Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Finding Our Way Out Of The Wilderness

Reading some of the blogs today, I am struck by the despair. What happened in the election last night was a blow to us and more importantly, it will likely be a blow to the country. As I said in my post last night, we need to not look at the election as the end of the world but as a new beginning. One thing most of us have agreed on is that the Republican Party has lost it's way. Well, look at last night as a big kick in the seat of the pants. We've had cold water thrown on us. The alarm clock is ringing and it's our wake up call.

One election and one man cannot do permanent damage to our country. America is too strong and it will remain strong long after anyone president has departed the White House. We survived Jimmy Carter. This country survived disco, with this you could say we've been to Hell and back.

Here are a couple of examples of what is in store for us.

First we have this article from the Wall Street Journal on where the GOP goes from here. The article discusses the coming fight for the soul of the Republican party. There are some good names listed here and while there is a battle looming, I think it's a battle that we need to have. Further, I think that what comes out of this battle will be much stronger and cohesive and will be ready to retake the country.

Then we have this video. I actually caught this interview live last night on Fox and must admit I did know this congressmen before then. His name is Paul Ryan and he is a Republican from Wisconsin. He is discussing the possibility of cleaning house in the House of Representatives and instilling new GOP leadership. He won't directly say this is what is looming but his denial is answer enough. He may be one of the smartest men you have never heard of.

So, keep up the good fight. We lost a battle last night but the war for determining the direction of the country is far from over.


MK said...

Well said Chuck, some of us on the other side of the world stand with you against socialism, big government, nannying fascists and all that the left are.

Cos you can be sure, the media are in bed with obama and they'll never hold him truly accountable for all the BS that he was spinning before the election. Conservatives will have to do that, again. I just hope the GOP won't start leaning more to the left or something, then America is really in trouble.

Aurora said...

Now's the time to keep fighting. The fight may change but the battle goes on.
I like your optimism, Chuck. Hang in there. As MK says, we're standing with you over here.

An American that cares! said...

Oh Lord, help me find the way

Always On Watch said...

You said, One election and one man cannot do permanent damage to our country.

I respectfully disagree. For one thing, he will likely get to appoint two or more justices to SCOTUS.

But I don't think the damage will be as bad as some are now imagining. I predict that Obama will govern more from the center than many expect.

Anyway, Obama is now front and center. He won't be able to hide his connections and his doings, assuming of course that free speech still holds up.

Angie said...

I believe one man and one election cannot do permanent damage to our country - IF we can come together and form a strong principle based opposition. We also have to really define what is meant by permanent - in our fluid world, there really is no such thing as permanent - human beings are not permanent. I’m not concerned about permanent damage - I’m concerned about life-long damage. I for one, am very concerned about the future of our first and second amendments, and feel part of our role now is to fight to preserve those freedoms.

But I’m hopeful now. In the past I was fearful, because I was unsure who our leaders would be, but perhaps Paul Ryan will be one of them. Also - WE are the party with the right priorities and long-term vision. WE did not potentially sell out our children’s and grandchildren’s freedoms in exchange for “free” mortgages, “free” healthcare or any other concession of responsibility. WE know and accept the simple truth that life is hard and the government cannot make life easier. Because of this, I’m confident that while we lost we ARE the party made up of stronger, more aware individuals and we will prevail. I also believe the truth prevails eventually. said...

Chuck, Thanks for your patriotism.

I am sad and concerned for our country. It’s only 48 hours, and yesterday Russia ordered missiles deployed in Europe, the stock market tanked again, and today I read that Obama’s campaign workers are upset about unpaid campaign wages.

I have been appalled at how so many in our country have bashed Bush, calling him a liar, a Nazi, and some wanting to try him for war crimes. I am an American first, and I will respect the office of the President, whether I admire or respect the actual President or not. That being said, Obama will be our President for the next four years. Our country will face many challenges during that time, probably more so if we have a weak president and Congress, as it appears to me we will. I pray our country will survive without the damage that I fear. I pray Free Speech will survive. I pray for a rejuvenated Republican party that will come back stronger and be ready to lead us out of the wilderness.

May God Bless America and keep us safe.

Brooke said...

I take solace in the fact that it took a Carter to get us a Reagan.

Mustang said...

One thing that stands out in this fine article and the link is that no matter how we feel about Barack Obama and the Marxists who now control congress, the deal is done and we are stuck with BO for at least four years, and a Marxist congress for two. The only value of looking back over our shoulder is to note where we messed up, and to learn from our mistakes. Our mandate now is some serious soul-searching, develop some consensus about where to go next, and then execute the plan.

Republicans must widen the conservative base. We know that we will never capture the social slugs who want something for nothing. We know that we will never be attractive to the Marxists who are the Democratic Party. So our focus should be to develop a philosophy that appeals to all conservatives and most social/economic moderates. We must adopt, publicize, and guarantee sound principles of government—as our founding fathers did in the Federalist Papers. The GOP must renew its contract with America. And we must be as energetic as ACORN was in registering republican voters ... only we'll do it honestly.

Conservatives ought to begin this process right . . . about . . . now. The question of “who” should lead our party is something that can wait until after we figure out the details of our federalist manifesto.

Semper Fi

shoprat said...

I do not feel despair at the moment. Apprehension yes, anger yes, but not despair. In many ways I did and still do suspect that the winner of this election would suffer for it in the end. We are going into rough times and Obama and the left are going to self-destruct. It's inevitable.

Chuck said...

MK, thanks. I am starting to think the media is losing it's clout. Their numbers are tanking completely.

Aurora, thanks

AOW, Obama will be limited in what he does with judges because of filibustering in the Senate. So I think he will have to work with the GOP

Angie, thanks, we will win the fight

Gail, Wall Street has already weighed in on the Obama election. It's going to be a long four years.

Brooke, the GOP needed a house cleaning

Mustang, word is coming out that it was Republicans that let us down. We have to field candidates that the majority of the party can stomach.

Shoprat, in a way, Obama was the sacrificial lamb. There's no winning in this environment.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

One thing most of us have agreed on is that the Republican Party has lost it's way. Well, look at last night as a big kick in the seat of the pants. We've had cold water thrown on us. The alarm clock is ringing and it's our wake up call.

I think the wake up call should have been 2006 mid-terms.

A lot was stacked against us, this election. Democrats found themselves a candidate who was both beatable and unbeatable at the same time. Never underestimate the power of style over substance; the charisma of rock star status and the desire to see glass ceilings broken and white America wanting to prove itself non-racist and black America wanting to simply prove itself capable.

Our party does need to do some soul-searching and repackaging; but right now there's a lot of infighting going on that's a bit ugly.

Part of the problem is liberalism in our education system, graduating liberal journalists to inhabit our media outlets, and liberal artists to instill their social and political beliefs into our movies and pop cultural entertainments.

Chuck said...

Wordsmith, your right. 2006 should have been a wake up call.