Monday, November 3, 2008

Blog Burst Pre-Election, Get Out And Vote

OK, America, it's decision time. We have a clear choice tomorrow for where we want our country to go. We can maintain our national security and work to renew our economic health under a John McCain Presidency. Alternatively we can cut our military 25%, weakening our security, and instill a socialist style government in the United States. While I feel that the choice is clear, I just as strongly believe the choice is an individual one. With this said, I will vote for John McCain and unabashedly urge others to do so also. I do though, irregardless of candidate choice, implore all who are reading this to vote. It is a right we take for granted and far too many people do not take advantage of.

For an excellent narrative on the choice, read this from Social Sense:

As we count down to the remaining hours of this election, Social Sense urges its readers who have not yet voted to continue listening to what the candidates are saying; feel free to question their rhetoric.

If it is true that most Americans are worried about the economy, then there is no reason to vote for Barack Obama. None. If readers need a quick review, they will find an excellent crib-sheet of the Obama/McCain platforms at
Jus’ Sayin'; check it out.

Ultimately, American voters and the Electoral College will make the final decision as to which candidate will serve as our next president. This is not the time to be lulled into accepting false promises and sugar coated solutions to serious challenges. We hope (and pray) Americans will select the one candidate who will best serve the interests of our Nation. Chose wisely, America.


TAO said...

Chuck, if you don't mind I am going to vote for Obama!!! But since I live in Kentucky it really won't matter...if I can figure out how to do write ins on our new touch machines then I am going back to writing in my old favorite "NONE OF THE ABOVE" that candidate has been getting one vote from me everysince 1992.

But a little socialism for the next few years wouldn't be bad...this capitalism thing is starting to kill me! :)

Chuck said...

Taao, to be honest if I didn't have such an issue with Obama I would consider none of the above also, but I can't. I genuinely do want you to vote as you see fit though I will admit that I am glad it is in a safe state.

Randy said...

I've thought through this issue of encouraging everyone to vote. One particular eligible voter has (almost) convinced me that it may not be reasonable to push him. He admits he doesn't know the candidates and frankly doesn't care which one wins.

While I disagree with his life choices, I'm thinking it's better not to push him.

Oh, I just heard on the news that Obama voters are encourage to vote on Wednesday to help with crowding at polls. :)

Brooke said...

I shall be up bright and early to vote, and my ballot will certainly not be cast for a communist lying baby killer!

Chuck said...

Randy, you know there's a part of me that feels bad about these misleading calls aimed to misdirect voters. At the same time though, an argument can be made for an adult showing the responsibility in knowing how the system works. Voting is not brain surgery, if they are too stupid to get this, should we be helping them get to the polls?

Brook, 'nuff said.