan remark, I would probably be outraged if I could have figured out what the Hell she was trying to say. That was almost entirely incomprenhsible.

Z, good point. Actually if you read the ABC article, I scanned it, it appeared to be fairly evenhanded. They know the trick is though that a lot of their visitors just read most of the headlines and read a couple of articles. So damage done.