Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Wizard of Chicago

Note: I actually have to give partial credit for this blog to Cube at The Blog. It was while I was reading the blog Ghost Writer? on whether Barack Obama’s book was actually written by someone else that I came up with the idea for this blog. While reading it, the Wizard of Oz came to mind…

It was a typical day in Wasilla, Alaska when the former Mayor and current Governor, Sarah, was whisked far far away to a strange land in a whirlwind with her pet Moose, Toto.

The whirlwind dropped her onto something hard and cold. Looking down, she realized she was sitting on a woman. At this moment, a man in strange dress (actually, a skirt of some sort) approached her and told her she landed on Hillary, the Wicked Witch of the East.

Jumping up and brushing glass shards from her clothes, Sarah exclaimed “I didn’t mean to do that, I’m not even sure where I am.”

The man giggled and exclaimed in a high pitched voice, “Let me explain. You are in the Village of Greenwich in the region of New York. Hillary has ruled this area for some time now, spending her time most recently putting 18 million cracks into the glass ceiling you just crashed through…”

His explanation was suddenly interrupted by the crash of a door flying open. Walking through the door was a severe, unpleasant looking woman.

“This is the Wicked Witch of the West, Nancy, from the village of San Francisco. She’s mean.” Whispers the man to Sarah.

“Who is this and what is going on here?” Screeched Nancy, glaring at Sarah.

Sarah, refusing to fear this woman, stood her ground and said “I am Sarah from the land of Alaska, who are you?”

Glancing again at Sarah, the Witch let out a horrifying scream when she saw her sister, Hillary lying on the ground under a pile of glass, moaning.

At this moment, Sarah and the Witch Nancy realized that Sarah was wearing a strange cloak. “What are you doing with that on?” Demanded Nancy.

Sarah looked down at the garment and said “I don’t what this is but it does seem to fit me nicely, almost if I were born to wear it.”

“That is the Mantle of Feminism, that has been worn up until now by Hillary. How dare you take that from her?” spat Nancy. At that moment they could hear the shrieks of Hillary’s Harpies from throughout the land at the notion that Sarah had appeared to take the Cloak from Hillary. The Harpies had believed that it was Hillary’s birthright to wear the Cloak and the notion of another wearing it was too much for them to bear. “Give the Cloak to me.” Demanded Nancy.

“No” said Sarah, “I think I’m going to wear it from now on.”

Nancy started towards Sarah menacingly in an apparent attempt to remove the Cloak forcibly. Just at that moment, another door crashed open and through it walked a tall, fair skinned woman. This one appeared to be much kinder than Nancy. “Cindy, the Good Witch of the Southwest.” Whispered the man in the skirt.

“Stop” commanded Cindy to Nancy “do not attempt to harm this woman.” To Sarah, Cindy said “Wear the Mantle proudly, it suits you well. Sadly though, there is danger from the Wicked Witch sisters and their Harpies if you continue to wear it. I feel you should go to the Village of Chicago to speak to the Wizard. The Wicked Witch sisters and their Harpies revere the Wizard. The word from the scribes is that he is a kind and even Messianic man, though I suspect this is not true. If you could expose him for what he is, it may keep you safe from the forces of dark.”

Sarah says to Cindy “I am new to this land, how do I get to the Village of Chicago?”

Cindy smiled kindly and said “Why, you follow the yellow brick road”.

Looking down, Sarah saw she did indeed appear to be standing on a yellow brick road.

Just then six strange men, each dressed differently, a sailor, an Indian chief, a construction worker, a policeman, a biker, and a cowboy, began to dance and sing “follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road.”

Walking away quickly and nervously, Sarah and Toto indeed began to follow the yellow brick road. Sarah saying “What a strange group of people, I think it’s safe to say we’re not in Alaska anymore.”

Walking down the road a little later, Sarah came across a man standing in an apple orchard. The man was stiff and emotionless and appeared to have been waiting there for at least eight years. As Sarah joined the man, he appeared to come to life a little, though he would forever remain unexcitable. Introducing herself, Sarah found out the man’s name was John.

Sarah asked John if he would like to accompany her to the Village of Chicago to meet the Wizard. She had read in the paper that morning that the Wizard had a dynamic, rock star persona and she was thinking that if they could show that this isn’t true, it may help both of them get what they want. He agreed and off they went.

After a day and a night, they came to a large, sort of grimy village with a huge gate at it’s entrance. Upon Sarah knocking on the door, a window opened and a grumpy man peered out. “What do you want?” said the man who we come to find is named Joe.

“We’ve come to see the Wizard” exclaimed Sarah and John in unison.

“Impossible” growled the man, “the Wizard is too busy and important to be bothered by common people”

“We’ve been sent by Cindy, the Good Witch of the Southwest” stated Sarah, “I have the Mantle of Feminism.”

After approximately an hour and a half debate in which Joe gave several (14 actually) questionable reasons as to why they couldn’t enter, Joe relented and opened the door.

Upon entering the city, Sarah and John were a little taken aback at the apparent decay and corruption they saw about them. These thoughts were interrupted by Joe telling them about the village. He described it as a near fantasy land-type collective where everything is provided for them. Life is good in their own isolated little land. The Wizard has told them that there is nothing to worry about in the world past their borders. Though Joe or the other inhabitants of Chicago have never seen the true Wizard, they could not question his power because he is a benevolent ruler who just by his being keeps the people safe, healthy, and well taken care of. When asked, Joe said they don’t question the fact that they have not seen the real man because he is the Wizard and who would question the Wizard? He seemed very puzzled by all of this.

