Monday, October 27, 2008

Yet Another Socialist Remark From Obama

The Drudge Report is calling this a bombshell. For once, he may be right.

The only question now is, can the media keep things like this hidden for 8 more days.

Listen to the audio.

Obama considers it a tragedy that the Supreme Court did not pursue Redistribution of wealth


Obob said...

spread the gospel

Brooke said...

I posted on this today, too.

The Marxism is obvious, but did you hear Obama call for reparations?

So much for those 20 years of black liberation theology not affecting him...

Chuck said...

Obob, we're all trying

Brooke, I thought about that when I was listening.

Tina R.F.Hemond said...

Fox has just picked this up - but I doubt this is the October surprise, look to the 29th and 30th of this month for anything more significant (although I belive this just reinforces his commitment to a socialist agenda).

cube said...

If our press were truly "free", this alone would sink Obama's candidacy.

There is a serious shortfall in reporting the Obama/Biden negatives, and a serious over-reporting of those on the McCain/Palin side.

Whichever way the election goes, the MSM should be forced to pay for their lack of journalistic intergrity.

Nancy said...

If this can get out beyond for news and the bloggosphere so everyday people can hear about this, this would be a huge break for McCain. Talk about scary audio.

Z said...

Don't worry, folks. This won't go anywhere. The media's for THE ONE, we're lucky if the video doesn't get pulled today.

Wouldn't it be fabulous if ONE CONSERVATIVE stood up and just outlined ALL THE THINGS Americans SHOULD be hearing? Ya, right.

Leslie Carbone said...

Obama's Constitutional interpretation is at least as scary as his socialism.

Chuck said...

Tina, welcome and thanks for visiting. Agreed. For it to be a surprise, it would have to be, well, a surprise. It is good timing though on top of Joe the plumber and Joe the gaffe machine's interview in Florida.

Cube, there is not a shortfall, there's a vacuum. I have not seen this covered outside of Fox and Drudge.

Take comfort though, they are paying.

There are a lot of papers on this list that endorsed Obama. Almost all of the big losers are liberal papers.

Nancy, I'm not even close to the only one running this. It is all over the blogs and Drudge and Fox are still running it prominantly.

Z, notice how Sarah Palin seems to be hoeing her own row? I think she has decided not to let McCain blow her chances for 2012

Leslie, I think this is your first time here, welcome. If it's not, I'm an idiot and welcome back. You have to remember the Constitution is a "living document" written to change to fit the libturd agenda.

shoprat said...

It's all over the blogosphere. Now if we can just get it over the news. I too posted on it this morning.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

If the media did its job, if they wanted to sell papers, they'd make this frontpage headline news. If enough noise is created, they could still be forced to talk about it, as people force the issue.

MK said...

"The only question now is, can the media keep things like this hidden for 8 more days."

That and also, will enough Americans be rightly worried about statements like this being uttered by the One. It's your wealth on the line after all.