Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Don't Let The MSM Suppress The Vote

We have had something going on for awhile now but it is most important today. I believe there is a chance the liberal media has been trying to suppress the Republican vote.

There is no small coincidence that often the more liberal an organization, the bigger Barack Obama's lead in the polls. This can be explained by several different biases.

The most likely of which is an inherent bias for Obama and thus skewing the sample to reflect a larger lead for him. This is done by how polls are conducted.

Polls are not just a matter of calling 1000 random people and asking who they are going to vote for, this would not be accurate because of the variability of people called. This variability can be skewed if there is a disproportionate sample of people based on political affiliation, geography, education, age, or a million other variables.

So pollsters weigh their results to attempt to overcome these variables. The problem is that this in itself introduces a bias because the pollster decides what the proper balance would be to properly reflect the nation's makeup. So, if they believe that the country is comprised of 45% Democrats and 35% Republicans, they take a sample that reflects that and gets their poll results from this. Therein lies the problem, what is the proper balance?

This is largely why there is such a variability in polls. This is also where the inherent bias comes in. A liberal, or conservative, organization may have a distorted view of the makeup because of their own personal bias.

Further, we are seeing an increase in articles in the media that are attempting to portray the race as being over, Obama has won, we are just going through the motions today. Some articles are not as blatant, some are worded as to ask if McCain can win, but there are few that do not already give the election to Obama. Now this is partly because Obama does appear to be in command but even most of the more liberal outlets are saying that the results are not carved in stone yet.

Finally, while the notion that the MSM is trying to influence an election likely would have been considered laughable 15 or 20 years ago, I think the discussion about media bias in this election is over. There is more than ample evidence that they are highly slanted to Obama. This has been going on for the last few elections, CBS even going as far as promoting known forgeries as documents to attempt to embarrass George Bush in 2004, In this election, though, the MSM has embarrassed themselves.

So back to the original point, is the MSM attempting to suppress the Republican vote? I believe yes. It may not be an orchestrated attempt and they may not even be doing it intentionally but I believe it is there.

With all of that said though, and read carefully because this is important. If it happens, it's not their fault.

If they are attempting to get you to stay home because they make you think it is over and your vote won't matter, and you listen and stay home, it is your fault.

The election is not over, McCain has made some movement in the last couple of days and is within striking distance, get out and vote.


Brooke said...

Good post!

The MSM has shown it will stoop to any level to get their messiah elected.


ahrcanum said...

Chuck, I think you are thinking Right with the liberal MSM wanting voters to stay home. A good post.

LomaAlta said...

Nice post. Let me make one minor modification.

Obama is going to lose, so if you support him stay home. McCain /Palin will win so if you support them be sure to vote. This is what the MSM is saying, but in reverse.

Myself said...

The way I see this is that this is a war between John McCain and those that sit around helplessly whining and wanting everyone else to pay for their pathetic little lives....

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

I just saw LIVE on Fox news in a Pennsylvania polling place TWO BLACK PANTHERS in Black Panther military uniforms holding night sticks walking around intimidating the people.
The police was called as was Fox news and showed it live on TV
Is this what we can look forward to for the next 8 years?

Queenie Jeannie said...

Count two votes for McCain over here!


PS Enjoy your reading!! Wait till #4, lol!

Melodie said...

I just stumbled across your blog today, and I think I love you. J/K! It's always refreshing to find another proud American who isn't afraid to be on the right side.

Chuck said...

Brooke, thanks. As I said, they're not even above fabricating evidence.

Ahrcanum, welcome and thanks for stopping by. I have to believe to some extent it may not be an accident but there is no proof so we cannot say it.

LomaAlta, I stand corrected.

Myself. I am all for everyone paying their fair share of taxes but there is nothing fair about what thye are proposing.

DD2, Drudge is carrying vido on his site, I just saw it. Correction, 4 years and it will be a long 4.

Queenie Jeannie, welcome. Do like the Dems, vote twice each. lol

Melodie, thanks and stumble by again. In my mind, there is the right side or the wrong side.