Joe’s reverent accounting of the Wizard was still ongoing as they approached a great door. As Joe opened the door, Sarah and John peered inside and saw a long gilded hallway stretching into the distance.

At the end of this hallway they came to a smaller, ornate door which Joe opened. As Sarah and John approached the door, Joe bowed and averted his eyes. Sarah looked at John, they both shrugged, and Sarah, John, and Toto walked through the door.

Just as their eyes were adjusting to the dimly lit room, a large, indistinct head appeared and a voice boomed “who dares to disturb the Wizard”

“It is I, Sarah, I have a few questions.”

“Proceed” said the Wizard “I can answer all”.

Sarah questioned the Wizard: What was his stance on the crisis in the Village of Wall? Did he really think he could cut taxes and yet pay for a growth in government spending? How can you possibly give tax breaks to people who do not pay taxes? Just who are these men you have running your Village, Bill Ayers, Rev Wright, Franklin Raines?

The more Sarah questioned the Wizard, the more he appeared to stammer and become less and less able to answer the questions. Just as she was becoming certain that the Wizard was not all the masses thought he was, Toto walked over and pulled a curtain aside exposing a small, skinny man working levers and controls.

“Ignore that man behind the curtain” roared the voice.

“Why your not a Wizard at all,” exclaimed Sarah “your just a ordinary man.”

“Shh” said the now exposed Wizard. “No, I am not a Wizard, I’m Barack Obama. Your messing up my gig here. Now go away.”

“Well, God Bless you.” said Sarah “We can’t let you continue to fool the people. We have to break the spell you have over the scribes and let the public see you for what you are.”

Before Obama could answer, Cindy the Good Witch of the Southwest appeared before them. “Barack, you have been exposed for what you are. It’s time to return to your homeland of Kenya and free these good people of America to live their lives in prosperity.”

Epilogue. The singing men from the Village of Greenwich developed a band called The Village People and had a couple of small hits, one of which cursed the people of America to have to listen and dance to it at every wedding and baseball game for all time. Nancy, the Wicked Witch of the West continued her reign of terror in the Village of House for two more years until she was vanquished. Hillary, the Wicked Witch of the East was last seen walking away muttering to herself something along the lines “I will get that Mantle back one day.” Cindy, the Good Witch of the Southwest married John and they lived in a used White House for four years until John gave the house to Sarah and they returned to the region of Arizona to live out their lives. Obama, the exposed Wizard, is rumored to still be living somewhere in a house outside of the Village of Chicago although there were some questions as to how he bought the house. Toto is living in Alaska and is doing well. Sarah lived in the VP Manor in the Village of DC for four years until moving into John’s White House when he moved out. The last we heard from her she was saying “There’s no place like home, you betcha.”


shoprat said...

Very good. I hope you're right.

Papa Frank said...

Please ignore the man behind the curtain! LOL

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

That was fun. Thanks for the romp.

MK said...

Yeah, thanks, hope you're right.

Aurora said...

Get it into print with some good illustrations and I'm ordering the first copy! LOL...seriously. Obama the little man behind a huge illusion.

Bob said...

My friends, I sorry to say it but it's all over.
John "Bob Dole" McCain just did not hit it over the fence.
Not that he didn't give it his best, but his best was not good enough for the lying, cheating, Marxist, phoney, racist, elitist Hussein Obama.
We can talk about Ayers & Dohrn, Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, and ACORN all day long but it just don’t seem to matter.
You can blame it on a few things,
1. He has run a lousy campaign, thus by calling him Bob Dole.
2. The Media won’t give him a break.
3. His own base the so called Conservatives with "Principles" won’t get on his bandwagon but they would rather tear him apart. (Enter President Barack Hussein Obama)
4. The stupidity and the blondness of the Leftist American voters.
But bend over my friends and kiss your ass's goodbye!

Brooke said...

Good one! :)

Conservative said...

Great jpb Chuck, I can see all the work you put into it and it paid off.
Kudos to you.

Mustang said...

Enjoyable, Chuck.

Word of caution, though. Be careful how you use such terms as "The Whiz," as it might land you in court as hateful speech.

Chuck said...

Thanks all. It was fun to write. I thought it would be nice to do something different for a change.

Bob, did you see Gallup has Obama up 2 points among likely voters? It was probably announced after your post. I've been down lately too but somehow the race doesn't quite feel over yet. So, we'll see...

Z said...

what is TOO weird is that, before coming here, way earlier, I commented at someone's blog about Obama being "the man behind the curtain"..meaning the WIZARD, of course.


great post, Chuck, thanks!

cube said...

From your blog to God's ear.

Aurora said...

Bob, that's a whole lot of bad news there...but what other kind is there at the moment? We're trying to tear down the curtain and reveal the man behind and the liberals are hitting us back. Surreal.

Chuck said...

Cube, thanks. It was fun

Aurora, the polls are all saying McCain is gaining ground. Obama has one of the highest "not qualified to be President" ratings ever, 7 points higher than Bush.

johnny said...

Love the post Chuck! I can see a lot of work went in to it. and for McCain the polls are tightening up, so a little bit of good news.