Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chris Matthews Has A New Job

Chris Matthews of MSNBC has declared that it is now his job to ensure that the Obama presidency is successful according to this story from News Busters.

Here is a sample of the exchange between Matthews and Joe Scarborough also of MSNBC.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Yeah, well, you know what? I want to do everything I can to make this thing work, this new presidency work, and I think that --

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Is that your job? You just talked about being a journalist!

MATTHEWS: Yeah, it is my job. My job is to help this country.

SCARBOROUGH: Your job is the make this presidency work?

MATTHEWS: To make this work successfully. This country needs a successful presidency.

So, it's nice to see that the media is going to continue it's fair and balanced reporting that it used all throughout the campaign. Funny how Mr. Matthews hasn't shown the same concern about the country over the last 8 years.

Actually, forget the fake sarcasm. This man, along with most other so called journalists on MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, AP, the New York Times, etc are absolutely full of shit. I personally don't care if they are biased, they can be want they want. We as a country need to turn them off if they cannot start being journalists and not far left propagandists for the Democratic party. I will not watch any of these networks. I have not watched a network news program in years.

The only thing that will eventually work is a total boycott. All of the news outlets above are bleeding consumers. Their ad revenue is plummeting. We need to keep not watching until they either begin to show some balance or they go out of business. I, for one, am OK with either outcome.


Nikki said...

glad you found this clip...I heard about this yesterday and couldn't find it. So why wouldn't he want a successful Presidency the last eight years? I can't even stomache his Obama gayness. :)N

MK said...

"We need to keep not watching until they either begin to show some balance or they go out of business."

Yep, i only wish more people would see much of the media for the traitorous bastards they really are.

"MATTHEWS: To make this work successfully. This country needs a successful presidency."

Wake up people, like they lied, smeared and cheated their way into power, they'll do the same thing to keep it.

Mustang said...

My son majored in journalism, but he’s not a journalist. Throughout several years at UT, liberal professors pounded two ideas into their students’ heads: liberalism is good, while conservativism is bad, and journalists are not Americans—they are citizens of the world. We should not be surprised that journalists have a liberal bias — kissing the asses of liberal professors his how they got through college, nor surprised when journalist Tim McGirk, working for Time Magazine, lied about our Marines in Haditha.

This said, I tend to agree with MK but considering a mere twenty-one percent of the population elected Barack Obama, it appears that most people already boycott the media. I would much rather see federal money denied to organizations like ACORN; they probably did more to elect a democrat than any other factor.

My Files said...

Chris Matthews of MSNBC has declared that it is now his job to ensure that the Obama presidency is successful

Lots of luck

Evilmomlady2003 said...

While I am certainly not surprised, afterall Chris Matthews' veiws have been well known to me for quite some time, however such partisanship is the reason why the television media is considered by many to be completely irrelevant. It's Fox News for me or nothing. I find that I am just as well informed by listening to talk radio until Obamunist's Fairness Doctrine General decides to silence all opposition. It is time that people like you and I stand up and refuse to let our voices be drowned out by the likes of Chris Matthews. ENOUGH!

Frank the Carpenter said...

Chris Matthews is the biggest a$$ kisser in the business.

pvt_pyle said...

no need to stop watching... just boycott all products advertised! its that simple.

Greywolfe said...

Yet another reason I'm glad I found your blog. So, Chris Mathews still isn't ready to just admit he's a homosexual with fantasies about a masterful black man to make him pant. Good grief. Does anyone take him seriously anymore as a journalist?

As for a complete boycott working...I doubt it. The government will just step in and bail them out too. Then blame talk radio and foxnews and institute the fairness doctrine again.

Chuck said...

Nikki, He's an idiot

MK, We simply need to stop watching

Mustang, a little off topic but I'm almost as mad about Murtha being re-elected as I am about Obama.

My files, I think it's going to take more than this whackjob to make Obama successful although he will certainly try

Evilmomlady, first cool name, second welcome and thanks for visiting. I actually used to watch MSNBC until Chris Matthews and Keith Overbite fell off the deep end.

Frank, welcome. creepy and true

Pvt Pyle, welcome also. Good point although who says we can't do both? Of course we have to watch to know who's advertising so we know who to boycott and then we will be nauseated from watching. Aw, to Hell with it, I'm just not going to watch

Greywolfe, wonder if the Obama/Pelosi FCC brownshirts will make MSNBC give equal time? Naw.